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    I'm Brian. I co-host the Kryptographik podcast when I'm not slaving away in a cubicle farm. I first started reading Warren's writing with Hellstorm #12 (hence the name).

    On our latest podcast, we discussed Doktor Sleepless #1-3 - for 45 minutes.

    No, I'm not kidding. See for yourself.

    These are artists Grant Bond and Ken Wolak's interpretations of my photo.

    art by Grant Bond art by Ken Wolack the real me - or is it?

    This is what happens when you go out drinking with the creators of The Living Corpse...

    drinking with The Corpse Brothers

    I have good friends. grin
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    My name's Will, as my amazingly creative username would lead you to believe. I'm 27, and I'm building myself a cabin while I work as an office drone for the time being. Like everyone else on the planet, I want to eventually make a go at writing. I love music, books, comics, film, and whiskey. Oh, and I'm slowly but surely amassing a collection of everything that Ellis has ever written. I'm having a rather good time with that.


    It's me.
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    Craig Oxbrow, holder of a sufficiently weird last name to use it as a moniker. Art gallery ground troop. Filthy dice geek. Follower of Doktor Ellis's work since Blast! Writing a horrendously violent young adult adventure novel.

    Craig Versus Milli

    Here I am demonstrating my impression of a vampire from Buffy and about to receive a much more convincing kick in the face.
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    Greetings all, I'm jeremy, living in San Francisco with wife and daughter, but moving to Switzerland in January 2008. graphic designer by trade, I currently design the website for Netflix in the states, but am giving that up to see what I am capable of in Europe. More me here:

    me n' familia
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    • CommentTimeDec 1st 2007
    Hi. Johan is the name, but I generally go by the name Echo on the intarwebs. 27-year old Swede (though some of these Stockholm bastards like to call me a Dane since I'm from southern Sweden), have a blog at that I mostly ignore and keep quoting the Signal in my diary on a Swedish community. I'm a moderator at the Penny Arcade forums, which generally feels like sailing on a sea of shit in a leaking boat and having a hole in your bucket. But I like it anyway.

    Generic Pale Nerd In Front Of Computer pic:
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    I'm Evan, and I don't believe in the "just be you" huzza that society seems to purport. I am who I effing want to be, kay? I don't really have any grasp on sanity, and you might notice that, but I attempt, at the very least, coherence. And since everyone else is posting pics, why not myself as well?

    OK, that's not me, this is me:

    But in the same token, maybe the first one is me? Consider me the Wade Wilson of the forums, I am a moral person, but sane, I don't care so much for that. Good to meet everyone, and please, address me as Evan, I'm nothing if I can't be personal.
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    Hi, I'm Peter. Excuse the red eye. I'm a researcher in biological sciences in Dublin, Ireland. I'll be lurking.........
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    Hello, I'm Randall

    Sorry I don't currently have a picture, but as soon as I get one I will post it. In the mean time, if you are looking for the person whose Karma ran over your Dogma, then I am probably the person you are looking for.
      CommentAuthorAdmiral Neck
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    Late to the party as ever. I'm John, but go by the intername Admiral Neck, or Neck. I'm currently living in what I consider to be London though Iain Sinclair might think it a bit too far from the centre. I read newspapers for a living and hate pretty much all of them, and watch a lot of US TV. Here is a picture of me being conquered by one of my cats, taken by my wife who goes by the internet monicker Canyon.

    Crushed by feline.

    Sydney Cat also hates the UK press, but has no opinion on US TV.
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    Hi. my name's Mike, but I've been Arsnof so long I will responded to it in casual conversation.

    I'm an aspiring artist/writer and want desperately to join the ranks of Those With Webcomics. I'll check up on something over 20 webcomics daily, and I've still got a ton more bookmarked to go through the archives. I spend way too much money buying their books and merchandise.

    I live in Alamogordo, New Mexico -- just a stone's throw away from Stealths, old atomic bomb test ranges and the remains of the first thing with two legs in space. I'm going to the local college taking some art classes, but only so I'll have a portfolio to apply to PNCA in Portland, where I plan to live in a year or so (and am visiting next weekend).
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    I'm John Hoffman, a storyboard artist and character designer. A Canadian living in the states. That's our dog, and by "our" I mean my wife's and mine, not some sort of multiple personality disorder.
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    Hi, everyone. I'm Tim. I'm a designer and new media producer in New York. I spend most of my time helping run a new company that starts tv networks on the internet -- that's our little mascot above -- which means I sort of professionally help lots of my friends make cool things. In my spare time, I read, eat, and sleep, and spend time with the lady I married, who's much better and more interesting than me.

    Here's my blog.
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    I'm Jason. I'm mostly here to bitch about the US '08 Elections, because no one in my real life cares enough about them to listen to my observations or theories.

    I will also be seen talking crap about comics, movies, books, music, and anything else that hoves into view when I'm bored at 3 in the morning.

    I'm currently an unemployed, amateur, unpublished writer who is right on the verge of needing to get a real job again. So, yes, I'm cranky. I'm sorry.

    I have a blog that I update incredibly infrequently and that I'm frankly more than a little embarrassed about. The url is

    Me in Nashville
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    This is mekinda small with a big hand

    I like er... my wife, dogs, and kids.... I like odd music.... mainly electronic industrial music (skinny puppy anyone?) I live in Michigan....

    I am 30 years old... um

    Most of it's here on myspace see?

    Thanks And listen to the music I make here...
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    • CommentTimeDec 1st 2007
    Hi, I'm John Fiala. I've been hanging around the internets for quite a long time, but I tend to read more than I say. I do a fair bit of programming, these days I'm doing it all in php for a company called pingVision, which is a fair amount of fun.

    I'm afraid I don't have any pictures of myself up on the internet.
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    Matt C. aka KaosDevice here. (Anywhere you see kaosdevice on the interweb it is more then likely me)

    human fly

    I am an I.T. Mercenary currently working for one of the larger US telcos. I am also a sometimes writer of Lovecraftian fiction and horror. Additionally I am a blogger for RevolutionSF and do reviews for them now and again.
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    Hi, Ben, I do mainly film stuff, was working for the past 2 years in LA for a producer, now in Prague with a small start up production compan y doing mostly travel videos and the like for the web.
    I'll be mainly in the Art and Noise & London Zoo areas. This is the best I can do picture wise. Just my luck that the one picture of myself is without a shirt
    My pic
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    I write books about how to use software as Steve Burnett, and I perform industrial ambient improvisational soundscapes using Chapman Stick/theremin/looping as Subscape Annex. Live and work in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina, USA.

    Blog at and at HASTAC, more bio-related and other links in Livejournal profile.

    Music website:

    Steve Burnett

    I'm the one in black in the center, and although it looks like a clumsy photoshop job, I was actually in that picture at that conference and that pic was taken directly off the C-SPAN television feed.
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    Apparently, I'm one of the many people named Dan on this board. I live in San Diego, I am obsessed with underwear perverts, and am trying to bridge the chasm between where I am and where I should be. This is me:

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    Wicked creepy music. I love it.