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    • CommentAuthorMäx
    • CommentTimeJul 10th 2009
    Hello there alltogether.
    Thought I step out of lurking arround here. I especially liked how both Alice and Jack think the other one's the chaperone. For a moment i pictured the others turning arround after they are done talking and there are Jack and Alice with Luke without Lukes head. "you know how it goes..." priceless:D
    Anyone remember Karl saying: "You and me Kirk. We take care of bussines. I killed him [Mark]. Expect, apparently I didn't."?
    I think he's not the best qualified to freak out on Kait. "Kill or be killed" is not much better than Kaits arbitrary law. Likewise I would not be comfortable having Kirk sitting Guard on Luke, except for...well the guys an asshole. Wonder what they'll decide on in the Luke-mess.
    They can't let him loose, 2 against 10 are way worse odds than 1 against 10. And I think we could take it for granted that Luke and Mark would be two peas in a pot.
    So, I'm excited to see where this is going!
    And until then I'll just got my last exam this semester on monday, and then summertime! Yeah :D
      CommentAuthormister hex
    • CommentTimeJul 10th 2009
    I also liked Kait's rationale for her "visiting room" - Justice is like sausages. Nobody wants to see how its made.
    • CommentAuthorcjtremlett
    • CommentTimeJul 10th 2009
    Jack is my favorite this week. He's totally aware of the group's flaws. Lots of time to think out on that boat, I bet.

    We know Sirkka is off with the victim, but where's Miki? I can't see how Mr. Dead Guy could be keeping her away. And I'm sure she'll have plenty of opinions about Kait's torture chamber and about what should be done with Luke.
    • CommentAuthorEbony14
    • CommentTimeJul 10th 2009
    Good episode. I like that Jack's not taking sides on the matter. Because, sometime you can't. You can have an opinion, but you can't take a side.

    I did notice that Alice is sitting on Lukes crotch, which makes me wonder what he's going to say if she's still sitting there when he wakes up. :)
    • CommentAuthorEbony14
    • CommentTimeJul 10th 2009
    cjtremlett: Miki is probably off with the victim as well. Being the closest thing to a doctor that Whitechapel has, she'd probably want to just check her out, to make sure Sirkka didn't miss anything.
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    Just got back from watching the steaming pile of refuse that is Transformers 2 (my friends really wanted to see it for some insane reason), so it's great to plunge back into some real storytelling (or at least storytelling that doesn't have plot holes big enough to fly a C-130 through).

    I note that Alice didn't pick up on Jack's comment that the FA's were "stupid kids with lots of guilt" on page 2. We know what they're guilty of but (as far as we're aware) Alice doesn't. So did she miss it, or is she assuming it's just generalised survivor guilt?
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    I actually have a horrible sense of foreboding considering the Kirk/Luke confrontation; ref. the last panel on page four, ep. nine.


    ETA Link.
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    Finding it weird that people would argue the technical flaws of a baby farm method of subsistence. It doesn't need to be efficient, and it's not likely the sole source of food they had... And anyway, you guys are clearly missing the point on the baby farm thing: babies are fucking delicious. Even the underweight ones.


    Great episode. More intelligence and pertinent argument in this episode than in the last few weeks of corresponding threads. Wonderful work guys.
      CommentAuthormister hex
    • CommentTimeJul 10th 2009
    @ doc -
    babies are fucking delicious. Even the underweight ones.

    So's lamb. And veal. Suckling pig. Caviar. Maggots are a good source of protein. Humans eating babies is definitely in our genetic memory. Why not our own? Monstrous? Perhaps. You get hungry enough, you'll eat ANYTHING. Why do you think Arby's stays in business?*

    If you think "Oh, that's terrible, no one could ever do that", chances are the Romans or the Mongols or the Turks or somebody used to do it all the time.

    Which made me think of Romans and their punishments. The punishment for patricide was something like a good, thorough whipping (Nobody whips like Romans! Nobody!) and then they'd sew you into a burlap sack with 1) a lynx 2) a dog 3) a game cock and 4) either a badger or a boar, can't remember. Sew you all up in the bag and chuck it in the Tiber.

