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    • CommentTimeFeb 6th 2008
    Didn't realise the new Kayo Dot was out in March. I've only just got around to buying their second album.
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    ..."Raise Yr Skinny Fists To Heaven" by Godspeed You! Black Emperor."

    That's such an amazing record...

    Would you still consider that "contemporary" though? I wouldn't.

    Oh god. Please don't tell me I'm that old already.

    This is like the time I had a teenage girl ask me who the "Wang-Tang Clan" is.
    • CommentAuthorradian
    • CommentTimeFeb 11th 2008
    Yeah come on, it only came out 8 years ago. Although I prefer the older F?A??. (and am still waiting for my copy back as it makes it's way round the city, lent from friend to friend...)

    As a genre, post rock was applied to so many bands who didn't sound like much else at the time however little they had in common. So that now when an act takes the sound of one of those a little further away from the common ground but is still described as post rock we get the current situation where supposed genre-mates sound widely different. This occurs more as post-rock bands take influence from more tightly defined genres. Battles aren't out of place on Warp because they can be considered a live "IDM" band as well as having elements in common with post rock bands like Tortoise. Red Sparowes, being a side project of ISIS and Neurosis members bridge between the classical-influenced post rock of Godspeed... and the more atmospheric metal

    btw, does anyone like Wolves in the Throne Room? They're not so much a mix of post rock and metal as their tracks start out with atmosphere and then suddenly...METAL! but if you're into the heavier side they're worth checking out.

    On the one hand I think having a genre so broad is confusing. Especially as many older post rock bands like Mogwai hate the term post rock (but then, how do they describe themselves?)
    I've sometimes described bands I'm in as post-rock and then been at a loss to explain it when someone isn't familiar with the term. ("guitar-based-ambient" is met with looks that say "oh, boring!")

    On the other hand I'm glad it hasn't been subdivided down to the ridiculous level you see in e.g drum'n'bass where using a different kick sample or changing the tempo by a couple of bpm sees you sidelined into another subgenre.

    sorry for the stream-of-consciousness type post.