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    • CommentAuthorUrbanAngel
    • CommentTimeMay 29th 2009
    Encephalo Ray - you're the 3rd person this week who's got it that I know of!
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    @Flabyo - They do. It's going to be a busy weekend.
    @UrbanAngel - I bet you it was that fucking Expo, hahahah!
    • CommentAuthorDan Kelly
    • CommentTimeMay 29th 2009

    Chikkinz is birds too!
    • CommentAuthorKradlum
    • CommentTimeMay 29th 2009
    Doh! That's saved me carrying on the search.
    • CommentTimeMay 29th 2009
    Niice - cranky Kait is even crankier now. And I see Luke is up to some sort of shenanigan. It's going to end in pain, isn't it?

    I am absolutely knackered, between going to a burlesque show on Wednesday and a gig last night, I have not had more than five hours sleep. Another gig to go to this evening and then I can sleeeeeeep. I'm currently trying to ignore the database I ought to be poking and wishing for a nap - curse these open plan offices.
    • CommentTimeMay 29th 2009
    I like the feel of the last couple of pages. It seems like a calm before the storm with a little bit of menace in the last panel. The purple twinkle in Luke's eye is really well done. Is that a new shirt for Alice or have I just missed it until now? I'll go back and look.

    This weekend is going to be a busy one. Fun, but busy. And I'm looking forward to it.
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    nice! jack the ripper!
    • CommentTimeMay 29th 2009
    So a copycat of ol' leather apron is afoot and we've got blonde girl getting brain scrambled. Wonder if these two apparently unconnected bits happen to converge or mingle somewhere down the line.
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    Then Kait will stab someone in the tits. Safe.
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    Aah, thanks for the poignant tribute to Tony Wilson. Manchester kids do indeed have the best record collections. And I'm from Yorkshire. Alice having met Wilson really connects Freakangels to our real world in a scarily close way somehow; have we ever been given a date for all this? Cos Wilson died in 2007, I think; if Alice met him when she was old enough to remember, and is now in her early twenties say- that puts FA only about ten years ahead...
    • CommentAuthorUrbanAngel
    • CommentTimeMay 29th 2009 edited
    Camyluna - I noticed Alice's red top a couple of issues back but she had her sleeves rolled up so it looked a little different. Didn't remember it being a polo neck though.

    Hmm I am from Manchester but don't know Tony Wilson. Maybe I'm too young?

    Edit: Ah thanks Wikipedia. "He was the manager of many bands [...] and was part owner and manager of Factory Records, home of the Happy Mondays and Joy Division. [...] He also founded and managed The Ha├žienda nightclub and Dry bar, together forming a central part of the music and cultural scene of Manchester. The scene was termed "Madchester"."

    I used to be into that stuff when I was a teenager... nothing beat hiding away in my bedroom with the doors closed, listening to the indie show on BBC1 (Steve Lamacq). Oblivious to the outside world, familial shriekings fading into the distance, a whole world of dreams and aspirations seeming within my grasp. Inspiral Carpets, Gene, Pulp, Suede, Jesus and Mary Chain... ok after Ian Curtis' time but still. Btw, Control is a great film if you haven't seen it.

    Edit 2: Sorry for me posting so much lately. Really slow time at work.
    • CommentTimeMay 29th 2009
    Hey everyone,
    It's been.. Forever since I've actually written anything.
    Great ep as usual. Makes you wanna pick up a pencil and start drawing... again.
    Feels like something major is about to go down! A sad comparison, but like when that show '24' is about to go to a commercial. Shows what everyone is doing.. before something HUGE goes wrong!
    I look forward to next week!!
    Hope all is well. Dying under pressure of a thousand assessments.
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    Thank goodness for FreakAngel's Friday! I really love this chapter, because it goes from the gruesome to the cute and every day, and ends on a shadowy note. Way to keep us guessing.
    • CommentAuthorMacula
    • CommentTimeMay 29th 2009
    OK, so, considering we've only seen a slice of life, and we don't know if it's always so eventful, lets see if I have this right..
    Brainwashed northern bint shows up in Whitechapel,
    Large group attack Whitechapel, with little to no chance for success, followed by a smaller, unrelated 3 man team,
    who's investigation leads to a hundred odd vagrants being given sanctuary.

