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    Sirkka's "redefining human relationships". She's obviously done a bit of monkeying with people's heads, vis a vis the rape camp survivors.

    I hadn't really thought about that. Sirkka seems to believe it's okay to mess with people's heads to remove trauma. The rape camp survivors makes sense, even if I still think it's wrong (wouldn't have been if they'd been asked and consented). But who knows what the rest of the Whitechapel residents have been through. Probably all of them have horrible memories. To what extent does she think it's okay to "comfort" people by removing bad memories? We've seen absolutely no indication that she's done this, and the other 'angels would almost certainly know and object. Almost certainly. But it's fun to think about.

    It seems to me that they can tell when another is using a significant amount of power, i.e. enough to totally control someone, but this isn't always the case. Mark somehow managed to take control of 50 people pretty completely (that's the impression that I got) without them being fully aware of it. Also, at least one angel, Kait, has the ability to screen herself from the others.

    I wonder if any of the members of her "harem" are survivors of the rape camp?
    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2009
    I think they're mostly...emergency troops

    Sex ninjas. Sex ninjas with a huge massive gun. Yeah.
    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2009
    I wouldn't. Once a philosopher, twice a pervert.
    • CommentAuthoratavistian
    • CommentTimeAug 11th 2009
    Sirkka's people work in Whitechapel. We saw 'em on the big friggin gun when Whitechapel was under attack, we saw them help with the intake of the new people, I think it's fair to assume that they work in other capacities regularly and don't just fuck all day, every day.

    That being said: I don't think I'd join her (in the unlikely event that I had the chance). I'm more of a hands-on, antisocial kind of guy that would prefer to spend much more time out scavenging or working a protective detail than in bed. I'm much better at protecting the world than interacting with it.
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    Personally I'd get out of Whitechapel as quite as possible. Sirkka and her psychic Bonobo cult scare the crap out of me.
    • CommentAuthorAsmodai64
    • CommentTimeAug 11th 2009
    at the end of the world - there are no longer any more reasons to cling to obsolete points of view.

    many of the 'points of views' are diluted by the cultural hypocrisy created by a capitalistic society that doesn't advocate personal liberation outside of buying as much as a credit card can offer in terms of credit card limits. many people are consumed by status, and therefore are willing to sacrifice personal liberation in order to keep up with the push and the shovings to be part of the 'top dogs' ' clliques and sub-culture of addictive personalities.

    but at the end of the world - there are no longer any more reasons to cling to such obsolete points of view.

    when i look at sirkka's harem, i consider her role as high priestess as highly important and very necessary towards the 'survivors' of the flooding. sensuality in modern-day mainstream cultures remains an ongoing controversey because of the mistrust that many individuals cling to. an rather odd choice as many people find getting wasted on cheap booze and diminishing drugs to be 'acceptable' but to become involved in a 'harem' or a cult-of-sensuality to be 'wrong' and 'evi', and 'taboo', and 'perverted' and 'gross'. this reflects cultural conditioning based upon the capitalistic approach that owning property must bring prosperity and 'success' to the individual (although the 'haves' are able to indulge in their deepest desires that 'money can buy' but to pursue this as a 'commoner' means an individual has violated strong dogmatic overtones as established by the rules of capitalism).

    main-stream cultures advocate drug therapy for problems that afflicts an individual; most therapies utilizes medication as a means of 'healing' while choosing to shun a more 'radical' approach to healing the individual's psyche by exploring aspects of sensuality. the most innate aspect of living, an individual's sensuality, goes overlooked in the effort to create a 'moral culture'. however in sirkka's temple of sensuality, we find a true religion that feeds the individual's well-being. unlike most dogmatic religions that seeks to condemn the senses of the individual as being 'evil' and 'wrong' (therefore condemning the individual...), sirkka's harem seeks to bring union to mind, flesh, and spirit in the face of the rules being oblivated by the flooding, and the re-birth of the individuals' psyche in the face of an apocalypse that has energized the individual's need to create an intergrated whole.

    at the end of the world, one can recover their lost spark.
    • CommentAuthorMordachai
    • CommentTimeAug 11th 2009
    Asmodai64, excellent, provocative post.

    I wish I knew more folks who feel this way. Our sexuality, sensuality is so intertwined in our social / genetic need to fit in and acquiesce to the needs of the community, which evolves in its own way, spawning such ultimately self-defeating institutions as religion. An expression of mystery and longing turned into a tool of fear and avarice by a few who claim to know more...

    Too many still think that it makes sense for many to suffer for a few to thrive in ultimate luxury (because, well, you know, they're just better than everyone else).

    So, me, it would all depend upon the details, but a highly sensual community that was in honest exploration of wholeness and self through communal healing while remaining in individual integrity... count me in. :)

    That said, I have no examples to draw upon that might indicate such a thing is even possible. Maybe with someone like Sirkka, where we can invoke the super-human, and hence the super-humanity, but in the real world with as much baggage as everyone carries - I don't see it happening (with integrity).
    • CommentAuthorOenone
    • CommentTimeAug 11th 2009
    I'd join it -- I don't think Sirkka's folks are JUST about sex. I think they're more reconstructing what it means to love and have family. She probably asks her followers to treat others with love (which I thought was Jack's problem w. her philosophy -- loving everyone means loving one person isn't as special) and to express that love with a willingness to work and help.