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    Aside from a fantastic sound, the Norwegian band Kaizer's Orchestra have - through lyrics - weaved a fascinating web of stories within their albums. Here are some songs:

    Kaizer's Orchestra - Kontroll på Kontinentet (Control over the Continent)

    Kaizer's Orchestra - Evig Pint (Eternally Tortured)

    Kaizer's Orchestra - Bris (Breeze)

    There's also a Danish band called Nephew that's pretty interesting. Their sound can be really good, and their lyrics are mostly nonsense.

    Nephew - 007 is Also Gonna Die

    Nephew - Science Fiction & Familien (Sci-Fi and the Family)

    Nephew - Wannabe Darth Vader

    Oh, also! To complete the Scandinavian collection, Bob Hund (Bob Dog, basically) From Skåne in Sweden. Fantastic. Love those guys:

    Bob Hund - Det skulle vara lätt för mig att säga att jag inte hittar hem (It would be easy for me to say I can't find my way home.)

    And the fantastic man Corneliis Vreeswijk. Swedish and quite a lot less rocky, one could say...

    Corneliis Vreeswijk - Trubadurens klagan (The Troubadour's Lament)

    Corneliis Vreeswijk - Hönan Agda (Agda the Hen)

    He also made a song which was about how all the girls he met and wanted to marry turned out to be illegitimate children of his father, but I can't find that one online for you.
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    One of the songs from Jane Birkins Arabesque tour. Arabians music and French singing goes together pretty well.

    And here's Gåte a Norweigan folk rock band. They're pretty awesome live, but I've sadly heard that they've disbanded.

    And now to some Swedish stuff, since that's my native tongue and all:

    Bob Hund. I grew up listening to this. Still do occasionally.

    And here's Dungen, which I discovered recently myself.

    Helt Off, which consists of bigger Swedish artists, namely Timbuktu and Chords. And some guy called M.O.N.S that I haven't heard of until right now.

    And finally I give to you Svenska Akademin, which is Swedish reggae.

    Decided to add Familjen as well.
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    There's a Scandinavian invasion going on here it seems...
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    I have been listening to Rachid Taha lately

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    Heh. I guess it's a due to deep saturation of internet access and filesharing, combined with a large proportion of bands singing in scandinavian. A lot of people to watch means a lot of material gets uploaded, both with and without permission. Also, it looks like many of young musicians are willing to try to weld some aspect of folk music onto almost anything. Oh, and scandinavians all love Warren since Transmet made the last remnant of the moral hysterics shoot the last of their blanks back in the 90's.

    Valkyrien Allstars - I want you (hanged). No idea about the sound quality on this one - I don't have sound where I am at the moment.
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    The late, great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan:

    Also, Sinfonye
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    From the French cartoon series Les Mondes Engloutis comes... The Pirate Song!!!

    La Danse des Pirates
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    song starts about a minute in (a pain to wade through, i know) but a cute catchy song from my favorite non-english local band, The Rhaman.
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    I absolutely have to second the Dungen suggestion. I saw them this fall and they are fantasmagorical live and have a really cool sound that varies pretty interestingly from album to album.

    As for around the world suggestions, I read a music blog that does a monthly round up of music blogs from around the world. Here's June's.
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    I'm afraid most (probably all) of my non-English music comes from Bollywood, and I'm positive you have way more knowledge on that then I do since I haven't watched a Bollywood movie in a long time. However, I did discover a really cool Thai movie about music (that is generally about the Ranad which is kind of like a bamboo xylaphone) called The Overture which has some crazy awesome scenes (all instrumental though).

    Here's another playlist of Thai instrumental music that mostly features the Khim or the butterfly harp.

    I think that's the best I can manage at this point.
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    i like a ton of foreign bands, but to keep it simple, here is my favorite band from japan

    and for a bonus heres some southside chicago spanish punks

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    ok let´s see. I live in a non english speaking country. What do they have?...

    For starters theres local pop punk band Mammút....
    Mammút - Svefnsýkt

    Then there is folky pop band Sprengjuhöllin (Ps - the man in the red tracksuit top is a knob)
    Sprengjuhöllin - Verum í Sambandi

    This is local band Hjaltalín doing a cover of Páll Óskar´s "þú komst við hjartað í mér"
    hjaltalín "þú komst við hjartað í mér" live

    And this is Páll Óskar, Icelands best known Pop star and Gay man. Think Graham Norton, Erasure and Eurovision (he even entered in 1998!) all wrapped into one....
    Allt fyrir ástina - Páll Óskar

    Oh and Icelandic Rap (couldn´t help it!) from XXX rottweiler hundar. Yes that is a policeman screaming "GAS! GAS! GAS!"
    xxx Rottweiler Hundar - Reykjavik Belfast
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    Let's see, how about some regions that haven't been touched on yet?

    We begin with Madreblu, an Italian pop duo:

    Moving on to Seryoga, hip hop from Belorussia, who I learned about courtesy of Vladivostok FM and Grand Theft Auto 4:

    Where I also learned about Ruslana, kind of the Britney Spears of the Ukraine... if Britney Spears ran for the Senate and won. Poppy, catchy and I find myself humming them more often than not. I hunted down three of her albums and they're pretty damned good.

    Angelique Kidjo is a fabulous singer from Benin.

    And let's close with Balkan Beat Box (and a student video... eh). Fun Eastern European rhythms by a former member of Gogol Bordello.

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    This is not really my thread anymore and i'm glad everyone is enjoying themselves.
    Finished going through last page, had fun. particularly enjoyed The french pop, The african sounds, the flemenco dude.
    Re: yoko kanno: Hei!
    Re: Rammstein: was already aware of them.
    Seeing all the scandanavians on this page, i wanted to post a kari bremnus song, the title track from 'gåte ved gåte'. couldn't find it online though, so sorry.

    Oh I wanted to ask the regulars, has there been a 'cool music videos' thread?
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    Rymdkraft (Sweedish bitpop/chip-pop):

    He also remixed Jesus is a Friend of Mine. Dear God.

    My friend recently sent me a link to a motherload of Japanese Thrash/Grindcore/whatevercorethesekidsarecallingitnow

    also, look up Sensless Apocalypse and Youth Enrage. youtube wasn't much help there.
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    @Illogic - How could I forget Familjen!?

    This one did pretty well in Australia a few years back and (on the subject of 'cool music videos') has one of my favourite vids of any song ever...