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    Hello all,

    I'll be putting this in the Printheads section soon enough but thought that anyone posting here should see it too:

    "Jonathan Cape and Comica have got together with The Observer to offer
    you the chance to see your work in print and win £1,000. Take this opportunity
    to get your work read by industry experts. The judges are Joe Sacco (author of Palestine),
    Simone Lia (author of Fluffy), Rachel Cooke (The Observer), Dan Franklin
    (Publisher, Jonathan Cape), Paul Gravett (Director, Comica Festival) and Suzanne Dean
    (Random House Creative Director).

    The first prize is £1,000 and the publication of your story
    across 4 pages in The Observer Magazine.
    The runner-up will receive £250 and
    your work will appear on

    Deadline for entries: 25th September 2009"

    Go here to read more & get applications!

    EDITED TO ADD: Warren, I realise that this post is probably better off in Printheads or on Panel and Pixel. I hope you don't mind me putting it here. I just thought that with so many excellent quality strip[tease]s, that it might reach a large audience. Hope that's OK. Cheers.
    • CommentAuthorPrestwick
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2009
    Prestwick made me come here.

    I made him come here.
    • CommentAuthorAdam_Y
    • CommentTimeAug 27th 2009
    I'm a bit late to the party, I know, but there's The Flowfield Unity
    Hearing not listening
    • CommentAuthorrotorvator
    • CommentTimeAug 29th 2009
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    Well, I suppose a plug is called for here...


    A knife-wielding street fighter starts a war to paint the town red...literally..

    A new page of mayhem every week!
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    I've been running Furious Comics for the last year. It's a collection of short horror stories, along the lines of the old Eerie or Creepy books. Various indie artists have contributed throughout.