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    Right it´s been long enough. Let´s get this up and running again....

    For those new to this, we had a thread were Whitechapelers were invited to share songs and create mixtapes using 8tracks to portray a post apocalyptic world. Some of these mixes were rather delightful and, dare i say it, rather fucked up. They covered situations such as rampaging skynet machines, mutant viruses, no go cities, Neo-pagan death cults, cannibal biker gangs and Cthulhu sea attacks! Check the mixes out here for a listen

    We took a break in order for people to replenish their stocks but now i think it´s time to start it up again.

    It´s very simple. Share one song, maybe two or more fo what you would like to hear when the world is over. Whatever. When one mix is filled, we move on to the next one and so on. The hope is that we can cnotinue to grow our nice little library of music dedicated to the post-apocalyptic future.

    The Log in Details for the account are
    name: postapocalyptic
    password: whitechapel

    To use, just click on the latest mix and click on "edit tracks" on the mix page. And when you're done DON'T FORGET TO CLICK SAVE.

    If you update on the account, leave a post here and let us know! let's keep this going as long as we can!

    To get things started i thought we might do something a little different, in particular a film soundtrack. I give you The Road OST (Whitechapel Edition)

    Recently the trailer was relased to the film adpatation of Cormac McCarthy´s the Road, about a man on a journy with his son across a post apocalytpic wilderness where civilisation has collapsed. the traller is below

    The Road

    So if you can think of something that you would like to hear to this film, then add it on! I´ve already added the first 2 songs

    1. The Ink spots - I don´t want to set the world on fire
    2. Crippled Back Phoenix - Burnt Reynolds
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeJun 11th 2009
    well we have a new mix up and running already!

    For those with no future

    someone was obviously busy and made up a new one in their own time. I wonder who it was? It sounds bloody great though....

    The previous mix is still being made though. All submissions are welcome.
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeJun 11th 2009
    also added some more songs....

    The Sunclimber - Manatees
    Current 93 - Good Morning, Great Moloch
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    Hello Icelandbob !

    I just added "Contention city" by Calexico, the lyrics seem quite appropriated :

    Through miles of waste to cross upstream
    Risking all dreams for what the surface brings
    Free like a flow that pours from your hand
    Claiming its own new river

    Love to see this thread coming back ;)
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeJun 11th 2009
    Ahh Rafa! good to see you back my old mucker! where the hell is Oldhat? she should be running this show like the overlord queen of destruction that she is!!
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeJun 11th 2009
    ok i´ve been busy (or rather bored´) and i´ve put a new mix into the system...

    The Road OST (Whitechapel Edition)

    interesting start, soft middle, continuing to a HOPEKRUSHER ending. Just the way we like it!

    As for the next mix, i suggest The Quietus companion tape, after the infamous Goverment issued suicide drug from the film Children of men.

    and i promise to leave this alone so people get a chance to add something!
    • CommentTimeJun 11th 2009 edited
    Whoever put in "Stephen H." by All Angels Gone: Good fucking call. I downloaded it and have been playing it on loop.

    Also, Icelandbob: Last I checked the original post wasn't shut down. Any particular reason you started a new thread?
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeJun 11th 2009

    no big reason. I remember i came back from a 2 week holiday and found that noone has added any more songs, so i wrapped up the mix and said that we should all take a break for a while (ended up being a month) and we should start up again. I just decided to make it a bit of a fanfare for it´s return

    Please don´t maim me overlord.....
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeJun 15th 2009
    Added a couple of tracks

    I am Kloot - Avenue of hope
    Boris - Farewell

    I´ve added a name to the mix, but that can change....
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2009
    Was bored so added a couple more tracks

    Andy williams - the impossible Dream (the quest)
    Radiohead - No surprises
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2009
    Another track added...

    Ólafur Arnalds - Faun
    • CommentTimeJun 24th 2009 edited
    Could I suggest a new theme?

    "After the war when you're all gone, and we're still here.."
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    @Kimieye - I like!
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeJun 25th 2009
    Ok we have another Postapocalyptic mix tape up and running!

    The Quietus Companion Tape. The perfect listening companion for when you want to take part in Governement sponsored life ending....

    Now we move onto the next mix. thanks to Kimieye the title will be

    "After the war when you're all gone, and we're still here..."

    Go wild with this one. We need some good old fashioned spooky shit here....
    • CommentTimeJun 25th 2009 edited
    i can never think of apocolyptic music without thinking of GSYBE. i added blaise bailey finnigan III

    i must say it brings me great pleasure to see this thread reanimated. and glad to see youre back for another round, robin.
    • CommentTimeJun 26th 2009
    Added some:

    Sons and Daughters by the Decemberists
    rather upbeat but actually about rebuilding society after "the bombs fade away"

    Fallow the Cops Back home by Placebo

    Still Alive - Portal
    (Kind of a joke take it off if you feel necceisry...)
    • CommentTimeJun 26th 2009

    Oh, I haven't contributed to the last four or so mixes, but I appreciate the sentiment all the same. I actually like how far this project has been going. A HELL of a lot more mixes than the muxtape thread.
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeJun 27th 2009

    I looked at the mix and the songs weren´t there! don´t worry, i found them and added them on. you need to make sure that you click on "save" when you´ve uploaded them all so that they stay there.

    Glad your liking the mixes. they can be kanckering to put together at times. but at least it´s freaking out my co-workers with my change in muscial listening as i source stuff for the mixes
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeJun 27th 2009
    i´ve added another track

    Boris - Blackout : I know i used Boris in the last mix, but godamn this is a krushing track for pure desolation...
    • CommentTimeJun 27th 2009
    @ icelandbob

    thank you!
    As I was adding the tracks my wireless connection had a fucking meltdown, and I had already written the post. I did feel a bit of an Ass...