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    • CommentTimeJan 26th 2008 edited
    There si a little company called Wildcat Books, that are publishing cool Pulp material and reference books, essays etc on Pulp

    I just met the publisher today at a SALE were having here at the store, and an artist that works for them as well as Moonstone Comics, Ver Curtis has been shopping here for some time and is gonna be on hand for our FCBD 2008...

    So i figured maybe some on this board might be interested in knowing these guys are publishing a new incarnation of Startling Stories as well and New Adventures of old Pulp heroes like Ki-gor, and Agent X

    Wildcat Books is the name of the publisher and they offer most of thier stuff direct to the public on thier site, some neat stuff...were carrying a full line here at the store
    Heres thier web address, i couldn't get it to work with the link function