    Wonderful people, the Romans. I expect Luke's punishment will be less elaborate. But I bet Kirk is going to talk to him as much as kick the shit out of him. (By 'talk', I mean 'scream at'.)

    *I am in no way implying that Arby's serves human meat, babies or otherwise. Not sure WHAT their meat is. Think waaay more legs, for one thing.
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    Thrilled by the demented idea of a baby farm.

    Questioning the motivations behind people capable of rape and cannibalism (when the being hadn't already passed of natural causes) is absurd. The guys are sick fucks. It's that simple.

    Here's an idea that has some logical thought behind it: hallowing out a baby corpse to transport illegal drugs on an airplane.
      CommentAuthormister hex
    • CommentTimeJul 10th 2009
    Walker James is back! Yay!

    Things like baby farms are why Kait is Fucking Busy. Not everyone in Whitechapel does the right thing, all the time. She's probably got to sort out stupid shoving matches over who-did-what-to-whom, while keeping an eye out for the REAL bad'uns who'll go after kids or just do as they like. Until they get put in Kait's room. And then ...

    I had a friend who worked with children in a theatre group. He told them "If you don't be good, we'll put you in the Cupboard of Understanding. And then, you'll Understand." The kids followed him like the Pied Fucking Piper and if they ever asked to SEE the Cupboard of Understanding? Because if you see it, you're going in it. Bye Bye. Understand now?

    Plus there's a murderer on the loose that NONE OF THE OTHER FA's know about, other than Miki. (Who is Sam to Kait's Quincy.)
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    in regards to the baby farm, who said they ate the babies once they were born naturaly. and who's to say they didnt eat the mother too after using her for some 'fun'.

    on a lighter note, page 5 is my overall fav from the whole thing. it's kady's reaction that just makes me giggle.
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    ...? Is that arguing against my post, Hex, or just running along with the point that it's silly people are nitpicking the baby farm thing? I can't tell.
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    I just want to thank Warren, Paul, and Ariana...

    ...and to say that Jack's not a coward for his opinion. It really isn't his place to decide what's best for someone who's been violated in a way he has no experience with. He didn't say he wouldn't do everything in his power to protect or help said victim, just that it's not his place to choose the best course of action when it comes to their own memories and bodies.
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    I actually have a horrible sense of foreboding considering the Kirk/Luke confrontation; ref. the last panel on page four, ep. nine.

    ditto. forgot to mention it earlier, posting quickly at work, but ditto. if Luke's the strongest besides 'Kady, then someone should definitely sit with Kirk.
    • CommentAuthorBerserker
    • CommentTimeJul 10th 2009
    Shouldn't this be in the Freakangels thread, and not London Zoo? If I'm confused, never mind me, I've not been so well this week, and all kinds of things are just not making sense for me.

    Jack is still my favorite of the 'angels. He keeps striking me as one of the most 'mature' of the bunch.

    Karl volunteering to watch over Luke struck me as suspicious too. He did kick his ass just a week or so ago.

    I wonder sometimes what it was the Luke did ( or if I've just forgotten, because that's the kind of July I'm going to have... ) originally that made all the other Freakangels treat him the way they do - and if maybe enough of being ostracized by the only other people remotely like him eventually finished making an utter bastard of him.
    Obviously he's been doing the sort of thing that's ended him up where he is now for a while, but was that what got him pushed out originally, too? Or did he do something that's not really all that different from much of what the others are up to a lot of days?

    Was he Mark's best friend once upon a time?
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    rogue typo on page 3, panel 4.

    Should be "whose", not "who's"

    Good stuff.
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    Completely agreed Indigo.

    And it's not about rape being a "uterus" issue as someone else posted here. It's a specific trauma issue. If you haven't gone through it, how can you possibly know anything worth a damn about it? Rape with a big R is genderless. (Not to invite that Thing We Talked About In That Thread That Died into this thread...)
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    Looks like the denizens of Whitechapel seem to take Jonathan Swift's writing a bit too seriously.
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    Horrifyingly fasinating installment this week.