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    re: Truman Brewery - I agree with you that it seems an awful long way from Caz's to the dome and also that it's on the wrong side of Whitechapel, assuming that the land between Commercial Street and the Freakcave are intact. However it's proximity to the heart of Whitechapel and it's significance (big sunday market etc) in real life make it a good candidate.

    This is cool! Love the maps.

    When I saw Kait's pit last week, I wondered if it might've been part of the Truman Brewery. If you look at the piccies on page 5, there's what seems to be a bit of a chimney in the top left corner.
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    I tend to think of it as the dildo. It's weird, it's one of the few buildings that you can see from more-or-less anywhere in central London.

    @Purple Wyrm

    Nice find :D It's odd seeing the comparison like that.