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    Stealth is a traditional superhero comic that has been described by fans as a mix of old-school Spider-Man and Batman

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    • CommentTimeAug 4th 2009
    Once again a webcomic thread at Warren's place is full of WOW!
    I'm Mike Luoma. I create and write comics and draw my own stuff, too.
    I'm putting up the pages of "Introducing... RED HOT!" right now over at drunk duck with Rhys ap Gwyn on art duties:
    RED HOT!
    And you can read all 88 pages of the now complete Panthea Obscura, with Juan Carlos Quattordio on art:
    Panthea Obscura
    Or check out my doodle of the day - I draw these every day for my DoodleRama:
    • CommentAuthorsteamcrow
    • CommentTimeAug 4th 2009
    Monster Commute is an adventure comic set in a monster-steampunk world a little like 1984 meets Wizard of OZ.

    New comics can be found Monday - Friday; we're at about comic 235 so far.

    Monster Commute sample comic

    Pork in a bottle comic

    @steamcrow on twitter

    - Daniel
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    I'm currently working on...

    Lucky Dawg

    Lucky Dawg - Superhero werewolf comic that I started before superhero werewolves became a big thing. I'm the writer and letterer, Pow Rodrix does art for the first two and a half issues, current artist is Alan Faria, with colors by Guillermo Ucha.


    The Fighting Stranger

    The Fighting Stranger- A former Zuda competitor. Currently on break, but will be back later this month. Once again, written and letterer by the guy making this post, complete art by the talented Juan Romera.
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    Hello everyone, My name is Matt Munn and I do a webcomic called ZED RECKONING, it can be found at

    Its about a Zed. Zed is Dead-ish. He carries his soul in a suitcase suitcase with the goal of reuniting his body and soul. He is determined to become whole again.

    However, they are not the only ones interested in Zed’s soul.

    Zed is being hunted by an ancient race of spider-like beings and their legion of zombies. Under the orders of the necromancer, Baron Astor, they are to bring Zed’s soul back to Astor so he can finalize his heinous plot, the eradication of his enemies souls with an ancient device known as the soul scorcher.

    Little do they know, Zed has been bestowed powerful magic by an extinct race of beings. Now, all he has to do is figure out how to use these powers before his enemies march across the land, enslaving all those who oppose them.

    Book 1 Image

    Book 3 Image
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    Decayed Orbits

    A comic about folks who set up their own satellite network with DIY coilguns. Private defense contractors hunt them down. Imagine if Microsoft bought Blackwater and sicked them on Pirate Bay.

    Also, heartwarming family reunions. With explosions.

    Decayed Orbits Page 1

    Decayed Orbits Page 5

    Thank you for the chance to share.
    • CommentAuthorEben07
    • CommentTimeAug 4th 2009 edited
    I'm the co-creator of Eben07 - a comic about the Intelligence Cleaner Agency, whose primary mission is to ensure that all covert intelligence operations and operatives remain classified through disposal of all potential security leaks. This can include disposal of the bodies of henchmen, bodyguards, rogue military forces, evacuation and removal of facilities, documentation and people in covert action areas. Each of our agents has an Assigned Secret Agent (ASA) and follows this agent and removes all critical materials that could expose the covert operation and/or operatives.

    Each Operation is like an Episode, a standalone series - describing the mop and bucket adventures that occur after the cloak and dagger adventures. Espionage, humor and adventure.

    However, there is an overarching plotline following the title character, Eben07, a field operative of the I.C.A. who is wrapped up in a much more convoluted story involving his nearly 300 year old great grandfather who founded the I.C.A. and discovered the Shot Heard Round the World.

    We just started releasing a new series called Operation: 3-Ring Bound -- the first comic is a great primer on all things 07

    Our last completed story was: Operation Mongoose which told the tale of the I.C.A. founder, Abel, being asked by John F. Kennedy to step out of his role as director of espionage waste management and assassinate Cuban President Fidel Castro. Little did Abel know at the time, this operation would be one that would haunt him for his whole life.

    We release weekly on Tuesday and try to have daily blogs and story supplements throughout the week.

    From Operation: Mongoose
    Operation: Mongoose

    From Operation: For the Love of Russia
    Operation: For the Love of Russia

    • CommentTimeAug 4th 2009
    I'm writing the Great Game, an on-going webcomic/RPG cross-over. After each installment of the story, a poll gives you a choice of options for the narrator. You tell me what you want to happen, and then once the votes are in, I write up the result of the most popular choice. As you can imagine, this means I have very little control over where the story is going, which makes it kinda fun!

    The Great Game is updated three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, a few hours after voting closes for the previous installment. It's currently on Round 8, so catching up won't take long, if you want to do so.

    Round 1 of the Great Game
    • CommentAuthormmaxwell
    • CommentTimeAug 4th 2009
    Greetings all. Looks like there's indeed something for everyone just in this thread, much less webcomics as a whole.

