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    Okay. So here's the list of comics supposedly appearing in your local comics store from this Thurs.

    So... any creators here have a book coming out this week?

    If you do: want to mention it? Talk about it? Point at a website, a blog entry, a bit of art, whatever... let these many thousands of people with disposable income know about it?
    • CommentTimeMay 27th 2009


    All that means is that its the 17th issue of the series, not part 17 in a larger story. Northlanders is a series of unconnected mini-series, and this one is a done-in-one story. So here I am suggesting/asking/imploring any and everyone to give it a look. Warren's seen it, seemed to think it wasn't utter shit, and you can get a look at some pages here.

    Art is by Vasilis Lolos and Dave McCaig. In it I present two Norsemen locked in single combat, a duel of champions on a frozen beach, and in slowing the fight down I manage to comment on, dissect (and poke fun at) some few hundred years of Viking warfare and tactics. I told Vasilis to channel his inner Vagabond and he delivered some great art, all energy and fluidity and spazziness.

    This issue is the first in a string of single- and double-issue stories, all of them points you can jump on and test the series out. Next one is a 2-parter drawn by Danijel Zezelj and is about Viking wives, and the one after that is a one-shot that checks back in with the main character in the first story in the series.

    Thanks. Hope you like it.

    brian wood
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    I'm new here and followed your twitter feed over, but since you asked, I'm the penciller/inker on the original Graphic Novel , Cancertown: An Inconvenient Tooth, from Insomnia publications. We're having an Irish/Northern Irish launch this coming Saturday (30th May) in Forbidden Planet Belfast. It should be available in all the Forbidden Planet International stores in the Uk almost immediately after. That kinda counts as having a new book out this week doesn't it?

    Theres a good bit of art on the link above and more details of the launch on my own blog. I'm not sure whats socially accepted over here, but I can stick a bit of art in another post if you'd like to see a bit.


    Stephen Downey
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    Ok Brian Wood's posted an image up above so I'll follow suit and here's the cover to Cancertown by Paul Cartwright
    Cancertown: An Inconvenient Tooth cover
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    This Is A Souvenir Songs Of Spearmint & Shirley Lee GN from Image Comics.

    Remember Spearmint? XFM-friendly indie band from a few years ago? No? That's okay, no one does. Apart from Image publisher Eric Stephenson, who gathered the few comics creators who had heard of them to take their songs and turn them into comic book stories. Which is how I got my first front-of-Previews gig, in that I'd actually heard of them. As had my artist, of "Sleaze Castle" fame, Terry Wiley.


    There are plenty of other creators who have worked on the book. Including Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Tony Lee, Frank Beaton, Ryan Stark, Chyanna Chugston-Florres, Scott Mills, Jamie S Rich and more. But they can plug themselves.

    Talking of which. On Monday, June 1st... - a new website from Rich Johnston.

    Yesterday was the last Lying In The Gutters. But a good gossipmonger never dies. He just goes from a weekly column to a daily blogsite.

    Bleeding Cool will feature everything you love and hate about Lying In The Gutters, but every day, reacting to topical news and featuring a host of columns, features, interviews, reviews, previews and.... let's go with familiar names. Expect real innovation.

    It's funded by Avatar Press, who have promised a hands-off editorial process, but whom I'll give an Avatar Plug Of The Week to to keep them happy.

    Bookmark now. Pretty please.
    • CommentAuthorwereviking
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    • CommentTimeMay 27th 2009
    @rich Johnston

    Bookmarked, as you asked so nicely. I really enjoyed Watchmensch by the way (Oh, and thanks to Page 45 for tracking a copy down for me).
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    Not that the world needs another book *about* comics, but they're getting one, anyway. COMIC BOOKS 101 is in stores this week. I co-wrote the book with Scott Tipton. It originally sprung out of his Comics 101 column that he's been running since the days I ran Movie Poop Shoot for Kevin Smith. But the book turned into something much more along the way. It serves as not only a primer to the industry for people new to it or who only know comic books through Hollywood films, but it also is filled with facts, trivia, personal asides and contributions from many established pros like Clive Barker, Gene Simmons, Mark Waid, Paul Dini, Joe Casey, and others. Stan Lee provided an intro for the book, and Harlan Ellison -- who turns 75 today, in fact -- wrote a new 1,500-word essay for the book's outro. It covers the history of comics, the major characters, creators and publishers who formed the business, and has over 100 full-color illustrations (thanks again for the help, every-publisher-but-DC). LOCKE & KEY's Gabriel Rodriguez provided the book's cover, too.

    It's a 288-page thing, published by IMPACT Books, and I have no idea what sort of life it'll have in comics shops, but it'll be at the major bookstores to some degree, too, and is also in stock at More info on the 101 book and a preview of some pages can be found here and has more up with their "Look Inside" feature.

    comic books 101

    Chris Ryall

    *Incidentally, that CANCERTOWN cover posted above is brilliant.
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    Big week for BOOM!.

    The book that started BOOM! ends today, HERO SQUARED: LOVE AND DEATH #3.

    Hero Squared: Love and Death #3

    If you are curious about the series, you can read a huge wadge of these comics for free on the BOOM! site:

    The latest issue of one of the most successful, longest-running independent titles in recent memory comes out today, FALL OF CTHULHU: NEMESIS #2:

    Fall of Cthulhu: Nemesis #2

    25 issues so far, plus a Cover Gallery special.

