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    • CommentTimeAug 3rd 2009 edited
    Updated Every Monday and Wednesday! Read it @

    Ultra-violent girl gangs fight for supremacy of a doomed future where all men have been mutated into flesh eating zombies. In Las Vegas the Black Cherry Bombshells, Led by the outcast Regina, are gaining a reputation as the baddest bootleggers in town. That doesn't sit well with a powerful, local crime boss; the woman they call 'The King.'



    These are just two random scenes. Read the whole epic from page one at

    Art by Sacha Borisich
    Colors and Letters by John Dallaire
    Written by Tony Trov and Johnny Zito
    • CommentAuthorRevVoice
    • CommentTimeAug 3rd 2009
    My webcomic is called In His Likeness - it's a self-aware minimalist comic - all the characters are dots - featuring the God & the Devil as sounding boards of pop culture and mythology. It's been up and running for 5+ years now and if I have my way, will never end.

    • CommentAuthorDonnaBarr
    • CommentTimeAug 3rd 2009
    My little webcomic that could: THE DESERT PEACH

    What if Erwin Rommel's younger brother didn't die at birth? What if he became Manfred Pfirsich Rommel - The Desert Peach - the gay Oberst in his brother's Afrika Corps?

    "Love, Honor, Death, and Tea" is the slogan.

    The Desert Peach #1, Page 1 by Donna Barr
    The Desert Peach #1, Page 2 by Donna Barr
    • CommentAuthoroletheros
    • CommentTimeAug 3rd 2009
    The Lungs of the World is an experimental webcomic. I always knew I couldn't draw, but I wanted to find out just how badly I couldn't draw. I started with a stack of comic book backing boards and a box of art supplies. When I was done, I threw in some collage to make it look nice and wrote a story around the result. I still have to write the second half, so I'm not entirely sure how it's going to turn out. I can't wait to find out.

    Four pages every Friday, the comic runs until Christmas (I like a story with an ending). It can be found here and the print version runs a week behind with creator's commentary.

    Stop by - the bit with the Flickering Brothers just started.
    Flickering Brothers
    • CommentAuthoristhaq
    • CommentTimeAug 3rd 2009
    This thread is so awesome. I'm going to be reading webcomics for the next hour now.

    Mine is in the current Zuda competition so all I can show is a promo image (no scoffing at my raggedy logo!)
    You can read Rogue Royal (and the other awesome competitors) at Zuda

    promo image for Rogue Royal
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    I do this once a day:

    Ok, 2 minutes.

    Look. I'm sorry. I can't help it.
  1.  (6490.7)
    Psychological horror in the vein of The Twilight Zone and Tales From the Crypt has returned! NIGHTMARE WORLD delves into a world of ghostly lovers, demonic abductors, vengeful victims and sexy Cthulhu priestesses as these loosely connected stories weave an epic tale of a world not unlike our own where nothing is what it seems.

    Many of you probably follwed us for years before we were picked-up by Image Comics as past of Shadowline's webcomic hub, and if that's the case I'm pleased to say we're now offereing new stories as well as re-mastered art on some of the original ones! Come check it out here:


    Also, if you like what you see feel free to pre-order a copy of the new TPB being offered
    for pre-order this month in PREVIEWS on p155. Here's a sneak peek at the cover:

    Diamond Order Code: AUG09-0327

    We update the online series with a page a week every Monday through Thursday, so be sure to come by daily for new material!

    Thanks all!

    Dirk Manning
    • CommentAuthorbusorama
    • CommentTimeAug 3rd 2009
    REGISTERED WEAPON by Gardner Linn, Chris Thorn & Dave Lentz

    A robotic cash register and a loose-cannon homicide detective patrol the mean streets of Los Angeles.

    Updated Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

    Registered Weapon

    LIL' GARDNER & ROBOT JESUS by Gardner Linn

    Not exactly a journal comic.

    Updated Monday and Thursday.

    Lil' Gardner & Robot Jesus
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    Lots of wonderful looking stuff. Going to have to bookmark this and waste half a day reading way too much.

    I do a twice weekly strip called Milo the Cloud. It updates on Mondays and Thursdays, and is sometimes a gag a day, sometimes gag+storyline. It follows Milo (the cloud), his friend Hank (a balloon, who recently found out he is covered in kevlar and therefore nigh-indestructible), a cardinal named Lou (who is a cross between Woodstock and Jason Bourne), and a rather pensive teen named Eva (who likes to climb watertowers, and finds herself talking to clouds, who talk back to her surprise).



    Hope you drop by and check out the rest of the strips at full size and with commentary.
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    In an alternate reality Los Angeles where money has been done away with and the estimated human life expectancy is now used as currency. When someone spends all of their “life span” they are taken to a discontinuation facility and terminated. People no longer trade dollars for necessities and wants, instead they trade years, months, days, hours and minutes of human life for things money once bought. People no longer work for money, but instead to live.

