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    • CommentTimeJan 27th 2010
    I was wondering how it'll work as an instrument. No USB or Firewire pretty much shoots that idea down.

    That said, the price point they came up with is sexy.
    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeJan 27th 2010
    It is very difficult to see why you'd spend $800 on this instead of a laptop.
    • CommentTimeJan 27th 2010
    A resolution of 1024*768??
    Thanks, but no. Netbooks are cheaper and more practical for that number of pixels.
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    My Eeepc is 1024x600 resolution and set me back $500 at time of purchase. The Apple does have a greater pixel density, so pictures should come out nice and clean for it's size. If it holds out to a 7 hour battery life, it trumps my little machine...

    Now if I can run Garageband on it...
    • CommentAuthorgzapata
    • CommentTimeJan 27th 2010
    @val supposedly 10 hours of battery life

    What exaclty is the monthly charge for? Internet? So without it you can't access any of the features? That seems annoying
    • CommentTimeJan 27th 2010
    It's either Wifi or Wifi & 3G, which simply means that one way it's tethered to hotspots or it can go anywhere. I'm assuming they're only bothering with the non-3G for the price point.

    It's interesting to see this as an entertainment platform and not immediately billed as a replacement 'big notebook full of clips of things and reference material' like the Courier.

    Who wants to start the betting pool as to when someone will crack the OS? I'd say within the first five days.
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    What a stupid name. Let the jokes roll.
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    It is powered by the souls of children.

    The secret behind the 10+ hour battery life? THE SOULS OF ORPHANS.

    Yeah, I think I'll keep my ASUS for now.
    • CommentTimeJan 27th 2010
    There's also the iLet...which, according to the video, is a great way to read Sports Illustrated!

    Windows 7, though...I guess that would be good for something.
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    Meh. I’m sure it will find an audience, but I’d rather run hackintosh on a netbook than have a glorified iPhone. But that’s now, when these things start at $500. In two years we’re going to see a lot great knockoffs for $250, and in a decade they’ll be under a hundred and not crippled to only run software from the iTunes store.
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    Completely underwhelmed. I had hoped for something closer to an actual computer than, yes, a glorified iPod Touch (not an iPhone, mind you -- no phone calls from this thing). The presentation asked if Apple could create a new ecosystem where there was none before, and if this is their attempt at that, I think the answer is no.
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    You know what this is? Apple TV with a built-in screen. In the years it’s been on the market I’ve seen one Apple TV outside of a store.
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    Yeah, I think underwhelming is a very accurate term. One thing I really don't understand (well I do but it's all fucked up):

    They're obviously marketing this thing toward people who already have iPhones. They mentioned the iPhone and they put a bunch of emphasis on the App Store and the fact that the iPhone apps would carry over and such. So, if this is aimed at the iPhone crowd, why the fuck is there a data plan for this thing?? There's no way in hell I'd pay for two different data plans.

    Here's an idea: enable tethering on the damn iPhone so I wouldn't have to buy a second damn data plan. I realize you can do it with jailbroken iPhones, not to mention countless other smartphones. I don't know what to compare this situation to but it's goddamn ridiculous.

    I see very little reason to actually own one of these things. Here's my situation, though: I may be moving to Japan in about 6 months, and if that happens I'm probably not taking my iPhone with me. At the same time, I've been debating the whole ereader'd be great to have an ereader if I move to Japan, especially if I take trains to/from work.

    Before they announced the iPad I thought about maybe buying an iPod touch: I could keep using most of the apps I downloaded to my iPhone, it's got decent battery life, it's got wifi, and in all likelihood I could buy ebooks using the Kindle app.

    So now I've got to wait and see how all this turns out. Will the ebook reader/store be worth a damn? Forget the estimated battery life, what's the actual battery life going to be? Also, given Apple's track record, at the very least there will definitely be a price drop before Christmas, possibly even a hardware refresh. I feel like they intentionally left certain things out like a webcam just so they could add it in the second time around and hook people in right before Christmas.
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    So, if this is aimed at the iPhone crowd, why the fuck is there a data plan for this thing?

