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    Old hat. Issue #12 will be shipping the biggining of May 2010.

    Here's the new cover:
    Murky Depths Issue #12 cover
    And here's the original post

    Okay, so Issue #9 won't be shipping till early August but I thought I'd give a heads up. Richard Calder has scripted his own novel into "graphic" proportion, which Leonardo M Giron has brought to amazing sequential life. (Check out Richard Calder's interview about Dead Girls in SFX coming in - I think - the issue available end of July.)

    Check out the cover blurb to see there's also a new story from Juliet E McKenna.
    Some contributors to Murky Depths have said: You shouldn't go mainstream manga, which kinda misses the point of what we're trying to do. Open your effing minds!

    Coming up in Issue #10 we have new writing from Mike Carey, who will also be judging a writing competition.

    Issue #11 features a story in the St Darwins world by DJ Thompson, and we've commissioned BSFA shortlisted artist (for MD's Issue #4 cover), Vincent Chong, to re-illustrate the new story.

    Issue #12 will feature a brand new story especially for MD from Jon Courtenay Grimwood.

    There's lots more coming in the future - so isn't it time to subscribe?
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    SFX Magazine online have this to say about Murky Depths:-

    One of the best SF and fantasy fanzines in print today.
    • CommentTimeJul 25th 2009
    I can't think of any publication on the market today that blends prose and comic art in this manner. It has proved to be a highly successful union with short stories that range from the gleefully bizarre to the genuinely chilling. The comic strips remind of 2000 AD's Future Shocks and Twisted Tales back in the comic's golden years. James Johnson's scripts for Murky Depths are particularly inventive and endlessly entertaining. It doesn't surprise me that people like Mike Carey and Jon Courtney Grimwood are taking an interest in the magazine; the high quality and production value belies its independent roots.

    Luke Cooper
    • CommentAuthorEM Erdelac
    • CommentTimeJul 26th 2009
    This is the most attractive magazine my work has see print in to date and as it was the first, it frankly spoiled me. From cover to cover Murky Depths positively drips quality, from the art to the prose. It's not the sort of murk you want to avoid. These are depths to plunge into and explore, as there's treasure to be had in every issue.
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    Why do I think you should read Murky Depths? Well, it's clearly going places, and already has a vibrant mix of comics and prose fiction, mixing up-and-coming artists with established stars. If you want to keep up to date with dark SF this is where to start.
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    had to happen.
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    I can imagine the infomercial.
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    Well, it's the truth! It looks great on my shelf and I don't inwardly cringe showing it off to people who ask to see it.
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    From the Hugo Awards:-
    warrenellis I would really like to know how many copies INTERZONE really moves per issue
    Just because it's INTERZONE - and it's been a part of the UK science fiction scene for years - it probably does sell more than MURKY DEPTHS . . . at the moment . . . It's also cheaper. But unlike Andy Cox, I DO get out and about to conventions and mix with writers, artists and genre fans - being all of them myself. Not sure, though, if that's a plus point.
    Murky Depths is trying to do something a little different but the world seems to have been dumbed down too much and people aren't prepared to take a chance on something new. Of course, it could be that our marketing strategy is crap. How many people saw our series of adverts in SFX for instance? GoogleAds have never worked for us. Mentions in forums just gets people's backs up and the inevitable backlash comes from people trying to look clever. Of the fifty or so complimentary review copies that get sent out we're lucky to get one review - and that probably on an obscure blog from someone who's bought it rather than having received it free. And a review is only a matter of opinion after all.
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    Well, how many people even see SFX? I've been writing a column for it for, what, a couple of years now? Never had any comments about it, at all.
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    If it's not a TV series or a major film I think most "sf" "fans" just sit and wait for the next "amazing" discovery to jump out at them - thankfully that does happen sometimes. They're not true sf fans in that they're no longer looking for something that pushes boundaries. I wouldn't be presumptuous enough to say that Murky Depths pushes boundaries but it certainly reaches out for them, presenting stories that entertain in an entertaining way - at least within the restrictions of a print magazine. I'd love to make Murky Depths even more "arty" but then I might alienate those people who only buy Murky Depths for the excellent stories. I'd also need lots more money . . .
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    warrenellis I've been writing a column for it for, what, a couple of years now?
    No . . . your kidding!
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    Thought you might be interested to hear about a brand new special offer on the first eight issues of Murky Depths. Just £50, plus shipping - saving almost £6 on the cover price!

    Here’s the direct link

    Also at the main site there's a sneak preview of the cover for Issue #10 which features new fiction from Mike Carey (an integral part of the writing competition). . . . and the cover art is by Danish artist Lars Rasmussen.
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    Here's an interview with Richard Calder. It's the unedited version of the one that appeared in SFX:-
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    At least the fourth time SFX have given Murky Depths this monthly status.
    sfx fanzine of the month
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    Two fucking posts? I don't think so.
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    Mayhaps edit the original post and change it to a general Murky Depths thread?
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    No, I had to disappear a second thread that was basically just post #17 of this thread.