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    • CommentAuthorTom Akel
    • CommentTimeJul 1st 2009
    theoretically, if a major entertainment corporation were looking to serve a comic audience CONTENT (not news or reviews) on a daily basis, what would you like to see there. Say its someplace that already get millions of unique visitors who are there to consume video, blogs, photo galleries, etc and is a well established brand.

    Something that is NOT newsarama, bleeding cool, or CBR. Web comics, animation, video, poetry, whatever, so long as its basically serving the comic audience, and ideally filling needs that are not currently being served well anywhere.
    • CommentTimeJul 1st 2009
    It's simple, really...

    1: I want to buy the full comic book issues for about half the price of a printed issue. It would have to be big enough to comfortably read in full screen on my machine.
    2: I want a button that say "order print" that allows me to pay the REST of what a printed issue would cost (plus shipping) and have that sent to my house.
    3: Maybe a free digital first issue of any new series? (You would obviously then have to pay full price for a printed issue to be sent to you) Could be limited to X first issues a month/ year?
    3: All the usual stuff, like recommendations, free samplers, wishlists, etc etc.
    • CommentTimeJul 1st 2009 edited
    One of the major things about comics has always been the pleasure of sitting around, reading them with friends. There should be some way of duplicating this in an online portal with referrals, whuffie and rewards; e.g.:

    ** Stygmata is online
    ** Stygmata is in your network and has 2 recommendations for you
    ** Your inbox: pages 2-4 of /Phoenix Reborn Again Crossover/ lent to you by Stygmata
    ** Pages 2-4 marked as lent and read - 10% discount/credit to Stygmata should you buy it
    ** You have purchased /Phoenix Reborn Again Crossover/
    ** +2 lending credits issued to you - you may lend up to 4 pages to up to 2 friends in your network
    ** Stygmata is now a Top Recommender

    Obviously there are practical problems to avoid abuse, but a combination of networking/reward/reputation credits with some sort of per-page 'lending' would to my mind really give the chance for lesser known books to get promoted by top influencers:

    ** Warren Ellis ++Internet Jesus++ is online
    ** [p]rofile Warren Ellis ++Internet Jesus++
    ** Warren Ellis commands you to read pages 5-7 of /Fantastic Indie Comics/
    • CommentTimeJul 1st 2009
    So you're saying that the more you buy (and presumably read) the more you can lend to your friends, effectively giving them a free comic book issue to check out thanks to your reading? That's interesting.
    • CommentTimeJul 1st 2009
    Free 'fair use' pages. Essentially, I would try to co-opt and control the kind of free sharing that goes on in the scans_daily sort of forums. Creators could tag certain pages of their issue to be 'lendable', deciding how much to make available for each issue.

    This also has the handy side effect of crowd-sourcing excerpts and promotion, so the site admins don't have to do it all.
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    Stygmata, since the majors already give previews on titles I don't see the idea of 'fair use' pages being such a controversial idea. It would also provide a better way to share the previews since with one click friend could highlight something as being interesting to you.

    I'd want smart and sane RSS feeds.
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    @Stygmata I'm all in on that one. when do the LongBox developers draft you to the development team?
    • CommentAuthorTom Akel
    • CommentTimeJul 1st 2009
    @Magnulus, the ordering is a great idea. for that i'd imagine it for small press partnered with someplace like comixpress or longbox

    @Stygmata, EXCELLENT suggestions, I'd imagine those best implemented via facebook connect and an app, or on something like longbox

    what about something thats ad supported? in the short term, work with the idea that this is a site that has millions of visitors and is attractive to advertisers.

    what do people think of zuda? features you like, don't like? i always love the idea of breaking new talent and online is certainly the best way to do it.
    • CommentAuthorkperkins
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2009
    That it work on Linux, Mac, and Windows, and on all browsers. It ain't that hard, but many companies seem to think it is.
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2009
    I personally have no issues against Ad's or even putting an Ad in a comic you've downloaded, as you usually have ads in comics that you buy so it's pretty standard, I just don't want any kinds of ads that would get in the way of the experience, like annoying pop-ups or interactive ad's, Just a banner or something like that I think would be appropriate.

    The only thing I dislike about Zuda is the way you have to read the comics, which is you have a thumbnail kind of, of the comic and then you make it full screen and stuff. That's a bit annoying to me.
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2009
    Professor Imagine: Nobody has yet approached me, but I'm available. :)

    Tom - Ah, a web service mashup would probably be an interesting move. I'd be wary of tying it to Facebook too closely - who knows if it will still be hot in a year, still check your MySpace? - but yeah.

    I don't mind ads. It would be double plus good if you could throw in some vintage ads as well - Sea Monkeys, Charles Atlas, etc.