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    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2007 edited
    Hi, I'm Colin, originally from Dublin, Ireland but now usually found in Southern California, Texas, and New York. I'm a writer, publisher, radio producer, presenter and comics enthusiast of many years. My day to day stuff is posted up on and I tumble blog at

    Me looking smug about something
    • CommentAuthorRedwynd
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2007
    Peter, better known around the internet as Redwynd. Don't remember where I came up with that, hadn't even hit middle school when that became my full-time alter-ego.

    My tastes are, by and large, eclectic. Musically, I've been known to run the gamut of classic rock to post-punk indie-pop, with some detours into Electronica, R&B, classical and just about anything else that sticks a chord. I like reading(Gibson, Dickens, Sun Tzu, Shakespeare, Ayn Rand, Heinlein and the like), and sometimes, in my more delusional moments, like to pretend I know something about books. I also play video games, though that hobby has been waning.

    I also have an armchair interest in politics, both local and international, sociology, psychology, and Eugenics. I work nights at a gas station, mainly because it affords me the opportunity to sit around reading and get paid for it, while occasionally being an arse to the all-consuming, never-seeing, scum-suckers that make up the public at large (no offense to present company).

    A pleasure to meet you all.
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    Tristan Henry-Wilson freelance illustrator at

    Self Portrait of Artist On Twenty Sixth Birthday, Ad idem, Revelation 9:6
    8.5 x 11
    Ballpoint Pen on Recycled Paper
    Drawn From Life

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    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2007
    Hi all! I'm Paul, lawyer from California, and I don't have some kind of half-assed self-portrait to post, so you get me looking vague, smiley, and unkempt.

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    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2007
    Hell, I've even known people who have started out fictional and then become their own invention.

    Yes, I fear I'm one of those. I started off as John Robinson and then I created Widgett as a joke and next thing I knew he had a last name and was writing his own stuff and. Well. My life is sort of like THE DARK HALF if it had been written by Mel Brooks. Except without the catchy tunes. So. Crap.

    Anyway, ahem. John Robinson and Widgett Walls then. Writer, webmaster, director of

    Here I am in my office, the TechnoCave, lit only by computer monitors and the critters there who have achieved bioluminescence.

    Widgett Walls in his native habitat, lit by the souls of the innocent.

    And yes, I look exactly like Orson Welles if he had let himself go at an earlier age.
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    I don't have a cheek-in-profile shot to share either, Paul, don't feel bad.

    Besides, I think Tristan just trumped the mobile wielding lot.

    So far, we've seen: Second Life avatars, racist dinosaurs, kittens, babies, and a bunch of 'Here I am with Warren' shots. I'm mesmerised and a bit afraid.

    <a href="">- Z </a>
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    Hello, I'm Ian Rennie, an englishman now living in Cornelius, NC

    I'm a librarian in a public library, concentrating a lot on comic books and graphic novels and other ways of subverting the young.

    I am, in a very very minor way, a published writer (2 book reviews and counting) and hoping to become a published writer in a not-minor way. I've written a couple of novels that are unpublished as yet, and I'm working on ideas for several others.

    other than that, I spend too much time playing browser based games like Kingdom of Loathing and Lunar Wars, and not enough actually being a 29 year old grownup.
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    Congrats on the kid, man! I somehow missed that bit of news.
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    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2007
    Phil Higgins, pseudonym because I'm too lazy to try to remember yet another site login.

    Tech support monkey for a small ISP/Colo facility in Minneapolis-St. Paul, still fairly new at it, but by far the best support monkey job I've ever had. Sometimes I code monkey for myself as well over at, but these days its mostly sporadic bloggings. Spare time hobbies pretty much consist of consuming as much entertainment as I can (primarily) in the form of books, comics, anime, and video games. I've also been a lot more active with my digital camera of late and have just ponied up for FlickrPro status, as I insist that all of my terrible photos remain available to inflict upon the internet, with occasionally awesome shots showing up now and again. A couple of the aforementioned terrible photos of myself that I was slow to get around to uploading:

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    Terence, 37, been reading comics for 34 years, and wishes that "pop culture geek" was a profession one could actually make money at. But short of that, law will do.

