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    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeMay 27th 2009

    Ooooo Great cover! what i wouldn´t give to throw a bucket on salt on him and watch him laugh!!

    Will be rushing to my store at the weekend....
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    Cool, hope you enjoy it. Anyone outside of the UK who wants a copy can get it from, out proud sponsers :)

    @Those who commented on the cool Cancertown cover.

    I agree, it is awesome. Paul Cartwright is a hell of an artist. Here's a couple of the interiors. Pencils (and the little bit of inking) by me, colours by Mel Cook)

    Cancertown interiors
    More Cancertown interiors
    • CommentAuthorWoeisoz
    • CommentTimeMay 28th 2009
    Woe is Oz

    Got a brand spanking new comic out this week from it's a very bleak take on the Oz stories, wholly original, crazy as a 3-toed squirrel! Here's a couple sample pics below, if you like what you see, check us out. You can also view our fan page on facebook at ( for more information about what the comic is about.

    Comic Overview:

    The Witch of the West has been defeated. Ruggedo, the villainous Nome King, has been destroyed. Basking in the wake of victory, Oz is going through a time of self-discovery. But smoldering beneath the surface, a fire still burns. The Winkies (a working class society that live in the western quadrant of Oz) are held accountable for their complicity in the Witch’s rise to power. In the eyes of the citizens of Oz, Winkies are seen as villains. A decree is made by Queen Ozma, that they are to atone for their war crimes by being forced into a role of servitude and labor to those most affected by their actions; the Munchkins.

    A new threat is found in two Winkie Demonstration leaders, a husband and wife team, Umb and Ra. They preach equality and fair treatment for Winkies, stressing that Ozma’s decree is ill deserved, and quickly gain a following. But behind their message is a much darker agenda, the utter destruction of the Munchkins, and the complete overthrow of Queen Ozma.

    This is a world full of magic and fantasy, where anything can happen; these are the characters you only thought you knew. Welcome to a brave new chapter in the world of Oz.

    With a war imminent, the peaceful walls of the Emerald City are about to come crashing down, and a new order will arise. Dark is the future. Woe is Oz!
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    ... Sprouse, Burrows, Ellis, Wolfer, Ennis, Wood...

    Did I miss something by Veitch or Moore, or am I paying rent this week?