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    Do they accept submissions from outside the US? I noticed that you had to submit a IRS form in order to get paid
    • CommentTimeAug 2nd 2009
    They certainly do, Richard! I'm in Canada, and there's others scattered around Europe, Australia, etc. If you're outside the States, they just skip that bit, and any tax taken is between you and your government. I recommend a Swiss bank account. ;)
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    Thanks for all the useful info. I'll definitely think more seriously about getting a Zuda pitch together.

    Also, if it weren't for this thread, I wouldn't have checked out Bayou. Devastatingly beautiful.

    Thanks, folks.
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    Been reading more Zuda. The comicviewer feels less "clunky" now. Maybe it's repeated use?
    • CommentAuthorgzapata
    • CommentTimeAug 5th 2009
    I kind of wish they had some superstars on it too. Like a seperate zuda for guys like tommy lee edwards or something to post their own work. Cris Sanders already has a comic that seems to fit the zuda format
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    To me, Pete Timony will always be a superstar..... ha ha haaaaaah.

    • CommentTimeSep 17th 2009
    i like my competetions without superstars. the fish could never compete, given the popularity contest it is.
    • CommentAuthorgzapata
    • CommentTimeSep 18th 2009
    I don't mean they should compete in the contest but there are a lot of artists out there who do their own side comics and it'd be good to try to bring some in to one place. Superstars was probably a bad word to use heh
      CommentAuthorAdam Lucas
    • CommentTimeSep 19th 2009
    I'm in Zuda right now with my sci-fi entry GOLDILOCK. It's one of the most demanding things i've ever been through! Marketing this thing is killing me

    If you want to stand a chance you have to do a lot of work to get the word out. It's insane
    • CommentAuthorgzapata
    • CommentTimeSep 19th 2009
    true I also wouldn't mind zuda itself marketing a bit more. Not specific comics but the brand as a whole

    @aglucas- good stuff I think it was chamba who did a journal entry about you on Da a week or so ago
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    I'd have to say Zuda's a good thing. The opportunity for increased exposure if you make it to the competition stage is a positive, especially for new or unknown creators. I understand that if you don't win you get to keep the rights to your work. All you'd have to do is take your work to another site and let your audience know where they can find you. And if you win the financial incentive to continue your work is good.

    Sounds like a win win to me.
    • CommentTimeSep 22nd 2009
    Well, I think Zuda is a great way to get exposure, with the possibility of getting your story out there, and there's money involved which is a big plus. I mean, it can only encourage people to do better work, and once you get that cheque, I'm sure that can only make it all worthwhile.

    I guess I'd better get my marketing started now... just got the script after handing over an over-elaborate rough outline to the writer, Dan Hill (fellow FutureQuaker). The title (for now) is Chiselton. I can't say too much right now, but it's a Steampunk/ Alternate Earth setting, involving Nzambis, Zardoz-era Sean Connery and a cast of hundreds... hundreds of terrified, pale, sweaty, white tasty spam-people trapped in the ultimate cabin. And only Chiselton can save 'em... Chiselton and his army of... well, you'll have to vote me for TEH WINS to find out.

    Whodafug is Dan Hill? From his MySpace page: "I currently have a short webcomic on the website Agitainment Comics, entitled 'Iron Harvest', a collaboration with artist Rick Ross (Image's 'Urban Monsters'.) I also occasionally write comic reviews for the Comics Bulletin."

    In fact, combined with that, my entry for 50 Girls 50, an OGN - Lucky Town, with Anthony Venutolo and a yet to be disclosed comics-related project with San Francisco musical genius Mark Growden that I'm doing in trade for singing workshops (possibly more, very exciting and non-comics related news on that in the future...), plus possibly another OGN that is so hush hush I can't even name the writer or publisher, I'm a busy bunny... oh yeah... plus possiblymaybe Eric Palicki's Neverland with another publisher (fingers crossed)...

    Follow my exploits road to nervous breakdown adventures over at Panel & Pixel. I think I qualify for nurses and whisky, right? Okay, then just nurses.
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    couple of quick questions;

    1.) anyone have the measurement handy for how you'd crop down an 11x17 page for this?

    2.) if you win you update a page a week for a year, or 8 pages a month for a year?
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    Slice it in half.

    They work out the schedule with you.
      CommentAuthorAdam Lucas
    • CommentTimeSep 23rd 2009
    Hey peoples....right now I'm in 1st place with my sci-fi comic Goldilock.

    Barely in 1st place and I need all the help I can get. I'd love for the whitechapel heads to come by and say whats up and help out with a Vote. Fighting the fight of my life here...

    Gotta say this is insanely stressful...The competition has already accused me of cheating and have written some pretty harsh stuff about me....i need help!

    thanks everyone

    Here's Daniel Haze from Goldilock....boy genius...great man...RIP

    Daniel Haze...Boy Genius....RIP
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    Here's a look at Zuda from a comic (Doc Monster) has been competing for about 3 days now!)

    So far, I've been amazed at how people will rally when you put out the call that you're in a huge competition like this. I've had supportive emails, votes, fan art, and people just popping up out of nowhere to say great things....and some bad...about the comic.

    As mentioned in the above post, there were lots of nasty accusations being thrown around last month, and though this month's competition has just started, I'm grateful that the feeling has been completely different. Writer Tony Lee set the stage with an email on the Zuda forums about his intent to run a positive contest...even pledging to vote for a competitor's comic....and there's just been lots of very enthusiastic cross-posting between competitors.

    Yes, the marketing is stressful, but it's been fantastic so far. I think you just have to let go of the results, do what you can, and hope you've made a comic people will enjoy.

    I hope that helps paint an accurate picture for people hoping to join the competition!

    I'm Dave Flora, and my comic is DOC MONSTER

    Dave Flora
    • CommentTimeOct 7th 2009
    All I know is, ABSOLUTE MAGNITUDE is awesome and going to be even awesomer when it's finished; I'm so glad they won in August. Did you know their letterer is quadriplegic? I know, right? They're just TOO amazing.

    Anyway, there are quite a few good series on there. I'll recommend The Bayou and The Hammer, which are up in full at this point. A lot of schlock on there, but if you go through them, there really is something for everyone. ABSOLUTE MAGNITUDE though. Seriously. If you like Warren's sci-fi type stuff, this is a similar story, while the plot ups and downs are more like Brian K Vaughn, and the dialogue is... phantasmagorical.

    The publishers are pretty good to the creators, too. I take pride in supporting them. I mean... it's not Avatar Press, but they do alright.
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    I never really like the winning ones and am sad that ones I find really great crash and burn so terribly in the voting standings... Also, there are usually a lot of really terribly funny spelling and grammar mistakes in a lot of the strips (this month, Santa Claus was described as wearing a "red suite"...). Besides the large amount of unbearable comics, I do like only having to read 8 pages of something, like a sampler...)
    • CommentTimeNov 8th 2009
    I much preferred reading Bayou as a physical object. When it comes to webcomic communities based on a single server I think Act-I-Vate is doing the best job.
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    I'll second that.