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    A new experimental feature, brought to you by Chief Mechanic Ariana and Avatar Press.

    Ariana's implanted a blogging system in Whitechapel. She'll be along in a minute to explain any technical stuff that I've missed, because I'm dead tired and I am not going to get it right.

    Obviously, we know a lot of you have blogs, and this system isn't going to be for everyone. But we thought we'd try it out, and if enough of you find a use for it then it'll stick around.

    Basically, the "Blogs" tab will combine all your posts like a groupblog or LiveJournal friends list, and you can grab blog posts from a single person as an RSS feed to stick in whatever aggregator you use -- I imagine it's even possible for LJ users to turn a Whitechapel blog into a syndicated LJ feed.

    Anyway. It's there for you to play with. I hope you enjoy it.

    Now here's Ariana to tell you everything I got wrong.

    -- W
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    Oh, you know you didn't get anything wrong. It's easy enough for Warren to use dead tired-- that's in my design notes, even.

    A few heres and theres:

    1. Blog entries aren't going to show up on the discussion page. This is a feature, not a bug. Clicking that new "Blogs" tab on the upper right of the page is going to take you to the dedicated blogs section, where entries will show up in their entirety.

    2. Commenting on an entry will take you into a normal forum view, easy as anything.

    3. There are two types of RSS links. On the sidebar of the blogs page, there's a sub to all link. This will feed in new entries from EVERYONE. At the bottom of each post there will be a sub to author link, which will feed new entries just from that author. If you want to syndicate to LJ? Just give it the sub to author link and there ya go.

    4. Whitechapel rules DO apply to the blogs. Don't be an asshole, and don't post fiction. That's it. You can blog about anything you'd like. You don't have to stick to a theme or a format.

    And... hrm. Well that's about all I can think of right this second. Questions?
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    • CommentTimeJan 27th 2008
    Sounds like another great idea.

    This forum rocks.
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    Had a bit of trouble posting a YouTube video. treated it like a regular html link.
    • CommentTimeJan 27th 2008
    Had a bit of trouble posting a YouTube video. treated it like a regular html link.
    Very probably fixed, now.
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    Warren and Ariana, I love you.
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    Wrong thread, Winterman.
    • CommentTimeJan 27th 2008
    better for the SL specific area?

    No worries.
    I'll move it
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    Thanks, Warren.

    Thanks, Ariana.

    - Z
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    Managed to say thanks to Ariana already, adding my thanks to Warren.
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    This made me so happy I had to go write about traumatic insemination. Just for you Warren.
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    • CommentTimeJan 28th 2008

    now I just have to come up with something interesting to blog about
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    Thanks Ariana and Warren
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    Interesting idea. I'm liking the way Whitechapel is developing into a real sense of community with the chat room and the blog and all. I don't use chat rooms because I always end up sounding like a cunt but I like the idea of being able to read the nonsense that isn't really appropriate for proper discussion threads, kind of like an ongoing version of Mr Ellis's Saturday Night Open Mike Nights. I enjoy getting little snippets of real life as well reasoned, and not so reasoned opinions from the main board.
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    Ok, I had allot of fun abusing a blog post while I watched the State of the Union. Just wanted to give another thank you to both of you for the toy.
    • CommentTimeJan 29th 2008
    i love it here. thank you for making it even more fun to waste my life away instead of working.

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    Probably a stupid question, but Are blog posts searchable?