    My one and only piece of Transmet fanfic. Behold the horror.

    Mysterious and ooky.
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    Hello All.
    Me reading
    I’m Clayton. In no particular order I am:
    A middle school Art Teacher
    A father of daughters – and tremble for they are mighty
    A sculptor
    A husband
    A painter
    A damn fine cook
    A follower of the Internet Jesus - Ellis - Fill my brain with visions
    An alternative certification trainer and presenter – I teach folks to become teachers
    A herder of cats
    A reader of a host of different things – currently have 3 different books all going at the same time and a multitude of periodicals, newspapers [the old fashioned paper kind – just love the feel of paper in my hands], comics, and all sorts of electronic feeds
    A gamer
    And in the words of Yul Brynner, in “The King and I”

    Etcetera, etcetera, ETCETERA
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2007
    Hey all.

    I'm a former radio/computer geek and current wood/paint/dancing nerd. I spend most of my time in the bleak, sad world that is my paint booth. I try to make up for it by creating things that I find pretty. Sometimes people pay me money to play with sharp knives and fire.

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    Heyo all, I am Chuck.

    I tend to write too little, record too many ideas, and draw occasionally. I am a big fan of Warren's work. Then again why else would any of you be here? I also am a professional non-sleeping humanoid who has a day job. Just look at those rings around my eyes, those are the real deal of sleep deprivation.

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    Why didn't I get here earlier?

    Hi! I'm Erik! I'm a 27 year old college drop-back-in and wanna be writer. I "work" for an in-flight entertainment company. But don't bitch at me when you have to watch Unaccompanied Minors on overhead this holiday season. That's not my fault.

    Me pointing at you!
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    Oi... I'm Ian.
    Undergrad thats going to graduate soon. Philosopher, traveler, writer (maybe).
    I work at a shitty big chain bookstore (guess which!), but my direct boss has a badass mustache, so it's okay.
    I have insomnia.
    I enjoy long walks on the beach... wait... no... nvm.

    I'm fascinated by anything I haven't heard of before, and a lot of the things I have heard of before continually distract me from the new things, so I tend to keep myself busy. If I've heard of it, I know at least something superficial about it, but usually something more in depth... some specific areas of knowledge are religion, philosophy, the occult, literature, bikes, music, survival, computers, stereo equipment, liquor (scotch), movies, body modification, and meditation - to name a few.

    My visage is un-capturable by your primitive photography machines...
    Not really I just hate photographs of myself... I think there are some in my flickr feed, which is in my profile, if you really care what I look like.

    Meh... I don't really have anything else interesting to say right now... I'll troll some more and find more topics to respond to...
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    I'm Steve. I run a comic shop, and am working towards opening my own. I'm 25. I like listening to and playing music, collecting religious cult memorabilia (go Process!), movies, and good books. I've been lurking the different incarnations of the Ellis forums since way back, but never really got around to participating. Now that I have my sweet sweet broadband card, I can actually do that.

    This is me:

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    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2007
    Sean May here, amateur comic book writer, amateur journalist...but I'm in college so I suppose all of that amateur stuff is acceptable for the next couple of years
    This is a picture of me chatting with Skottie Young
    Me and Skottie
    umm...I'm the one on the right
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    Hello, darling.
    • CommentAuthorAnonymous.
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2007
    Alex Martin here. College, which is Sixth Form college, Leeds. I write, but I'm sure I don't even pass the bar at amateuring so I'm withought a title. The same goes for comic book writing, only plenty less experience, mostly hindered by the lack of friends who can draw. No picture unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you view some tired old cliché about your monitor breaking.
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    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2007
    Yeah, hi. I'm Matty. Former bouncer, wearer of Old Spice, construction laborer, and aspirant artist and writer of comic books, aging gracelessly in America's Heartland. What I look like isn't as important as what I have to say, so I opt to skip the part about posting a picture of myself.