    Alice is the test run.
    During the large scale attack, a single battersea scavenger is compelled to sneak in and hide,
    The 3 man mortar team bring the Freakangels out to Battersea, where Miki, confronted with a sight of desolation addopts 100 scurvey knaves, who are counted into whitechapel, but not examined too closely due to it being dark.
    *A man with a head bandage covering a LOT of tinfoil sneaks away from the group, allowing the smuggled chap back into the line to be checked, deloused and processed.*
    *Having seen Alice out on the streets, head restored, our mystery man is a little worried about his stand in, and decides to get rid of him in an interesting fashion*

    Ladies and Gentlemen, May we finally be seeing Mark pretty soon?
    • CommentAuthorIndigo Rose
    • CommentTimeMay 29th 2009 edited
    A lovely episode, beautiful as always, Paul. I loved the mention of The Doctor (especially my favorite of the Doctors) and his awesome scarf, thank you Warren. As several people have mentioned, I love how this goes from gruesome murder investigation, to scenes of domestic life in Whitechapel, then ends on an ominous note with that bastard, Luke.

    As for the possibility of Luke being involved with this murder some how, I highly doubt it. I even doubt it's Mark. He seems more likely to try to expose the FreakAngels and take them down, perhaps getting the denizens of Whitechapel to take them out for the sake of twisted irony, than to commit random murders. Even if he needed a cohort for some reason, I feel he could cover his tracks better than that. And if he left the body to be found deliberately, I would expect a grander display of it. That's all purely speculation about Mark, but it wasn't Luke.

    Edit to add: The only reason I can see Mark being involved in the murder is purely distraction.

    Thanks again, all, have a great week!
    • CommentTimeMay 29th 2009
    Music enters the equation all over the place ... I like the "afternoon in Whitechapel" but could do without the automatic 70's montage muzak that my brain cooked up for it ...

    Thanks Warren, Paul & Ariana - after waking up under 3 cats, this was a great reason to shake off the excess fur and get on with things...

    i quit smoking & drinking last week. bit cranky, but it's fun to be cranky, so there's no rush to get over it.

    Happy Weekend, all!
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    All that lovely sequence to show Mark at the end ruining it all. I wonder who's in the alley waiting for him?

    The week has been good, although the job market in Portland is unsettling at best. Hope I can stay. This place is AWESOME!!!

    @Mister Hex

    Bass is a snap!

    Of course, the housing and diaphragm would need to be far larger, but nonetheless you might be surprised what can be accomplished...
    • CommentAuthorcjtremlett
    • CommentTimeMay 29th 2009
    Gorgeous as always. I adore Kait. I like a detective who's glad her opponent is sick and clever. I really don't think it's Luke, since he's more the messing with minds type, unless he did it (by messing with someone's mind rather than wielding the knife himself, most likely) to keep the others distracted while he plays mind games with the "fresh fish". I doubt it's Mark himself, though it also could be someone under his mind control. But who knows? It might not be related to either of them at all. I suspect both of those two will wind up in major trouble/dead/brainwiped/whatever before the end, but I don't think we're anywhere near that point yet.

    I'm doing good. It's been a mellow week here in Michigan. We had a lovely thunderstorm the other day. I've got a bachlorette party to go to tonight and there are two weddings over the weekend. And I just dyed my hair purply-red.
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    Val, You mean Luke?

    I think we've been allowed to forget about Mark. I have wonderings regarding him and the new killer. After all, he does have the ability to set people going like clockwork toys, and he's evil, and he has a cool name (sorry). I really, really hope hes super Machiavellian.
    I like the little idyllic goodlife feel of the last few pages, leading upto Luke headed for a little advantage taking, I can't help worry how dark a turn thats going to take. He's a proper cad that one.

    Tony Wilson. Ah, god, that reminds me of Frank Sidebottom. I do hate to be harsh, but I reckon he drown. along with Little Frank.

    I get to see what my never ending abdominal pain is finally next week, having tried to ignore it to the point where it has gotten silly. I have finally submitted myself to investigation at the hands of Dr. Violent Bastard, I'm hoping he doesn't punch me again.
      CommentAuthormister hex
    • CommentTimeMay 29th 2009
    @ Val - Bass is a snap! That's for that.

    @ WaxPoetic
    i quit smoking & drinking last week.

    Why would you do something so ... reckless? (Oh, well. Leaves more smokes for me! I already drink like I'm getting paid to do it.)