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    • CommentTimeJun 26th 2009

    [unintelligible gibberish]
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    • CommentTimeJun 26th 2009
    A couple more thoughts:

    Sirrka's 'cleaning up' the victim was obviously both charity and an immediate cover up of what happened. Really, would it help anything if she hadn't, and the girl had then walked out into the populace and told people that their 'saviors' were all psychic and oh by the way that one uses the ability to rape people?
    If that got out they wouldn't be able to stay - and Whitechapel would fall apart in short order.

    Also - Kait is obviously a nutter. It remains to be seen if she's a dangerous and unreliable nutter, but she's always had a drive to right what's wrong ( ala the flashback where she accidentally exploded the little birdie when she was a kid... ), probably to the point where she feels a little powerless. Ironic.
    There's an established history of bad ( or at least incredibly desperate ) people coming to Whitechapel to do bad things. In the past, it would have made sense to grab a few and interrogate them. So it's very likely not where she takes people to flog for jaywalking, as it is a place to work the enemy for tactical information?
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    Question... have we seen Kait read thoughts? What if she actually cannot, not just for the purpose of keeping it a secret, but is incapable. Then she would be more likely to justify torturing criminls for info. We know the FreakAngels have slight variations in what they can do...
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    • CommentTimeJun 26th 2009
    Uh...I'm also going to guess that's not a swimming pool on page six, but probably a part of the many flood-gates, locks, and pumping stations along the river.
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    @ Michael - If she works over a few jaywalkers (or other petty criminals), t'would serve as a deterrent, would it not? Without revealing that she could read minds. She's just Nasty, Crazy Kait (and she DOESN'T LIKE being called Crazy.), who'll beat you like a red-headed step-child if you step out of line. Remember when we all laughed when she said "Anyone who tries to hug me will be shot dead."? She weren't joking, mate.

    @ Indigo Rose - What IF she can't read minds? (Seems a bit of a stretch but okay.) I tend to think SHE CAN. She screens herself almost constantly, to the other 'angels' dismay. Not because she doesn't want to hear about Crap Shagging (like Karl), because she has a Job To Do. Keeping people safe. From Bad People.

    I found her reaction on the Mass Call quite interesting - "HE COMMITTED A CRIME?!?"

    @ Pooka - Happy Anniversary!
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    Everyone seems to be jumping to the conclusion that Kait is the one who tortured people there. What if she just found it that way, and used it more for the psychological tweak it would give anyone she brought there for questioning? In ep. 33, pg. 1, panel 4, Connor says that "Whitechapel wasn't always this quiet".

    It just doesn't fit Kait's profile as a law and order nut to do something so... well, unlawfull.
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    Holy BALLs. No time for anything more than _WOW_. Will read through comments and add my own later.
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    I'm a little struck by the way some people seem to insist on dividing the Freakangels into "Good" and "Bad" camps.

    To me, Sirkka isn't so much covering up or healing the damage of the rape. She's unmaking it. Sirkka is a Priestess of Relationships. Of Sex. Sex isn't a pastime or a toy to her. Sex is Sacred. Sex is Holy. Because sex is the only way that most humans can truly experience Mind, Body and Soul in a holistic way. Thus, rape is the vilest of crimes because it takes Sex and twists it into a tool of aggression and degradation. It isn't enough to heal such a crime. All its marks must be utterly obliteratered so that it will have no power over its victim. That, to me, is Sirkka's mindset. Though of course I could be wrong.
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    @ johnjones - I agree. "I've reset your sense memory." So you won't feel it tomorrow and go "why do my genitals hurt?".

    Off-topic and this might come out of left-field but I think Jack and Sirkka might be brother and sister. (All together now - EEWW!)

