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    • CommentTimeJul 5th 2009
    I really HATE the rest of the world sometimes "This video is not available in your country due to copyright restrictions." why then put it online in the first place bloody short-sighted bollocking Neanderthals, the world needs more Pirates(party).

    But thanks to everyone that have contributed there are some great music in here.
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    Corvus Corax - Chou Chou Sheng

    Janus - Schwarzer Witwer

    Qntal - Unter der Linden
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    from Argentina, Rock & Pop in castellano:

    CHARLY GARCÍA & PEDRO AZNAR "talking to your heart"

    CHARLY GARCÍA "They still sticking down"

    CHARLY GARCÍA "i´m green"

    CHARLY GARCÍA "promises on the bidet"

    CHARLY GARCÍA "I do not want to become so crazy"

    CHARLY GARCÍA "Looking for a symbol of peace"

    CHARLY GARCÍA "rap ants"

    CHARLY GARCÍA "the path of the snack. (ecstasy)"

    CHARLY GARCÍA "the karma of living in the south"
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    • CommentTimeJul 7th 2009
    hey !! Charly Garcia is awesome.
    • CommentTimeJul 7th 2009
    I really like Gotz Alsmann, the German jazz pianist and singer, but I can't find any videos of his best stuff. I'll return once I've found some.
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    Charly García was a genius of classical music at 13 years old and formed his first band at 17: "Suigeneris" is now a cult classic of the 70s

    SUIGENERIS "bienvenidos al tren" (welcome to the train)

    After a long career of sex, drugs and the better rock & pop in castellano, is still making music:

    CHARLY GARCÍA "influenza" : this is the only time he has sung in english
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    My two cents. 1980's Portuguese Pop (with one notable exception). I'm not going to translate the names because they sound ridiculous.

    António Variações - O Corpo É Que Paga

    Fausto Bordalo Dias - A Voar Por Cima das Águas

    GNR - VideoMaria

    And Buraka Som Sistema's first single - Yah!
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    Well, let me see if I can add something to this terrific thread; jeez , there's a lot of great music here!!

    OK, something to warm up:

    Cienfuegos, doing a cover of Talking Heads

    same band, same album.

    Entre Rios: electro-pop, indie. Pretty nice, actually.

    This video is quite funny, in my humble opinion. :)

    Zambayonny: This guy rocks!!! Most of his songs are comic, and probably you should know spanish and/or be argentinean to catch his type of humor, but what the heck!! This guy's songs are really funny. And well written.

    here, the bridge basically says: "I'm Superman, and everyone else sucks my cock". Fucking hilarious.

    Aaaaannnnd... welll... I can't think anything else, for now. That sucks!
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    Of course, what a fucking idiot: it's the non english music thread.


    Wir sind Helden

    Elodie Frege

    Maria Gabriela Epumer

    A word about this woman: She was Charly Garcia's guitarist for, like, 10 or more years. She died of heart attack in early 21st century, and it was a very sad loss. I had the privilege to listen her playing IN MY SCHOOL!!!


    Benjamin Biolay

    and Maximum the hormone.

    Can't believe I almost forgot about these guys!!!
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    The recent passing of a certain celebrity brought the following clip to my attention. After watching it a few (dozen) times for laughs I actually found myself quite liking the song. If you listen to it without the distraction of the insane carryings on in the video it's almost like a Telugu version of Sigue Sigue Sputnik (pounding synth beat, repetitive lyrics, lots of echos and weird sound effects)...

    Goli Maar (Shoot the Bullet) - Chiranjeevi

    Right. So did I just break the thread?
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    I don't really like Maximum The Hormone much, but I did see them play an outdoor gig at a snowboarding competition last year. Y'know, below zero, no exposed skin kinda conditions, and the bassist went shirtless the whole time and the singer and guitarist were both in shorts. It was pretty fucking impressive

    Edited to add actual music. More from Japan:

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    FERNANDA ABREU - Veneno da Lata- (BRASIL)

    FERNANDA ABREU - "Kátia Flávia" (BRASIL)

    FERNANDA ABREU - "Rio 40 graus" (BRASIL)
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    TRE ALLEGRI RAGAZZI MORTI - "Non mi manca niente" (ITALIA)



    TRE ALLEGRI RAGAZZI MORTI - "Lorenzo piedi grandi" (ITALIA)
    • CommentTimeJul 11th 2009
    John Stargazer, Cienfuegos me ha dejado completamente knock out! ¡Qué versión de los Talking!
    Hacía mucho que no escuchaba "Hoy" de Entreríos
    y a partir de ahora soy Superman y me chupan la pija, jajajajajaja!!!
    ¡Zambayonni al poder! gracias, man, gracias. Me he reído...
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    i thought i'd add some Greek love here!

    Lava by Alkistis Protopsalti, one of the most influential and always current Greek artists:

    and my Swedish favourites, the Knife in my favourite song this year:

    (no idea how to post the embed video, its not working for me, so please anyone who can edit it properly)
    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2009
    you're right, Whitechapel doesn't get nearly enough Greek love...
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    @gomezpupato: no hay de que[so], man! Si hasta yo recordé recientemente Cienfuegos. Muy buena banda, como pocas de estas latitudeas (en MI humilde opinion). Y aguante Charly!!!!!!!!!! Aunque, entrá a bife angosto unlimited, Gustavo Sala hace unc hise con una gran triste verdad. SAludos, man!!
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    • CommentTimeJul 13th 2009
    Chapeaumelon is a French-Canadian band who sings stuff in French. If you saw the movie "Euro Trip", the opening credits is a cover of the Who's "My Generation" in French, and it's brilliant.
    • CommentTimeJul 13th 2009
    SERGE GAINSBOURG - "Du jazz dans le ravin" (FRANCE)

    SERGE GAINSBOURG - "Negative blues" (FRANCE)

    SERGE GAINSBOURG "couleur cafe" (FRANCE)

    SERGE GAINSBOURG "Requiem pour un con" (FRANCE)