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    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2009
    You know, I was really looking forward to seeing Luke's brains splattered all over that wall, and I was more than a little disappointed when he got it in the leg. But all that vanished when Kirk shot him in the balls. Looking at it, it's WAY better than shooting him in the head, and I actually hope they let him live like that for a while. The only thing that concerns me is, if they let him live long term all they've done is given Mark more power to use during the inevitable showdown.

    Another thing that the whole bullet in the leg scene makes me wonder...what's the ceiling on their abilities? Arkady can freakin teleport, and says they all can, but some of the others barely show any high level of talent on a regular basis. So, is the power something they need to use to build, sort of like building muscle? So far it seems that way. Luke seems to have an affinity for mental domination, but he tends to use that a lot. Sirkka has a fairly large range with her thoughts and abilities, which could be attributed to her love for Jack and the need to maintain contact with him when he's roaming. Arkady by far seems the most powerful, but is that because her mind is more simple and able to embrace what they all possess, or is it because she uses her power so much she's the equivalent of an Olympic athlete? Can't wait to find out!
    • CommentAuthorfod_xp
    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2009
    Love when writers do a cock shot to characters. There's just something satisfying about it.

    And yes I am male. So I don't know what the hell is wrong with me...

    This book has been fantastic, lots of suspense and action, with some weighty dialogue. Mmmm...My favorite cocktail of story telling.
      CommentAuthorJay Kay
    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2009
    Nothing like seeing a rapist get shot in the cock to start my morning. Well, close enough to morning.

    As for this week, been feeling oddly ill, but I got some things done and have other things to do.
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    Morality becomes shit when you separate actions from consequences.

    • CommentAuthorarvandor
    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2009
    He was NOT shot in the dick. The angle of the panel is a little confusing, but if you look close the bullet hole is clearly in the other thigh.

    Sorry to disappoint.
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    Thank you Arvandor.
    I guess you're the one who tells 3-year-old nephews that Santa Claus doesn't exist.
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    I also figure that he wasn't shot in the look a little lower. More like a warning than anything else. Though, of course, making a superpowered rapist into a eunuch could have some interesting consequences, assuming he'd be unable to regenerate the organ. And since we don't know the full extent of their abilities yet, that's entirely possible.

    Actually, CAN Freakangels die? Karl said that he popped Mark in the head and "felt his brain die," but that obviously didn't happen. Or, if it did, apparently the FAs can regenerate after brain death. And that's friggin' scary. I'm sure this has been discussed in other threads, but this is my first post.

    Something that nobody seems to have discussed yet is the relative fairness of Krik's actions. I know, Luke's a rapist and this is a post-apocalyptic semi-wasteland with no real rule of law. Except the FreakAngels. They're not elected, and their actions are fairly clandestine, but they run shit in Whitechapel. They appointed a policewoman. They have their own trials. And still, Kirk decides to take matters into his own hands and inflict punishment. The FAs do pretty much whatever they think is right at any given time, without any codified system beyond, it seems, a few things that they are themselves forbidden from doing. It's a scary, scary system, especially considering the recently revealed actions of Kait.

    And RE: the Sirkka/Luke comparison...obviously their motives were different, and I do think that counts. And Sirkka, herself, has never intentionally harmed anyone (excluding that big ass gun that one time). But still, done without consent, it's a mental violation, and rape in and of itself, and in my opinion totally inexcusable. The FreakAngels are not gods. They are, outwardly at least, humans beings and obviously fallible. And yet these people who'd be just out of college in the regular world are deciding the lives, deaths, fates, and what's "good" and "bad" for an entire community. A community that they themselves, it seems, forced to become necessary.
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2009
    "It burns like fuckery!"

    Hi, Ariana. Hope you are well and the Red Bull gods are keeping you happy.

