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    Saturday Night Open Mic: for those newcomers who don't know the drill, Saturday Night Open Mic is for venting, posing, talking about your future, and trying not to spill drink down your shirtfront.

    Tell me what and who is pissing you off this week. Tell me your ambitions. Tell me one thing you want to have done by year's end. Tell me... hell, tell me what your favourite clothes are, what you're listening to right now, tell me anything you want me to know. Get something off your chest, make me laugh, or simply touch yourself furtively in the dark.

    I've got coffee. Speak now.

    -- W
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    Although my highest aspiration has always been to become a successful novelist/comic-book writer, I have never completed a story. I write until I get bored and then move on to the next idea. It's extremely disheartening but I'm determined to move forward and keep trying. I'll be damned if I defeat myself.

    I've just purchased a Palm T|X and I hope that it will, among other reasons, be just the thing to jump-start my blogging, if just for personal use. I've always been horrible at keeping journals and I find that after a couple of decades, I'm worried that I am beginning to lose the historical context of my own life.

    Otherwise, I spent the day cleaning my house and loving my wife. Soon it'll be groceries then dinner. wine and white russians until I can't feel my face.
    That should give me something to write about.
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    Good evening, Warren:

    Waited all week, and the people who were supposed to come and assemble the new furniture didn't come. Why am I surprised? Now I have to go back to the store, and as politely as humanly possible tell the FUCKING JERK BEHIND THE GODDAMN COUNTER TO TELL THOSE FUCKERS TO EARN THEIR SALARY.

    Carnaval's going to start here on Brazil. Huzzah. Recently I went past an early Carnaval party - we call them Carnaval Blocks, a shitload of people drinking and partying in the middle of the street - and I spent five minutes going through the crowd at the gasoline station. I went past a completely drunk woman who asked her friend: "Will anyone notice if I pee here?". I wouldn't been surprised if the answer was actually "no", considering how drunk everyone was. The sweet scent of piss was practically replacing the oxygen.

    And in February, it begins: Escolas de Samba (Samba Schools) parading along what we call Sambodrome, a long road. It's fairly nice, I'll admit, but there's not nearly enough naked women. There used to be more. And the music is always the same, just the lyrics change. Well, whatever, Carnaval is a week-long holiday, so why complain?

    Rio de Janeiro's been like London lately, if you use the sky as comparison. I haven't seen the sun in a week. Good. I like the cold. It's funny when I see people complaining about the cold, I always think "Well, at least when it's cold you can use a fucking coat". When it's hot (99% percent of the year here), what do you do? A guy like me, who likes black shirts and jeans pants... well. Also, it's raining. Also good. I think the rain is beautiful. I mean, it's water falling from the sky, how nice is that? And you can always use an umbrella and a coat, unless it's a big storm, which is also fun. Once I saw a brick - a fucking brick - being carried by the wind as it fell to the ground. Not to mention, of course, the trees breaking. Let's admit, when we see a catastrophe happening, you always wish it gets worse. Unconsciously, you do.

    Watched "The Last King of Scotland" and "Pursuit of Happyness". I loved both. The first is written by the same guy who wrote the excellent "The Queen", Peter Morgan. Once again, he writes another realistic film. Forest Whitaker and James McAvoy are both incredible, and McAvoy deserved an oscar as much as Whitaker did. As for "Pursuit of Happyness", great story, great acting by Will Smith. There's some damn beautiful scenes in the movie. But Thandie Newton exaggerates way too much in her role. Still a great movie.

    Also, I'm more and more convinced there's a serial killer with a grudge against actors or people related to them. Brad Renfro dead - not surprising, he had drug addictions - then Heath Ledger - complete surprise - and now Marlon Brando's son, Christian.

    I'll be here most of the night. Evening all.
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    Good Vent:

    As I have told several people round WC, I have had few story notions eating at my brain for several years. Always put it off to focus on my proper career, but now I find myself in a place where a mix of professional frustration and free time allow me the chance to write. So I am going to banish two of these fuckers, at least, from my head to paper by the end of 2008. Maybe something will come of that, maybe it will just be fun and gratifying to have given it a go. Either way I will have stopped talking about it with real life friends as a "what I would do if I could..." and actually given it a damn shot.

    Been writing a few hours a day as I can, and I feel good about that alone already.

    Bad Vent:

    Ok. you know what I am sick of?

