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    Thanks to various sources, I can now link to it without feeling ashamed.

    Here's a brief synopsis that will go up once I've finished messing up the 'About' Page.

    "BUG-OUT is set in an indeterminate time in the future, where mankind has been boiled down to a tiny melting pot of humans stuck forever in a 21st-Century twilight, lacking only Television and large parts of the Internet. Sealed inside the Black-Domed City of Sacrum, they are policed by the Chitin Guard, an elite taskforce of super-police whose behaviour and law-enforcing skills are enhanced and moderated by a selection of computerized helmets in the shape of black and red insects."

    "Once, they were the last hope for order within a city of mad stagnation; now, there are but nine, and the computer which must pick new officers refuses to work again. Disgusted by the lack of change within Sacrum's walls, Sergeant Aidan Marks deserts his post, declaring his intention to leave the city forever and find a new life. But, even if he is able to oppose his own friends, he little knows of the terrible tragedies the city has yet to endure..."