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    • CommentTimeJul 5th 2009 edited
    But if you have another week off, you'll get out of practice. We don't want you getting rusty. Plus if you get another week off, then EVERYONE will want another week off.
    • CommentTimeJul 5th 2009
    The poor delicate menfolk. I've never had a week off.
    • CommentAuthorZJVavrek
    • CommentTimeJul 5th 2009
    I thought "Week off for Ariana" translated to "Extra pallet of Red Bull."
    • CommentAuthorstib
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2009
    @Paul - I'd be really interested to see the 3D renders you mentioned. Any chance of posting some?
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    @Warren & Ariana
    Heh, sorry, I do harp on about my hours too much. They're pretty manageable now.
    • CommentTimeJul 7th 2009
    Wow! Best interlude so far! usually I'm frustrated when I see these, but this one very educational. Thanks!
    • CommentTimeJul 7th 2009
    The poor delicate menfolk. I've never had a week off.

    This tickled me. Hehe. ^__^ Bravo on your good work too Ariana! The series is enjoyable on every level, and you all do a smashing job.
    • CommentAuthorpygmymath
    • CommentTimeJul 8th 2009
    @Paul - i'd be really interested to know what program you use to 3d it up!

    Awesome episode.
    • CommentAuthorKradlum
    • CommentTimeJul 9th 2009
    Great to see some background info on the creation process. As a collector of original comic artwrok it worries me that there won't be so much of it to go around once everything is computerised though. Good to see Kate come on board. I really enjoyed The Spider Moon in the DFC while it lasted and caught up with the online episodes a couple of weeks ago. I always noticed the similarity in style between Paul's and Kate's work, so she seems a natural to take over some of Paul's duties.

    I've been on holiday for a week in Norfolk, drinking beer and looking at the countryside. It's a pity I had to be back for work today as I could really have done with the rest of the week off, but unfortunately I had 2 (pointless) meetings today that I had to attend.
      CommentAuthormister hex
    • CommentTimeJul 9th 2009
    Maybe, next skip week (if we MUST have them), we can get an insight into the many and various additions one Ms. Ariana Osborne makes to the whole shebang. (Something computer-y? Letter-y? Perhaps just a P.O. box we can mail cases of Red Bull and non-sequential currency to?)

    Looking forward to seeing more of that pool tomorrow.
    • CommentTimeJul 9th 2009 edited
    I agree with Mister hex on this one. Let the word ring forth that next skip week shall be a fete in honor of Ariana in whose honor we shall sacrifice the Red Bull.
      CommentAuthormister hex
    • CommentTimeJul 9th 2009
    @ johnjones - I'm sure she'd rather have the money but you realize WRITING UP WHAT SHE DOES will just make more work for her? Next skip week should be an essay by Warren about How Awesome Ariana Is.

    Then again, I'm against skip weeks in general, so there you go.
    • CommentAuthorDee_Noir
    • CommentTimeJul 10th 2009
    I'm having a time out until I can learn some manners.
    @ Paul - I'm very astounded at your workload, and I suppose Freakangels is just one of a series of professional illustration work you're doing?

    I guess the FAs are a pretty big part of your life now; can you ever imagine <i>not</i> drawing the comic?

    When I wrote a webcomic, I remember my delightful illustrator used to occasionally moan about the hours, especially when I'd write something like 'Interior, dark dusty basement, with shafts of light playing delicately across numerous wine racks', or 'huge monster destroying city' - I'd just get a murderous look and the inevitable cry of 'DO you have any IDEA, how long that will take?'

    I really enjoyed this week's break, just thought I'd add that if you ever did a <i>'How to Draw A Freakangel'</i> interlude, I'd be over the moon. Probably wouldn't be able to follow it; your style is way too technical for me!