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    • CommentAuthorMallinz
    • CommentTimeJun 26th 2009
    I'm having a time out until I can learn some manners.
    I know,the Whitechapel forum isn't the best place to put this,but I had to put it somewhere .Oversleeping (waking up at 6 pm) I learned several hours than the rest of the world that Michael Jackson is dead.It seems to be a heart attack,though it could possibly have been prescription drugs he was taking for dancing-related injuries.I'm sure every one of you know most of this already.Still,it's kind of shocking.Even though I called him a pedophile(I honestly do not care if he is gay),looked arrogantly ove rmy nose at his ruined face,slightly liking his music but unable to fully do so due to his reputation,I'm still stunned.

    Michael Jackson.One of life's constants,down.A pop icon,down.Another king of music(the kind that makes the word "music" stretch to it's limits),down.

    f he had lived just a little longer,he would have been dancing his ass of in the O2 Arena in London,and w c ould've had the luxury of being annoyed that he was all over the news again,and that his career was sliding up again.

    I barely knew the man.When I heard the news,I was close to crying (somewhat.I don't know why.I guess the millions of other people crying on earth affects their fellow humans, proof,lol.).

    Say all your comments about how you reacted,how you took the news,whether you knew about it at all until I wrote this,whether you really give a shit or not,whether this discussions should even be discussed in Whitechapel or the Internet section (every goddamn site which suppposedly has "news" has his face on it,with pretty much the same words.Sheryl Crow was with him for a while?*shiver*),and basically anything you want to say.

    -Mallinz-"this post was too long"-Mina
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    Yeah, I woke up to it yesterday too, by phoning my Dad of all things. There's a thread already started Here.