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    I saw this, like many people did, earlier today, and thought "good for Marvel, maybe now they can figure out how online use impacts their own royalties."

    But then I got thinking.

    Assuming the strike drags on, which is obviously a big question since the DGA deal, this could have an interesting impact on Marvel in 2009. Film side the stockpile is proving less robust then the studios hoped. Already had been discussing with friends how the growing number of independent deals could impact the face of film. If some small studios might have an interesting chance to control additional box office next year once the drought is felt.

    Now we have Marvel with a deal which could, if current negotiations fail , leave them with the only tent pole movies come spring and summer 2009.

    Anyway, could be way off the mark here, but it seemed an interesting consideration to share.
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    Um... what? UA has a WGA interim deal. Lionsgate has a deal. TWC has a deal. All three can raise tentpole productions.
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    I think I can support my proposition here.

    UA is the small reformed United Artist, so its current intent seems to be Cruise vehicles like Valkyri, and I am not convinced any Cruise vehicle is a tent pole since he went crazy. And of course no deal exists with parent MGM. I admit I was ignoring Bond because, well I never am sure of the labyrinth of co-producing rights outside of EON that exists there, and well thats still EON anyway.

    Lionsgate is an important independent studio. However, to date the focus is on small and medium films. As a result, it does indeed have a strong slate of high profile horror and comedy, many well received, but they are never the central spring/summer event films. The closest they come is yet another Saw as a Halloween event. TWC is in a similar place. The highest profile films I can think of, so far, being The Mist and Clerks II. Neither studio has been focused on 100 million dollar opening monsters (which drop off after week 3, but hey that hurts theaters not studios), and thats what Marvel seems to want. I think the current situation honestly changes the odds of that actually happening.

    So to be clear, I am not dismissing the track record of those three studios, rather they seem to want something very different then what Marvel wants. Could they change gears as a result of the strike - sure - but we know Marvel is already moving in that direction.

    Of course, if Rambo opens big, thats right, I will have to eat my words. And obviously rumors abound of a deal between Lucas and the WGA too, though that would be more for TV I expect.