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    • CommentTimeJan 24th 2008
    I'm someone who likes to stir things up a bit, so I guess that where this comes from. Earlier today I infiltrated a corporate Comics site owned by News Corp (good ole' Rupert). I complained about them not reviewing enough Independent titles of merit and instead reviewing much lesser and shoddier books from the big two. I must have hit a nerve or something because the editor tried to lambaste me for my position. I think I got the last laugh though.
    I'm a fan of plenty of "big two" titles, and many great writers and artists work on them. But some of the comics they produce are garbage. The press can't do enough to promote the great work on the Indie scene, thats how it works in the music and art circuits. It's disappointing that many people are never exposed to great stuff out there. It also sucks that the comics code crippled the industry in the 1950's, solidified the big two's grip, and its taken years to get back on track... now I'm just ranting...
    • CommentTimeJan 24th 2008
    As with any medium, there will be main-stream shoddiness. Just as there is always fantastic work that coasts under the radar; and comics are no exception. Independent doesn't always equal quality: work must be judged on its merits, not the publishing house.

    I believe the voice of the consumer can speaks volumes/issues on this subject: by voicing our opinions as customers that we demand reviews of quality material regardless of whether its a "big two" publication or a small press pub is imperative. As in any industry, customer demand and purchasing power will win out; as long as we remain vocal on demanding quality products from our comics providers-- no matter who they are.

    ... having a great local comic book store who chooses to stock a good range of titles (the big two, plus a decent smattering of small pub) helps too!

    I've out-right recommended specific small pub titles to some of my professional review sources, basically emailing them with a, "I cannot believe you missed this! Go out. Buy it Now. Seriously." Some of the best titles I've ever added to our library collection (or to my personal collection) are small pub/no-one-knew-about titles I stumbled across.

    Be positive-- I think as a community of readers, we have the right to demand and purchase quality comics.
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