    There are hints. In earlier episodes. And I certainly wouldn't put it past Warren Ellis to come up with something like that.
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    uh, WOW! the textures in page 6 are amazing. If it's cool with Paul, I think it would be cool to show a little behind the scenes of his work from b&w, to coloring/textures :)
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    Thing is, torture's horrifically ineffective for extracting useful information and doubly unnecessary when you have mind-reading powers. Rules or no, I don't see Kait stinting from using those abilities if it would ferret out the specter of crime.
    We know that, and sane people know that, but would a person who learned everything they know about law enforcement and justice from TV shows know that? Kait may see roughing up perps in an interrogation as a necessary part of the law enforcement process. And while she may be able to establish guilt to her own satisfaction by plucking the information out of their brains, she'd probably still want a written confession. Pressing their minds into confessing A. isn't a proper confession, and B. violates the 'don't run their brains' rule.
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    @mister hex
    Off-topic and this might come out of left-field but I think Jack and Sirkka might be brother and sister. (All together now - EEWW!)

    There are hints. In earlier episodes. And I certainly wouldn't put it past Warren Ellis to come up with something like that. </blockquote>

    Umm, no. First page of the comic states that 12 children were <em>born at the same time</em> This is a major part of them being FAs. Even twins have some time between the two, may be less than a minute, but there is time there.

    I would also imagine that they were born in different parts of England. Because if 12 women went into labor and gave birth within one hospital (talk about a over-crowded/over-worked situation), then the group would have been notorious even before the powers started manifesting.

    Anyways, I highly doubt that any of the FAs are related beyond the package.
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    @BellaInara - Well, I've always thought Kirk and 'Kady look pretty dang similar, but it might just be the bald heads and purple eyes.

    @michael furious - I have no idea what such a building would look like on the inside, but your guess is plausible enough for me. I'll probably just call it Kait's Freaky Hellpit until I figure out just what the crap it is.
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    I would also imagine that they were born in different parts of England.

    Episode 16, Page 4, Panel 2

    Caz (In response to Jack's question "Because we all come from a flat little villiage in south-east England."
      CommentAuthormister hex
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    @ Bellalnara - Not so far-fetched. Jack's first appearance, Volume One, smoking a panatella and mentally communing with Sirkka, who can't sleep. "indulge me," she says. "I've been indulging you half my life," says Jack.

    The cigar is "just like Dad used to smoke." (His Dad? Her Dad? Their Dad?)

    "You're corrupting me with your vices again," she says. "Just like when we were fourteen."

    He says " I didn't teach you a damn thing when we were fourteen and we both know it."

    Not conclusive, certainly. But this IS Warren Ellis. And Sirkka is later described as "trying to re-invent human relationships." (maybe because she's in love with her brother?)

    We only know Connor used to be a fat kid because KK's got a big mouth. And Kirk(?) turns into Mr. Octopus after three drinks.

    It's Warren's world. We just visit.

    EDIT TO ADD - One man could, conceivably, pun intended, impregnate two different women, so that the children were born at the same time. Or twelve women, for that matter.
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    Um... Is the rape victim going to get some Emergency Contraceptive? If she doesn't remember the incident she won't seek it out. Actually, how does contraception work in a drowned world? 'Salvaged' condoms sound sketchy. How does Sirkka manage? The ol' pull n' pray doesn't seem like her style.

    Edited to correct the excesses of prolonged consciousness
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    What Warren Said 1 page ago

    Also, like Caz said, they're succeeding themselves to death. It's the end of the world, so I don't think the civilians mind a little re-population. I'd imagine the FAs are their own form of selective birth control, too.
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    They had various forms of contraceptives before things were 'modern', so I'm sure they have *something*. Though the idea of the rape victim getting pregnant did cross my mind... unless the FreakAngels are infertile or only selectively fertile?
    They seem to have a fair amount of sex going on, and no obvious spawn, so I'm going to guess with low childbirthrates/infertility, if not contraceptives of some sort.
    The healing/removing physical traces;
    would that apply to the unborn? Does a zygote or whatever count as an 'injury'?

    Have the FA's been controlling to some degree the population of WC's reproductive abilities?
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    JfC: Perhaps you can choose your words a bit better the next time? Regardless if you just referenced a rape scene, following the comment you made with the word you did was crass. I also noticed you just got here 17 minutes ago. Perhaps this'll serve you well:
    • CommentAuthorJfC
    • CommentTimeJun 26th 2009
    That was careless...I've been awake for 36 hours and I honestly didn't make the connection. I sincerely and roundly apologized for any offense I might have caused. I'm a woman myself.