    For the legions of FARSCAPE fans, FARSCAPE: D'ARGO'S LAMENT #2 ships today:

    Farscape: D'Argo's Lament #2

    Today is also the release for MUPPET: ROBIN HOOD #1 with a special cover from David Peterson, of MOUSE GUARD fame:

    Muppet: Robin Hood #1

    If you missed Roger Langridge's critically acclaimed debut on THE MUPPET SHOW #1, the second print ships today:

    THE MUPPET SHOW #2 second print

    EUREKA: DORMANT GENE #2, based on the hit sci-fi show, ships:

    Eureka: Dormant Gene #2

    GALVESTON comes out in trade:


    You can see a preview for these titles at COMIC BOOK RESOURCES:

    Also, CARS #1 second print ships, as well as FARSCAPE #4 second print.

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    It's not a comic but my second book is in the shops in the UK this weekend. It has...erm... some pictures/icons in it so I'm gonna bully myself into this funny-book discussion (until Warren deletes me). Hopefully it'll also be in Tesco's soon. It's also available as a completely free Creative Commons download and eventually a free audiobook

    More Blood, More Sweat and Another Cup of Tea

    Also my first one is getting a new cover to tie them together.

    Blood, Sweat and Tea: Real Life Adventures in an Inner-city Ambulance

    And now I'll leave the rest of the thread to the talented artistic people rather than the complete hack that I am.
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    this week, i've got
    Ghost Rider #35
    by Jason Aaron and yours truly, colors by Diamond Dave McCaig. Cover by Arthur Suydam.

    Ghost Rider 35

    it's the last issue of my small run, and also wraps up the regular series, before Jason sends it off with a bang in the miniseries that wraps it all up.

    This issue is Blaze in Japan, versus a twisted force known as the Skinbender, Mistress of Gristle and Bone.

    to see some preview pages, click here!

    • CommentAuthorkrad
    • CommentTimeMay 27th 2009
    Out this week is Farscape: D'Argo's Lament #2, written by Keith R.A. DeCandido (that's me) with art by Neil Edwards. It's the second of a four-issue miniseries that -- unlike the "main" Farscape series by me and series creator Rockne S. O'Bannon that are continuing the story forward after The Peacekeeper Wars -- flash back to an earlier time. In this case, when D'Argo was alive, since he's a fun character, but he's kind of unavailable to us, having died in PKW.

    So we're doing D'Argo's Lament, which takes place during the third season, and features D'Argo and Jool, who go in search of a substance Moya needs to survive, and wind up being embroiled in a conflict on a moon caught up in a gang war.

    There are previews up on Comics Continuum and Comic Book Resources that have pages 2-7 and the two covers.

    But, just to tease, here's a link to Cover A and another to Cover B.

    Farscape: D'Argo's Lament is published by BOOM! Studios and costs $3.99 per issue.
    • CommentTimeMay 27th 2009
    CROSSED 5, Garth Ennis and myself.
    I'm excited to see how people react to this one as we hit the halfway point (more or less).


    • CommentAuthorbobheske
    • CommentTimeMay 27th 2009
    Bone Chiller TPB is a Bronze medalist in the 2009 IPPY awards

    BONE CHILLER, a Bronze medalist in the 2009 Independent Publisher Book Awards, is now available at HeavyInk.

    Here's what the judges had to say:

    "Good stuff, well-written and well-drawn. Good gory fun!"

    "A real grab-bag of chilling tales, written with a good sense of humor and great timing."

    "I like the variety of artists. This is a fun book."

    Also available is THE NIGHT PROJECTIONIST NOIR, a vampire series from Studio 407 in the vein of "30 Days of Night" meets "Scream." NP film rights have been picked up by Myriad Pictures (Kinsey, The Good Girl, Jeepers Creepers2).

    Read issue one online here.

    Buy a hardcopy on

    The Night Projectionist from Studio 407
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    WildC.A.T.S. #11 from Wildstorm is out this week with part one of a two-part short story written by Christos Gage and drawn by me. The story tells how the recently deceased Deathblow ended up alive again and starring in the current Stormwatch series. Below is the cover art by Neil Googe(I'm assuming) and a nice subtle little pencilled page from our story...
    WildC.A.T.S. #11 Cover Art
    Deathblow Splash Page
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    • CommentAuthorchristoph
    • CommentTimeMay 27th 2009

    I love pretty much everything you've done so far. But since I trade wait, it's a bitch not being totally up-to-date with DMZ and the like.

    Quick question, though. A few months ago on CBR I read that you said the rights to Channel Zero reverted back to you and to look for an announcement on the future of the project. Just curious if you planned on re-releasing it and if so, how (maybe with Jennie One or something) and when.

    @Stephen Downey:

    Sucks that you don't have U.S distribution yet, but I e-mailed Nichola and ordered it direct from you guys. Hope I'll be getting it soon!


    I need to give you and Garth a massive amount of uppers in the hopes that you don't sleep for 4 weeks and finish up the series much quicker. I've enjoyed most of Crossed (
    I did think the one issue with the child murder was a bit shocking for the sake of being shocking
    ), but your bleak artwork really ties it all in.
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    Hi, Warren!
    Forgot to mention that there's a new Ocean trade out next week--received my comp copies yesterday! I'll post a jpeg next week.
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    Fucking hell, is there?