    Variations of the following: Fans to creator or group therein: we loved your last work. We loved what you did with this even though it sound so odd. Keep it up. Creator: Ok cool, thank you. Here is whats next (a title, maybe line or two description is given). Fans: what the fuck! That looks like something I did not like 10 years ago from another person! Why the hell would you work on crap like that. I am very disappointed in you. Creator(s) (being gracious): oh it nothing like that, we think it will be quite cool. Give it a shot. Fans: I don't know - prove to me I will not hate it.

    And I am not even talking about comics with that. In specific it was actually a niche of filthy dice geekery that inspired that....
    • CommentTimeJan 26th 2008
    It is not quite nighttime here.
    HOWEVER, I just finished 4 paintings, and am feeling pretty good about myself.
    that looks like this, apparently:
    (hey, don't judge me. It was either that, or Racer Five)

    I'm going to see my friends Kevin Blechdom and Chris Fleeger play (as Barn Wave) at 21 Grand in Oakland, California at 9 tonight, because they are fucking awesome.
    • CommentTimeJan 26th 2008 edited
    Trying to do the writing thing too. Bought a new keyboard today in order to make the process a bit smoother. The artist I'm paired up with is really good, but doesn't understand or much care for what makes a story a story. I still have a thing or two to learn myself, but it's very frustrating, so I'll probably be moving on shortly.

    In other news....

    I moved in with my brother back in September and his cat likes me waaaay more than him. I'm not even doing anything to lure him over. I can see it hurts his feelings on some small level and now it's a bit awkward. I wrote to Chip Zdarsky for advice.
    • CommentTimeJan 26th 2008
    Increasing elevations of awesome in my life these days:

    - After months of writing daily for actual money I find it's increasing my urges to write even more, not killing it.
    - More opportunities in science education are opening up for me through part time jobs and friends, not to mention more money, all as I wait for word about a science education PhD.
    - Watched the worst action movie ever made (Fatal Deviation) with friends and many beers last night, and lo, fun was had by all. The worst thing to come out of my home country since leprechauns.

    Plans: upgrading from science and humour articles to include short stories, buzzing into the first hundred that you never show anyone as we speak. Then on to the next thousand that you show people but shouldn't have, and then maybe a couple worth printing somewhere.
    • CommentTimeJan 26th 2008
    Sharing cookies with Cookie Monster...they go good with coffee, too. Thinking about that furtive touching stuff you mention above, you know, just to test again the theory that orgasms get rid of headaches, a terrible condition that has kept me on the couch watching movies all day. Poor me, right? Watched Chicago, Serenity, and just started Thunderheart.

    How about you? How's your day been?
    • CommentTimeJan 26th 2008
    MrEffbomb: "Although my highest aspiration has always been to become a successful novelist/comic-book writer, I have never completed a story. I write until I get bored and then move on to the next idea. It's extremely disheartening"

    I feel your pain! And I am sure many others do too!!

    Which leads me to my goal: Create Chapter 1 or Part 1 or whatever title I give the first complete story I have as a Graphic Novel.... as this entail learning to draw, it may be a long shot ; )

    A vent: Your ideas suck! They are useless visions of an ideal future with no concept of reality! Just because you think its best means nothing! Your 'genius' is wasted..... because all you do is complain about how much better things should be and do nothing about it! Even a failure has done more than you, just for having tried. So shut up.

    This is addressed to a few people I know, who couldn't handle hearing it. I am sure it applies to many more people you know.

    I am aware of the irony of ranting online instead of taking my own advice and telling these people directly. I happen to enjoy irony! ; )
    • CommentTimeJan 26th 2008
    Just got back to the studio after tonight's noisey experimental music concert.
    It went pretty well. Although, of course, people didn't actually want to talk to me at all.
    Whatever. There is only so much I can do about that.

    I did make plans with Ann to go out and photograph what remains of a decade old art installation of hers. She'll come pick me up tomorrow, which should be a fun break from what has so far been an awful lot of time indoors programming. I need to get out and actually see Stockholm or I will start having a really hard time keeping my mood out of the toilet.

    I think I will try and fall asleep early now as I am just unbearably mopey. I suppose it isn't just about feeling alienated and trapped indoors, but that's already likely more than I should be sharing with the internet.

    My new goal is to be way more cheery by the time the next open mic rolls around instead of veering off towards self-indulgently melancholic.

