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    Hulu is nice, if you're in the US. But the people (are tv people actually people? I wonder) running it seem to not know what to do with it. For instance, the advertising is all over the place. I've seen the same PSA for teens to tell their friends to slow down and drive safely about a thousand times. Considering that ad research is the core of what tv networks do this seems silly. Plus, the seemingly random rules about what material is available and what is not. Rather than sell ads on "It's always sunny in philadelphia" to millions and millions of viewers coming back to watch the episodes again and again, they bottleneck the episodes, rotate in parts of one season, and parts of another.

    I've bought more shows on other formats from seeing them off torrents than anything. I don't even have a tv that gets reception.
      CommentAuthorAdmiral Neck
    • CommentTimeJun 30th 2009 edited
    Ditto. I've tried watching Sons of Anarchy on TV, but 7 episodes in, with the tension ratcheting up, I'm not about to wait for weekly installments when I know they're available elsewhere. I don't watch the adverts when it's broadcast on TV, and will definitely be buying it on DVD because I'm an extras junkie. My shelves are heaving with boxsets for shows I have discovered this way.

    This is a conversation that has gone back and forth many times on Whitechapel, so I'll move on. (Buy Sons of Anarchy!)
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    Whoa, my response earlier today got evaporated:
    I also live in Denmark, and thus the shows here are often a season behind, at least, if they've even chosen to air them

    This is a very good point. I had forgot there are other countries in the world, again.

    I agree Hulu is no way to live, even here in the US where it works: but Netflix is the tops. I usually watch TV on instant-Netflix while drawing. Because I like watching shows only after they are a few years old, and I've also soured on bothering with anything after fourth seasons, lest love for a show withers into indifference, Netflix is all I need. Before I got Netflix, I didn't watch much movies or TV. TV DVDs are ridiculous expensive. And don't get me started on how Critereon has fucked basic access to old foreign movies. There is no way to watch even a mild amount of old foreign movies without either Netflix or a million dollars anymore.

    But what really motivates my opinion on a service like Pirate Bay is a nostalgic disdain for life without limits. I don't want to be the dude listening to 40 hours of mashups by some legendary underground French dj or whatever. It's depressing being able to get anything you set your mind to, sometimes. I'd rather just float down the river all day, than start collecting twigs for a damn. Or perhaps I am just being reactionary. For music, in the US, Amazon mp3 has become wonderfully comprehensive (I wouldn't touch itunes with a wet stick, that shit won't even burn to cd correctly), but the restrictions of my budget ensure that there's always a vast landscape of yet-unpursued sounds, and I like that. And I prefer my radio to be human-djayed, never algorythmed, so I support and listen to, because they do a good job.

    In most regards, the internet 2.0 agitates my sensibilities, and I don't like the future -- but in terms of TV and music I feel very at balance these days.
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    Something else will rise to fill the void.

    That said, I don't think anyone else will give the brave fuck-yous the TPB has given.

    The next people should really think of doing it anonymous!
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    I've always been amazed that people in other countries wait for shows to arrive, rather than go out and get them. I watched No Heroics and Shaun the Sheep by the magic of hitting a web site and clicking a few links rather than waiting the months and months it took to get here. Shaun eventually arrived in a format barely worth the effort, a handful of DVDs with 8 episodes each, and No Heroics will probably never show up at all. Screw it, I've got alternatives.

    Downloading tv is much, much simpler than watching it in the intended format nowadays, and it's frustrating to see the legitimate content providers not care. I can watch and DVR anything and it's still easier to hit Mininova for the download and stream it through the Xbox 360. This is a stupid system.
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    Downloading tv is much, much simpler than watching it in the intended format nowadays, and it's frustrating to see the legitimate content providers not care.

    This is true. From the network perspective, they ought to be doing a lot better. I think the hold-up is that networks don't want to let go of DVD sales, because people pay a large sum for TV DVD sets, so they are still half-assing legitimate digital distribution, so that the Common Joe doesn't get hip? I don't really understand how TV networks make their money these days, but they seem to be doing ok, and not particularly eager to perfect the next mode of delivery.
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    I love my 360 for that streaming aspect. I nabbed No Heroics via torrent too, and I'd never have found so much joy without TPB. I like Hulu, but I want to watch it on my television through the SEXXXBOX.
    • CommentAuthorhank
    • CommentTimeJul 1st 2009
    My hope is Hulu gets in bed with Microsoft for X-Box capabilities. It's a good distro channel and would make sense
    • CommentTimeJul 1st 2009
    @hank - I've been using PlayOn for Hulu, ABC and a half-dozen others. It runs on a PC and makes channels available as UPnP browsable files - works really well on XBMC, should work with anything that has a UPnP client. Works far better than most of the plugins I've seen for Windows Media Center that use the XBox as an Extender - the vmcNetflix plugin being an exception, it has far more functionality than the native Netflix client (like being able to manage your queue and browse for new titles).
    • CommentTimeJul 1st 2009 edited

    ugh...i hate wmc (mostly because it wants to open 20,000 times while using ffdshow for some reason and nothing I've tried, even removing entries in regedit has solved it) but hulu on the tele is damn tempting...

    UPDATE : PlayOn is fantastic, even though it rates my connection speed as slow. Works smooth like duck butter. Might buy this one, but I'm wary because wonderful utilities like this often receive cease and desists from the megacorps.
    • CommentTimeJul 1st 2009
    I should have clarified that PlayOn doesn't require Windows Media Center - it is a standalone application, so should be perfect for you. I was negatively comparing it to WMC plugins - and I had that very same symptom.