    Original Version with History:
    Lifespan Original Page 2
    Lifespan Original Page 3

    Print Version used for Submissions
    Page 2
    Page 3
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    • CommentTimeAug 3rd 2009
    Hi My name is Gustavo also Known as Algeya and I do a little comic named Pilli Adventure

    Once upon a time a timid girl named Pilli, lonely until she meet the local Bully, Somehow they end up together until, Paco cheated on Pilli and he soon died in a traffic accident. Pilli revived Paco using unknown means, the bully , drunkyard, womanizer boy was back, sorta since his soul now resides in a calavera doll made of wood and paper.
    Together they decided that life was too short, and embarked on a journey to live their lives to the fullest and living all the adventures they can find.

    pilli adventure girly rain
    sissy rain

    flashback when Paco was alive vs the noob killers (they beat you in game then they kill you for real)
    • CommentAuthorgerimi
    • CommentTimeAug 3rd 2009
    Hi All. My name is Gerimi Burleigh. I have a web graphic novel called Eye of the Gods

    A psychological thriller about a man who's life spirals out of control when he is cursed with the ability of remote viewing.
    It combines the high-tension paranoia of ENEMY OF THE STATE with the foreboding chill of THE DEAD ZONE.
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    I write Zero's Heroes which is drawn by the talented Sergio Apodaca. For all you nerds out there, it's a deconstruction of deconstructionist superhero comics. For all you superhero fans, it's a bunch of guys in costumes punching each other.

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    Best Mann For The Job
    My wife and I collaborate on the weekly BEST MANN FOR THE JOB, a serial drama about a woman with a complicated past (including an embarrassing stint as a lady pro wrestler) who returns home to be the small town's new sheriff. We aspire to the style of the classic continuity comic strips, with the crime-bustin' chops of a rural Dick Tracy, the small-town charm of Gasoline Alley, and the emotional touches of The Heart of Juliet Jones. (Or if you prefer, think of it as a cross between T.J. Hooker and Northern Exposure.) Read it from the beginning here.

    We also have a video trailer:
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    I co-write an on-going sci-fi adventure web-comic, ESCAPE FROM TERRA. It's about humans colonizing the Asteroid Belt mostly, but we will also have story arcs about doings on Mars, Luna, and other parts of the Solar System. It's a 5-day-a-week gig, with a double-size strip on Fridays. Here's the latest Friday strip:

    EFT page

    I have recently commenced drawing a new seralized graphic novel, PHOEBUS KRUMM, a space-pirate saga set 1,000 years in the future, in the Sagittarius Cluster. Story by L. Neil Smith. I'm building up my buffer now, so the feature won't go live on-line until mid-September, but I'm giving WhiteChapel readers a sneak peak at page 2, which I think best shows the style and tone of the work:

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    I started this comic on a whim and it's slowly taking me over. Although I'm only able to do it once a week, I love creating it. Unbearable Bears Presents! is a comic about a bear, a bird, and an array of characters in the woods musing about life, love and donuts (sometimes).


    So many things are so easily said in comics

    A little self-depreciating humor never hurt anyone
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    I write, produce and star in Fury of Solace, a transmedia superhero musical told through live-action video, online comics and a Twitter-based ARG. The first comic is episode 2, but for the whole story, I recommend starting here.

    Page 1 of
    • CommentTimeAug 3rd 2009
    I draw, and my boyfriend writes, a comic called Alienated. It follows an alien who was raised away from normal society by the government. The funding is cut for his program after public interest in him drops significantly. He's forced out into the real world, to find a job, and to meet people who aren't being paid to be around him. It's basically a story about a 30-something man-child, who happens to be a green tentacle-armed alien, trying to find his place in the world.

    page 2
    page 7
    • CommentAuthoraaronace
    • CommentTimeAug 3rd 2009
    Relic: Fortie Days is a fantasy web comic by Miles M Kantir, Alec Acevedo, and myself for Talisman Studios' Suzerain Universe. Updates Monday-Thursday, with a teaser page and back matter on Fridays. We just started week two today.

    It's the Third Age on the continent of Austeria and Count 'Fortie' Fairfax is on the hunt with his misfit band of companions, the Fairfax Fellowship. Children have been kidnapped, sinister robed figures stalk the land, and the Fellowship are on the case!
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    I just started serialising my erotic comic today- Shall We Take A Trip? Two pages a week for the next thirteen weeks, more if there's enough interest.

    Be warned it is definitely NSFW. The first page features full frontal of the narrator in, shall we say, an excitable state. The sixth page is the first one without any sex-

    Shall We Take A Trip? page 6

    There have been versions of the first few pages online before, but these are completely redrawn, rescripted and relettered.

    Not webcomics, but viewable online, I've also done a short sc-fi story for distribution to mobile phones- Mongrels: Who Let The GODs Out?. This one is worksafe.