    In summary: Poo.
    • CommentTimeJan 26th 2008 edited
    @ Vanessa, I would talk to you!
    (after all the experimental noise is done, of course)

    Whenver I sense people don't want to talk to me, I just pretend I don't notice,
    and inflict myself upon them. Occasionally, this works well.

    also, wow, I fucking love my friends:
    Confab -- The Musical
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    i just got off wotk at 10:30, and i start again tomorrow at 6 in the morning and wn't finish 'till 6 in the evening. but it's worth it because it's all for my fiancee.

    also, i'm unfathomably excited about how my album is progressing, and for the first time actually believe it's worthy of a proper release instead of me making CDR's for free...
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    @ pKone
    I'm not really sure that the key is persistence.
    I keep all of my ideas in a little folder and pick away at them over and over slowly.

    Just try and keep the faith.
    • CommentTimeJan 26th 2008
    Listening to King Crimson a weird person's guide to King Crimson. Taking a break from projects about a six hour break to go and work for cash. And yes Masturbation ensues into the night. No More alcohol, for at least a week
    • CommentTimeJan 26th 2008
    I was thinking to myself "I want to write something that's like...Noir....but with magic and stuff!!" then shortly afterwards I realized that that is basically just Hellblazer.
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    It's been a busy week.... tons of flatting work (Loveless #22, 100 Bullets 89 & 90). Did some new coloring samples over Eduardo Risso's art. I wanted to work on something simple and clean that would force me to approach and color things differently than the usual hyper-detailed art I color. I'm happy with the way the pages turned out.

    Did a lot of reading this week. Ocean GN, Crooked Little Vein, Dead Sea, Digital Character Painting using Photoshop CS3; still reading Digital Art Masters Vol. 2. Just digging into Harrington on Hold'em Vol. 1 (and 2).

    Things that have pissed me off this week.... the fucking cold weather. And I mean cold... as in your testicles will crawl up into your stomach to not freeze solid kind of cold.

    So my favorite clothes this week are heavy sweaters, fleece vest, and extra thick winter socks. Listening to old music on my iPod, forties and fifties blues and jazz.

    Currently making some homemade foccacia bread with sun dried tomatoes and will top with feta cheese before baking, to go with the BBQ pork ribs, and Heart of Romaine Caesar salad with homemade dressing.

    One thing I want done by the end of the year is writing a full book. I finally got my Palm TX fully set up and I'm getting used to the folding, portable keyboard (it's way more solid and stable that I ever imagined it could be). I got a Palm TX for my wife for Christmas, but liked it so much I went and bought one for myself. Up until now, I've been using my 17" laptop and going down the road to a pub, but the laptop is just too much for writing, especially around nosy drunks who tend to lean over your shoulder or laptop with their beers sloshing all over.

    The Palm is perfect, I can check my email, surf the web (slowly), and even watch videos on it when I have to travel (480x320 pixel screen, same size and proportion as ipod touch). I upgraded the 'Documents to Go' app which opens and edits any MS Office app (word, excell etc). I no longer print out scripts for coloring - just transfer them to the palm, and when I need to reference the script, just fire up the Palm and read from that.

    And that was the laundry bell. One load down, two to go.
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    Even though I'm buried under my current pile of work, the other day I was was talking to an artist about a project (mini-series) we've committed to doing and about half-way through the conversation I just said, "fuck it, write down 10 things you want to draw and we'll do that"

    Polished off the plot for the whole thing earlier and I'm as excited about it as anything I'm working on.

    Good day.
      CommentAuthorDoc Ocassi
    • CommentTimeJan 26th 2008
    Just sitting listening to the apostle of hustle and doing some coding, I am also gradually getting to grips with the up arrow on my keyboard not working, which is more than a little annoying. Power to the ctrl-p!

    Out last night for some funky-jazz, with a bunch friends I hadn't seen in a long time, life ain't too bad.
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    Even though I'm buried under my current pile of work, the other day I was was talking to an artist about a project (mini-series) we've committed to doing and about half-way through the conversation I just said, "fuck it, write down 10 things you want to draw and we'll do that"

    That's just asking for trouble.
    • CommentTimeJan 26th 2008
    also: I've been obsessively listening to the song Autobiography by The Hit Parade. It's totally classic British twee. But I love classic British twee, so it works out.
    I always wonder if my love of twee is linked to my having a crush on every girl who ever wore a scarf ever.