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    Amanda P: Loving it! Especially the damsel in distress...

    Mystery Monotreme: Really digging the colors (and the helmet).
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    @ AngeliQ: I wasn't saying the chemical would get him addicted, I just thought he'd get addicted to how he felt as 'the gadget man'... indestructible, pain-free, heroic. And it's known that the brain works differently under psychedelics so I thought an interesting 'limitation' to the character would be that he could only pilot the Robot while in the altered state. Makes me wish some of the Anime Big-Robot-pilot shows had done something similar....

    And your mention of the frog secretly controlling the man & therefore the robot through its secretions was highly intriguing... Thanks for the feedback!

    Q Frequent: thanks! I was riffing on the Ant Man helmet.
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    Tried to get in on this sooner but kitty emergencies occurred this weekend...

    gadget and toad

    Oh and Annie kicked ass on this one. I am humbled.
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeJun 1st 2009
    Yay Pia! Good one!
    Hope the kitty emergencies turned out OK.
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    Late to the party on this... but I read the character description and had to take a stab.
    Remake/Remodel is a great idea. It's the only thing that could get me to join a message board these days.
    I want to go back and draw the Spider Queen... is that lame? I probably should just push on into Blue Lady territory.
    Pia -- that toad kissing panel is fresh. You make it look so easy.

    Gadget Man
    • CommentTimeJun 2nd 2009 edited
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    Gomez sneaks in with a Gadget Man full of WIN!

    Daniel, yours had me chuckling, in a good way! :) And I love seeing which R&Rs bring people out of the woodwork--thanks for jumping in.
    • CommentTimeJun 4th 2009
    excellent last innings for the thread, i must say.

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.