    It has been a long week. One more day until my day off but the Cranky-O-Meter is at full tilt now.
    Anyway, I'm kinda worried b/c I don't think I'll be able to get NIN tickets for their L.A. shows. I guess they sold out in under a minute or something. Part of me wants to fly the fuck out to Chicago to catch them over there. Ha? Oh well, I guess I'll go see Dead Weather instead.

    Now contemplating whether to attend Dr. Sketchy's this Sunday or not. hmm...
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    @Chris G

    Do it. I wanna see what you produce!
    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2009
    @bettareckognize: It's nice to see someone mirroring my thoughts on Sirkka and her methods. I'm not sure how many people realize what she was really doing. Without the other FreakAngels to keep her grounded, I could easily see her starting up her own Holy Catholic Church.

    I also wonder if more preventative measures could've been taken with Luke. Putting him on parole with Kait (which she would've enjoyed to no end) probably would've been more effective than Arkady's little brainspurt. Force him to become more integrated in some degree rather than letting him wallow in his own outcast life. I still can't help but feel like the FreakAngels are partially responsible for letting a rabid dog roam their town.
      CommentAuthormister hex
    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2009
    @ MrSmite (pleased ta meetcha, I'm Mister Hex ... but you knew that.)
    I still can't help but feel like the FreakAngels are partially responsible for letting a rabid dog roam their town.

    I've thought that for awhile. Why is Luke? What's his job? It's been mentioned that "he was the most intellectual of us all" (by Connor, who's the Scribe) and that he's quite powerful (can't remember by whom, I can look it up) and in the intro the the cast at the beginning of Vol. 3 (can't remember the episode #), when we see "Miki - Doctor" and "Caz- Engineer", Luke is "Pariah/Utter Bastard."

    Every clique defines itself by Who They Hate. The Freakangels are still very young, remember. And they don't seem to have a coherent plan about What To Do and they obviously never did. I don't think they meant to destroy the world, I think they just meant to Smash Things and ended up doing more damage than they thought they would. Hence, the guilt (all those people in Whitechapel never did anything to them but they all have to suffer because the Freakangels fucked shit up, yo.

    Luke also seems to know Mark. I've long been convinced they were friends and that's why everybody hates Luke. Maybe Luke even taught Mark how to fuck with people's heads. (This obviously wasn't Luke's first rape, just the one he was caught in flagrante by other Freakangels and An Honorary one. Speaking of which, are there any other Honorary Freakangels? Reckon we'll find out eventually. Or not.) Most sex offenders offend many times before they're caught. And Luke could just reach inside his victim's minds and say "We had a lovely time. I read you some of my poetry." or "You fell asleep and I carried you to bed. I took your clothes off but I'm too much of a gentleman to look."

    So Mark's a criminal and Luke's a criminal and Kait HATES criminals but ... ACTS like one (she's only a cop in the same way Miki is a doctor - self-appointed), KK shags boys from Lambeth Road (which I assume is their enemy? I know you Englander Swine can be depressing parochial when it comes to Whom You Hate) ... Kirk is now a vigilante ... they're just making it up as they go along.
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2009
    @Val - Heheh, knowing me I'll zone out and draw T-Rex vs UFO's instead of the lovely models. Nah, I'll try to focus.
    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2009
    Luke - if he gets to survive this - has to shed his sense of superiority as it doesn't assist in the group's survival.

    The angels themselves need to find out if they can bootstrap 'normal' folks up. Lovely dilemma.
    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2009
    @mister hex: Since Kait has such an obsession with her 'job' I'd expect her to be more appreciative of rehabilitation. But I may be mistaken, since my view of effective police work doesn't come from cop shows.

    Luke's other problem is that the rest of the FreakAngels don't see him as one of them, they just see the asshole they've known since they were kids, so he doesn't get the parental sympathy they give to the common folk, nor is he seen as any sort of asset to group because of his abilities. Luke is a solitary predator, and the other FreakAngels have in one form or other encouraged him to remain a solitary predator rather. Tell me Kirk isn't secretly pleased that Luke had enough rope to hang himself.

