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    • CommentAuthorjimchud
    • CommentTimeMay 26th 2009 edited
    @Curiosity: i love that someone knows the facts on walrus penis lol :)
    @Encephalo Ray: its bi yearly

    Does anyone know who the lady that ran the comic village was (i've completely forgot her name)? She randomly came up to me and started chatting then introduced me to a few people and further came up to me later to ask how i was and remembering who i was etc... very rare at an event of that size but she should be thanked....!
    she was awesome!
    • CommentAuthorUrbanAngel
    • CommentTimeMay 26th 2009 edited
    It's every May and every October. The same organisers also run Japan Expo which I've yet to visit. It was meant to be annual but appears to be once every two years.

    Jimchud - pls post a piccy so I know who you are! I met so many people that day that I'm having difficulties remembering online and offline names!
      CommentAuthorTony Lee
    • CommentTimeMay 26th 2009
    As ever, the Expo was awesome, and it was good to catch up with people in the bar.

    My favourite 'Free Hug' sign though was the young girl walking around with the 'FREE TIBET' sign. That made my day...
    • CommentTimeMay 27th 2009
    Yup - May and October. I'm afraid JapanEx was a one-off, not to be confused with Japan Expo in Paris ^_^
    The same guys are behind the Telford expos though, and recently salvaged Memorabilia too....though it's a different sort of show.

    And Jimchud, awww, that may well have been me. ^_^
    If the lady looked a bit like a headless chicken, then yep - it was me. Anna, my cohort, was also around though....we were borg that weekend. XD
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    @emsie - I could swear Warren said something jokingly to me at his table about getting you drunk.

    I think I misheard, though, and coming out with "Hopefully" as a cover-all-bases answer might not've been the wisest of things.
    • CommentTimeJun 1st 2009
    Buahaha - cheeky XD
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    London Expo pretty much became a social experiment for me outside of meeting Mssr. Ellis and loudly declaring I was terrified in a panicked manner. Got an effeminate emo acquaintance of mine to hold up various free signs and see what people would do. Turns out ANYTHING, from groping to biting to licking his face to making out with him..... I'm now officially scared of congoers
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    Is a congoer someone from the Congo?
    -boom cha!
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    I feel somehow violated by the evident lack of writing skills i have just been called out on.... Mainly because it's true.
    I need to learn to hyphenate