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    Tried navigating over to this morning, and my browser informed me with big scary letters that it was an ATTACK SITE. Don't know if anyone affiliated with artbomb still hangs around (honestly haven't even been to the site in ages, maybe it was completely abandoned) but I always thought it was a terrific resource, so if there's anything that can be done, uh, er...yeah. Thought I'd put out the clarion call.

    Moderators, feel free to move this to wherever it needs to be, obviously. I also apologize if this has been somehow addressed around here already -- haven't been around in a while, but a search didn't turn anything up, so...
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    I imagine for some reason it's been added to some blacklisting website, google says it's not a trusted site and may be harmful and so does Opera.
    Opera uses blacklists compiled by Netcraft and PhishTank, and malware blacklists compiled by Haute Secure.

    I can't find it on any of those sites but maybe it's been broken into and malware loaded or something :(
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    Maybe its stealth censorship.
    • CommentAuthorhank
    • CommentTimeJul 21st 2009
    yeah its trying to load a trojan.