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    Thought I'd invite everyone to contribute good music they've heard in a language other than English.

    I'm especially interested in indigenous[/fusion] music from all of you in here for whom english is a second language.

    Here's something to get things started:

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    Check out The Intercontinental on WMBR. Fucking amazing show.

    Also Yat-Kha. Listen to it. LOTS of it. Especially the album Yenisei Punk.

    • CommentTimeJun 17th 2009
    Poney Express "Les Petits Matins"

    I've got a weak spot for French pop, but can't understand more than a few words.

    The same goes for German Industrial.
    Einstürzende Neubauten "Die Interimsliebenden"
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    Vinicio Capossela is pretty cool - NPR called him the "Italian Tom Waits" which is why I bothered to look him up.

    Argue Damnation is an awesome Japanese crust/street-punk band. I actually have the record shown in the video - got it at a place called Allman Records in Shinjuku. They specialize in punk and metal related genres. Best record store ever, quite possibly.

    Purgen is a Russian street-punk band. Got a couple of their cd's in this big mall place where they mostly sell pirated music/games/movies. I think the Purgen CDs were the only legit disks I bought there.

    Can't for the life of me figure this youtube thing out. Hope this works.
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    Buck-Tick, Ai no Uta.

    I'm not exactly fluent, but as far as I can tell, nearly all of this band's songs are filthy and pornographic caricatures of heterosexual lust. I like the sound, too.
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    @oldhat thanks for the link, exactly what i need.
    RE: Yenisei Punk has a nick cavey vibe going on. enjoyed it.

    @williac The poney express was uplifting. The german industrial... very, very trent reznor.

    @sacradchao if you've linked videos, they're not working... just paste the simple youtube link in the popup box that appears when you press the 'video/mp3' button

    @roque downloading... By name, i'd guess it's japanese?
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    Pakistani girls singing in persian.
    [EDIT: Relinked]

    @roque have earmarked teh bucktick for my gaming playlist. thanks!
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    @Harris-ejaz - AH-Hah! Thanks a lot. Seems to work now.
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    I submit to you The Pillows

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    • CommentTimeJun 17th 2009
    Well, if we're gonna hit up the anime music (The Pillows did the FLCL soundtrack, I think), then Yoko Kanno and the Seatbelts are mandatory listening. They did the soundtrack to Cowboy Bebop, which has some amazing music.

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    @# sacredchao "Yoko Kanno and the Seatbelts are mandatory listening"
    Soo true! Yoko Kanno also did the Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex sound tracks which are just as amazing as the bebop ones
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    I assume you're looking for music with vocals of some kind? And since the music posted here seems to be fairly current, I assume you want more recent music as well?

    I offer you Bi-2, though they're not that recent:


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    they also make some of the best videos ever
    • CommentAuthorTziporah
    • CommentTimeJun 18th 2009
    Alina Simone, singing one of Yanka Dyagileva's songs:


    Subliminal, Shadow and Sarit Hadad

    Dionysos, Tais Toi Mon Coeur

    Emily Loizeau

      CommentAuthorJay Kay
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    The one that sprang to mind was

    "Tomorrow" -- Salif Keita
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    I just discovered bhangra the other day - if one saw Signature on Britain's Got Talent* then you know what this is about. Hot stuff.

    Bhangra playlist on 8tracks

    Tigerstyle is the particular act that is most accessible - they're the ones who did the Michael Jackson mashup Signature used on BGT.

    * - I assume this is completely old hat for Brits.
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    • CommentTimeJun 18th 2009
    ojos de brujo are an amazing modern flamenco band. best album is Techari

    dorian are pretty good spanish pop specifically the song cualqiuer otra parte a bit like the postal service or something

    vova if you can find them. They are a group of hemshin ( a turkish ethnic minority) who do some pretty fucking awesome music in their own language (try hemshin honoru)

    Rupa and the april fishes. They sing in Spanish, French, Hindi and English and do some wonderful tango / waltz / folk stuff
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    Three tracks immediately sprung to mind. Two from Senegal...

    One from France...

    I shall refrain from posting Snow's "Informer" or the Numa-Numa song ;)
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    José Mercé:

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