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    haha, i KNEW you would bring some dumb shit up. i have never (well, maybe once) "jumped anyones shit" on this board. and what i said to you had NOTHING AT ALL to do with whether or not you liked absolution. it was the assinine statement of "i like irredeemable better than this" when absolution #1 hadnt even shipped yet.

    you acted like i kiss every avatar books ass by calling me a fanboy. so here it is: theres a few avatar books that i dont like AT ALL. even some by warren (GASP!). dont try to pull some shit on me, weve all seen how your logic works.

    thanks for chiming in about music zines though. really keeps the board moving when you pull shit like this.

    edit: i wasnt trying to be a dick, frenchbloke. sorry if i "jumped your shit" as well hahahaha
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    @ joe - oh. um. glad i could help.

    Thanks for reminding me to keep my opinions to myself.
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    sure thing.

    ANYWAYS have you guys seen Z-GUN? its like wednesday comics size. and its a pretty eclectic mix of obscure guitar-based music. i think some people with 70s tastes leaning toward fuzzed out/weirdo/psych onfluenced stuff might be into it.
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    • CommentTimeAug 7th 2009
    <blockquote>i think some people with 70s tastes leaning toward fuzzed out/weirdo/psych onfluenced stuff might be into it. </blockquote>


    and I'm reading Z-Gun now. So you win.
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    more online vernacular music critics (think everything from pitchfork or cokemachineglow to personal blogs to music social networking sites like makeoutclub)
    = lots more people telling you what to listen to. but cooler looking. and FREE.

    that's what i did for a while. and people eat it up. working in zines, sidebars, news pages. it's someone telling you how to be cool 15 times a day instead of once every fortnight/month. instant gratification.
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    the main reasoning behind cutomising is mainly due to the ludicrous policy of being able to buy individual tracks off albums on itunes and other places.
    so, following that, why not be able to pick what you want, sure you miss out on something you will never know about that you might just love.
    last time I bought an NME, there was one small paragraph in the entire thing that was of interest. same with some other faceless monthly. there was lots in it, but very little for me.
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    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2009
    Pitchfork started up as something some guys were doing in a basement and now about 10+ years in, it is SPIN or Rolling Stone to an extent. It is pretty much hard to argue with being able to check out the music or live video next to the review now. It isn't going to go back to seeing some odd 1/2 intriguing review in the bottom of Maximum Rock and Roll that leaves you wondering what the heck that sounds like.

    Criminy a band could form tomorrow and start recording by the weekend, post some stuff on-line and if someone has a blog finds it and starts posting back, it could be around the world in a week. It's like that thing a couple of months back where someone knicked a JPG of artwork by Ben Templesmith for the poster for some local show. That got out and to Australia and back in a few days, even before the show actually happened. Shit happens quick and there is no local anymore or rather it is about all local now.

    I think some magazines might hold on that get truly in-depth on some kind of musical niche not covered well other places will hang around for awhile, but it is so hard to give back not actually hearing the music along side. It really about is true for record stores, as the people that have a niche like lots of old vinyl or hard to find stuff are still in the game where all of the big chains are pretty much dead as dinosaurs.
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    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2009
    I don't totally subscribe to the "niche" reasoning, partly because I dislike the fact that everything would be suited to fit the tastes of a select crowd and partly because "old vynil and hard to find stuff" aren't exactly conducive to any kind of healthy market, for the audience or the artists.