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    • CommentTimeJan 25th 2008
    TalkShoe is the brain child of Dave Nelsen, who has spent his career in the telecommunications and software industries. Dave observed that there is no ideal way to find, connect with, and use voice to talk to interesting and like-minded people wherever they are. Thus was born TalkShoe - a new way to create live group calls, conversations, discussions and interactive podcasts (called Community Calls). TalkShoe allows people to use voice and text-chat to talk with interesting people with similar interests around the world.

    TalkShoe currently has almost 100,000 users and millions more listen to recorded Community Calls via iTunes and other podcast directories. People use TalkShoe to discuss a wide variety of topics including business, computers, sports, religion, politics, music, arts, science, travel, and much more.

    TalkShoe can be easily integrated with social networks to create, play and promote live and recorded Community Calls. Supported social networks include: iGoogle, Blogger, MySpace, Facebook, TypePad, Friendster, Webwag, Netvibes and Windows Live. The embed code can also be used to place on any website destination that supports flash (i.e. Ning).

    And, so far as I can tell, it's actually free:
    What do I get with TalkShoe?
    We provide the complete answer including live interactive software, conferencing, ShoePhone, chat room, player, widgets, storage, bandwidth, ads, directory listing, and technical support, all for Free. Sound too good to be true - try it out and see!
    • Community Calls can be recorded and listened to
    • FREE recording
    • FREE storage
    • FREE bandwidth
    • Uploading of existing podcast episodes
    • Unlimited recording hours
    • Detailed statistics reports
    • Earn money with TalkShoe Cash