    My guess is that Apple is preparing to drop AT&T’s exclusivity at some point in the near future and that has something to do with it. AT&T has actually cut off new iPhone sales in New York twice because it can’t handle the traffic, so there’s no way Apple can lock another device in with AT&T. But there’s no way Jobs could talk about the data plan without that shit stinking up his talk, so it was left out entirely.
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    What a stupid name. Let the jokes roll.

    I actually have a friend working on this right now. A few that he's passed along so far are "a version with a larger screen shall be called the Max Ipad" and "the version suitable for airplanes will be called the Max Ipad with wings." Har har har.
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeJan 27th 2010
    the device is very sexy indeed. I can't see the future but as a guy who goes into the comic shop every week to hang out i don't believe this will crush comic stores (at least not the good ones that keep customers happy and issues in stock!). as a wannabe comics artist I do see a shitfuckton of potential tho! Being able to zoom in and out of a hi-res page of a downloaded Marvel comic [for example] would be very rad. It would also be nice to see someone holding Space Shark in their hands and being able to show it off to their hipster friends at starbucks lol ^_^
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    I was wondering how it'll work as an instrument. No USB or Firewire pretty much shoots that idea down

    There's potential for a wifi-based app that uses the iPad purely as controller and produces the sound on a computer maybe?

    So, if this is aimed at the iPhone crowd, why the fuck is there a data plan for this thing?

    Seems to be trying to straddle two markets and emulate the kindle, to get in on the pay for text market. But removing physical limitations to a paid-content-access is not really what the internet is good for. With the Wifi one could RSS 20 hours of free reading material every morning and take it with them, this is already true on the phone-less-iPhone aka iPod Touch and has received zero marketing from Apple despite the fact that it's actually the most forward thing about their portable touch-screen product line in my pinion. This is because they are nurturing demand for iBooks, and good luck to them with that, really. No matter how much fun Apple makes spending money on information, you can't get around the fact that wifi is already everywhere, and the internet already has everything. For the iPad, the $500 wifi 16GB has 99% of the digital-life value as the high end will.

    I don't think it would be fun to type on. It does look like the core apps are ergonomic perfection otherwise, Mail on the iPhone was already close, better for reading than any interface requiring a mouse.

    I like the mentions of ASUS in this thread, they are quietly shifting paradigms as well. I get 12 hours of unplugged, constant tasking and occasional internet surfing before hitting the 20% mark on my 13", less than 4lb, Windows-7-64 AUSU UL30A, which is freakin ridiculous. 12 hours! I just pack it and leave my house. If the iPad can do 10 hrs of streaming content like it implies (no way) then it would be able to to 15 of light browsing or DocsToGo.
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    Terribly sorry, thought I misheard you Steve - did you say 'It can't multitask?' Oh, you're sure you didn't...

    So, you mean it wont run more than one programme at any one time?


    EPIC...stumble, Mr Jobs.
    Epic stumble.
    • CommentAuthorDan Kelly
    • CommentTimeJan 28th 2010
    The price point is better than expected. The Data charges less so.

    I can see it replacing my main laptop which spends 90% of it's life sat on my knee surfing the web / reading email / looking at photos etc.

    I have an iMac that is hardly used that needs replacing and the question at the moment would be what setup do I need tablet + imac or table + laptop,

    The one thing it's missing for me is obvious multi-user - which is used extensively by us.

    There's no good reason I can see as a developed to be doing anything in Flash these days, and YouTube and Vimeo seem to have decided that as well.
    As for multitasking, the switch speed looks to be great from what I've seen - if Apple can get the notification layer working properly, how much will it need multitasking (apart from playing your music from something other than iTunes - which is kind of the price you pay) ?
    • CommentTimeJan 28th 2010
    The iPad doesn't unseat the Cintiq for me as something wanted and needed but not at it's ridiculous price. My thought is that I'll turn my wife's older MacBook into a ModBook. I'll hook up the wife with the iPad and keyboard dock instead of the MacBook Air she thought she wanted.

    @tcatsninfan Sell your AT&T iphone on Craiglist Josh; Buy a Japanese one (they've less onerous plans if you're staying in Japan). The phone won't be sim-locked to AT&T - I think they may be unlocked due to competition existing there.