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    I always learned "Chook" as the phrase you use to c all chickens. Like, for pigs you use Suuueyyy, for chikkens you say: Chook-chook-chook.

    Used to keep a Rooster in my basement as a pet. The animal thought he was a dog. Because he didn't have chickens to pick on him and had all the food he wanted he grew very large, and was a beautiful bird; white with a faint buttery sheen to the feathers. He also liked to be carried around, and had a taste for conversation hearts....
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    @Rootfireember - that sounds like the coolest rooster ever. There's got to be a story behind finding out he had a taste for conversation hearts.
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    What on earth are conversation hearts?
    I learnt the word 'chook' by watching "Neighbours".
    Where I'm from, people call each other 'chuck' but am not sure whether it stems from chickens or not. They also call each other 'duck' / 'ducky' (and 'love').
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    Conversation hearts:

    Very sugary, especially popular around Valentine's Day in the US.
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    You totally mean lovehearts, the English equivalent.

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    You got to it first, Paul. I was ready to dive in and show everyone how shit the British are at small talk. I mean, "Love Bug"? What the total fuck?
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    Love Bug is creepy, but not as creepy as "Be My Icon."
    • CommentTimeJun 5th 2009
    Nooooooooo Love-Hearts != conversation hearts. Same concept? Sure. Same ridiculous small talk? Yeah, sure. But on a flavour scale of conversation hearts to smarties, your Love-Hearts are are just short of half way. To truly understand how horrific our conversation hearts really taste, you'd need to eat one of your version of the candy, and then immediately lick a chalkboard.
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    Conversation hearts inspire you to make out with someone if only to re-moisten your mouth after eating them, and get the taste out.
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    re: conversation hearts

    "If it's good enough for rootfireember's cock, it's good enough for everyone!"