    I'm Matt Maxwell, and I write a webcomic/graphic novel series called STRANGEWAYS. It looks like this. It's western and horror, which has become kind of a weird little genre all of its own (but then again, haven't they all?) New pages go up starting again in September, over at Robot 6/Comic Book Resources. Here's the link. During August, I'm running pages from the first STRANGEWAYS OGN in place of the current story. Juggling schedules is evidently beyond me. Updates on MWF. Three chapters out of five posted.

    STRANGEWAYS is the story of ex-Union officer Seth Collins who's wandering the haunted frontier of the United States after the Civil War. He starts out looking for his estranged sister, but then he realizes that he's looking for something else entirely, and finding plenty of trouble along the way.


    That's art from the current storyline called "The Thirsty." Art by Gervasio and Jok.


    This is a page from the backup story. The vampires in Strangeways don't mess around. They happily burn churches and then skip town. This story will probably run online, but I'm not positive of that yet.

    Thanks to Warren for hosting all this, and thanks to the posters for showing off some great art that I might not otherwise run across.
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    My complete 220-page graphic novel LA MUSE is up at Big Head's site.

    It's gotten a very nice blurb from Alan Moore, and has right-wingers like Mike Baron frothing at the mouth over it.

    You're not doing anything right if you're not pissing off the right people. Who are the right people? The ones who would go in a frothing rage over something you write for fun, of course.
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    I do a comedy/science fiction webcomic called "Moon Freight 3," a story about what it's like to not be the hero, or the greatest starship captain ever, but instead to be one of the regular guys in space. It updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, it will be hitting it's one-year anniversary on the 18th, and it can be found at
    • CommentTimeAug 4th 2009
    I make a webcomic called Dark Places - it's a fantasy/adventure/horror kind of thing, featuring brave and/or foolish adventurers delving among the ruins of long-fallen empires.

    Dark Places: Hearts of Dragons (page 7)

    Dark Places: Hearts of Dragons (page 8)
    • CommentTimeAug 4th 2009
    Hey kids. Not too late am I?

    There Is A Light is/was a 10-pager done by myself and John Keogh, he of the fine webcomic Lucid TV. It was printed up and sold/given away at MoCCA 2009, to some acclaim from those who read and bothered to comment.

    I'm planning on reprinting it for Wizard World Chicago this weekend, and adding in as a bonus, the 1-pager that John and I did for Phonogram Vs. The Fans. You guys DID get that at San Diego or on Etsy over the weekend, right?

    So, that's that for now.

    --- Geoffrey D. Wessel

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    I recently started posting my comic online, which I guess now makes it a webcomic. It's published biweekly in a local paper, but I'm trying to update more often than that online.

    It's called Comic Sans and you can find it at

    It's a gag based comic with slight storyline elements that revolves around the graphic design industry, and relatedly computers and technology.

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    ACTION OHIO — the webcomic I co-author with artist Paul Salvi for Shadowline/Image Comics — continues this Monday with its fifth chapter!

    Swing on by, catch up with the first four chapters, and get in on all the Action.

    ACTION OHIO asks what would happen if the comic book industry as we know it today was created to hide the existence of real-life superheroes secretly living in Ohio? It explores detective Andrea Bruce’s private dilemma and the sacrifices she must make in order to save an isolated community struggling to contain its secrets. Choosing between solving a murder and opening a Pandora's Box of evil or putting aside her vendetta to help a group of heroes contain their existence and freedoms, Andrea unfolds the mysteries of a sleepy little town that inspired the Silver Age of comic books and races to find a killer before he forces its inhabitants to reveal themselves and destroy the world.
    • CommentAuthorpjperez
    • CommentTimeAug 5th 2009
    I suppose I should throw in my few pieces of copper here.

    Hi kids. I'm Pj, and I write stuff. But for some reason, I decided to also draw (and letter, and color) this here webcomic called "The Utopian." It's updated twice weekly, and it's basically what would happen if you took Millar/Romita's "Kick Ass" and replaced all the ass-kicking with talking. Because, like Chris Claremont before me, I love the shit out of dialog. And it helps cover up my sophomoric art. But here's a sample of a page in which some action actually comes down the pipe:

    The Utopian, page 026

    Yep, it's that awesome. Also coming soon to a comics retailer near you in print form. I know, frightening.
    • CommentAuthorpjperez
    • CommentTimeAug 5th 2009
    @CartoonAndrew: Love that strip. I worked at Kinko's for 8 years, so ... I can relate. Though I do miss making my own notepads ... :)
    • CommentTimeAug 5th 2009
    My bookmarks folder has become stuffed as a turducken.
    • CommentAuthorDomitella
    • CommentTimeAug 5th 2009
    Martin Angry Owl, wot I do.

    free image hosting
    • CommentAuthorBTimony
    • CommentTimeAug 5th 2009

    The Night Owls
    are a group of Detectives in 1920's NY that solve supernatural crime!