    @chris g: somehow I got a mental image of Marc Bolan fighting UFOs.
      CommentAuthormister hex
    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2009 edited
    2 mrSmite - Kait loves Quincy. (So do I.) EVERY EPISODE of Quincy goes like this - he fights a Societal Ill, doe Due Diligence, Puts A Criminal In Jail(!) [One. One Criminal. There Are Many.] And then next week, it's on to Punk Rock or Alcoholism or Poisoned Marijuana or Whatever.

    Kait realizes that Evil is Everywhere. Who knows WHAT Evil Dwells in the Hearts of Men?

    She's not a cop. She's Batman. (Or the Shadow, the Spider, INSERT PULP HERO HERE.)

    Of all the Freakangels, she's the one who'll go along with Kirk's vigilanteism.

    Miki's GONNA BE PISSED, though.

    EDIT TO ADD - He shot him in the OTHER leg. Not the cock. Too bad. There's always next week, though ...
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    He should have shot Luke in the head and the heart, and be done with it already.
      CommentAuthormister hex
    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2009
    Yay! Spiraltwist!
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    @MrSmite and @MrHex - I figure there are a number of reasons they've let Luke hang around, despite despising him. Firstly he's one of them. There are only twelve FreakAngels (as far as we and they know) in the entire world, and they all grew up together and went on the run together. Sure he's an arsehole but he's family, and people tend to cut family (even arseholes) more slack than they would friends or strangers (they might not like him, but as long as he keeps his head down they won't run him out of town).

    The second likely reason is that until recently they've not caught him doing anything particularly bad. Invading people's dreams, using the push to make things a bit more convenient, fairly minor infringements. Look at Sirkka's reaction when she picks up on Luke using the push in Ep 50. It's more "He's up to it again, someone better have a word" than "Oh my god! Stop him!". They know he's a prick but until now they didn't realise just how far he's gone.

    And finally he's arguably the most powerful of the lot of them. Controlling him enough to keep him imprisoned and put him on trial requires a group effort. Group effort doesn't seem to be something the FA's are very good at - unless someone's actually shooting at them. Up till now Luke hasn't sufficiently pissed off enough of them for them to go to the trouble of dealing with him.

    @Nygaard - Harbouring a terrible urge to sadistically injure office workers is the default state for Information Technology Personnel, so I guess we're all even ;D
    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2009
    He should have shot Luke in the head and the heart, and be done with it already.
    And then chopped him into itty bits and maybe burned them. And then nuked him from orbit.

    Just to be sure.

    Honestly, this is twice in one week Luke's been using his brain to mess with women to get what he wanted. I think twice in one week makes the case for "utter shithead" and working toward brain castration. Something serious needs to be done, morality of others' actions aside, what Luke is doing is wrong from pretty much any angle. Something needs to be coming down the pipe (I'm thinking in the form of an Arkady-powered meltdown), and they can deal with the other issues, like what Sirkka's been doing, after they deal with Luke being a raping, conniving fuck. The longer this drags out the more I hate him, and this is coming from someone who used to kinda feel sorry for the guy.
    • CommentTimeAug 1st 2009
    Honestly, this is twice in one week Luke's been using his brain to mess with women to get what he wanted.

    In the first case, revenge. But what was the motive for this instance (aside from the gratification)? I'm still thinking he wanted to get caught. (I mean, he certainly couldn't have believed he'd get away scott free after all the warnings. Not with the location being what it was. Arrogant, but not stupid.) Possible outcomes: A) Either one of the FA's would outright kill him (which is rather unlikely, family being family) which would force the others to reconcider their role in The New World. I'm pretty sure Luke knows what's happened with Mark, or at least of the attempt to kill him sub rosa. Luke doesn't like hypocrisy. B) Get a trial going and finally have the others' attention.

    Short version: Good stuff, this. Brainfood.