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    • CommentTimeJan 24th 2008

    Saw this on Lab with Leo. It is described as a pseudo "video twitter" app. Right now it appears to be in Alpha testing, but it comes with embed codes to put it in a blog and is fully integratable with Skype, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, del.ici.ous and and Joost, with more planned in the future.

    Is there anyone on this board who is in the Alpha tests? If so, what do you think? Based upon web reviews, it appears promising, but I am always skeptical about what I read on the net.

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    I'm in the Alphas. Julia Roy was in the betas, and I saw some of her posts. I'm missing something -- there's clearly some kind of social-system aspect to it, but, you know, any difference between it and YouTube and any other vlog system would seem to be semantic at this point. Also, the system seems a bit fragile.
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    I'm looking at it as a way of making conversation between people without the need for typing or the dangers of having the tone of your writing misunderstood.

    I've taken a look at it, but can't really see the point, or that it is doing anything different that YouTube.

    Except... Where Youtube videos are more of a 'finished product', the web based recording lends itself more to spontaneous 'talk to webcam' sort of format. Also there are no idiots writing 'fag' comments.

    I'd describe it as 'Video Twitter' in that you can make it do something, but most folks will use it for 'I'm back home after a hard day at work' messages.