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    Went to the sonisphere festival at Knebworth last weekend, saw a bunch of bands including NiN, Metallica, A7x, BFMV, best band of the weekend was Mastodon.
    Mastodon at Sonisphere 09
    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2009
    On seeing Dinosaur Jr:

    A: It's amazing that J Mascis can rock so hard, yet move so little!

    B: Lou Barlow is amazing on stage!
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    I, too, saw the NIN/Bowie tour. Twice. The second time, somehow my friend and I weasled our way onto the dance floor area of the Meadowlands Arena, and I was right up against the front, smack in the middle, with Bowie and Reznor singing Reptile. Bowie has more stage presence than ANY OTHER LIVING BEING. Moshing to March of the Pigs was probably one of my fondest memories.

    The best show EVER would be the Pigface/FM Einheit tour in 1998(?) in NYC. Like a tiny crowded basement, low ceilings and total chaos. It was amazing.

    Also, seeing The Jesus Lizard two weeks ago in Chicago was fabulous, and one of the first shows I've ever been to where it SOUNDED right. I could hear everything clearly, without distortion, and without having to scream afterwards. Granted, it was an outdoor venue, but it was still impressive.

    My Dad just told me about a show he saw a about three years ago... Keith Emerson playing at a local bar for free... performing all of Tarkus, some classical adaptations, all the best of ELP, and the show lasted hours. I'm sooooo jealous.
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    Last concert we saw was the NIN|JA tour segment at the O2 (in London) last month. It was pretty epic — with a guest spot by Gary Numan (which was incredibly awesome!).
      CommentAuthorJeff Zero
    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2009
    Have seen Nine Inch Nails live, and it is quite the experience. My preference is for smaller, more intimate shows, but I'm definitely glad I got to see him/them/it at least once. Definitely one of my top ten musical entities of all time.

    Here is a very brief photographic overview of my live show history:
    Me & Kevin Gibson
    Final Ergs! Show
    Sky from Foxy Shazam!
    At the 'final' Dog Fashion Disco show
    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2009
    One of my favorite performers is Jason Anderson. Love the dude, always fun to watch.
    Here's on of my favorite performances I've seen, where he just said "fuck the stage" and stood on a chair.

    I can be seen in the corner wearing a red Weezer shirt. (I wrote "old" in sharpie above the "weezer")
      CommentAuthorJeff Zero
    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2009

    I told this guy if he were my dog, I'd name him Patches.

    He wasn't amused, but fuck him. That was hilarious.
    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2009
    @Atomicsloth; Right now, my jealousy is so mighty it may rip a hole in the space/time continuum, if only for seeing Mastodon and NIN on the same day.
    For everyone who managed to see NIN/JA, I want you to know YOU STOLE MY CHILDHOOD DREAM.

    Like apparently everyone else here, I've seen NIN perform. Once at a Big Day Out, shortly before Trent finally quit the junk. He was a mess. During the whole set, I think he remembered maybe two lines of lyrics. He apologised just before he tried to finish with 'Hurt', saying that although he'd fucked up everything else, he didn't want to fuck up this one song. He then started singing the second verse instead of the first, and broke down crying. It was pretty intense.
    Years later, we saw him again for his 'With Teeth' tour, and the difference was incredible. The year after that, he came back to tour 'Year Zero', and my faith had been so restored that I went on crutches with a broken ankle. It was fucking excellent.

    Several other concerts have been great for a number of reasons.

    Most entertaining: Opeth, 2008. The music was fucking unbelievable, and Mikael was hilarious. 'Are you ready for a cock-rocky good times? Fuck yah!'

    Spontaneous dance inducing: Holy Fuck, 2009. No-one works a mouth-operated keyboard whilst playing a film splicer like those lads.

    Most intimate: Rosetta, 2008. Tiny venue, enormous sound, and the guys were almost immersed in the crowd.

    Biggest surprise/most energetic: The Dillinger Escape Plan, 2009. They were just everywhere, all at once, non-stop. Technical and tight, leaping off every available surface and wall, literally swinging off chains hanging off the rafters without skipping a single complex beat.

    These days I primarily go to gigs for more local bands. I'm quite into a bit of post/prog-rock, and there are several HYPNOTICALLY AWESOME Sydney/Melbourne bands. When you can spend $10 to see brilliant bands in an intimate environment, it makes shelling out $100+ for a nose-bleed seat in a stadium a little hard to swallow.

    If you're in Sydney/Melbourne and enjoy post/prog/instrumental/rock, you MUST SEE the following bands: Meniscus, sleepmakeswaves, Buzzard and Shanghai. Those are my personal favourites, but other worthies include Space Project, Nucleus, Mushroom Giant and Los Alamos.
    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2009
    Saw Electric Masada at Yoshi's this year which was awesome (Marc Ribot on guitar, Trevor Dunn on bass, Jamie Saft on name a few).
    I'm excited to see the Jesus Lizard here in the SF Bay Area in October.
    And SUPER excited to see Mastodon/Dethklok/Converge/High on Fire in Vegas in November. That is such the dream show.
    (Also, though he's not a musician per se, I'm gonna see Patton Oswalt coming up in September.)
    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2009
    Last "big" bar gig I went to was Nashville Pussy, last fall. The recession is really fucking with the live-music aspect of my life.

    But hey - next month I'm finally seeing the Hold Steady.
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    Well, the 2 best shows I've ever seen were probably These Arms Are Snakes and Saul Williams.

    TAAS were supporting Isis on the In the Absence of Truth tour, and while the two styles of music might be completely different, TAAS completely slayed it and I really wouldn't have cared if Isis didn't bother to take the stage. The night belonged to the snakes.
    Their albums sound great, but their live shows shit all over the albums.

    Saul Williams was here in December touring for Niggy Tardust and the whole show was amazing. Being in a room with Saul I felt like I was witnessing the next stage of human evolution. The man and his music are amazing.

    That's the worst thing about living in Australia - you're lucky if a band you like tours every 5 years...
    • CommentTimeAug 10th 2009
    i saw nin/ja in manchester, BOOM!-mind blown.

    Mastodon and Clutch are my favourite live bands, always bringing the show.

    but i see alot of live bands, i try to see 1 a week at least.

    oh if you get the chance go see SunnO))), you won't regret it
    • CommentTimeAug 10th 2009 edited
    @Corey; Not wanting to bang on about it too much, but which state in Australia are you? I mostly know of bands in Sydney and Melbourne, but there are kick-arse prog/post/math/jazz-influenced/hardcore bands playing for cheap in pubs all over Australia. I still lament the lack of international touring like you, but when there's a seriously good fucking show in Sydney nearly every second weekend, I don't lament too hard.
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    @Corey; Not wanting to bang on about it too much, but which state in Australia are you?

    I live on the Gold Coast. There are basically no live music venues on the Gold Coast, so it's a one hour trip up to Brisbane anytime I want to see bands. I don't think there are any "kick-arse prog/post/math/jazz-influenced/hardcore bands" based in Brisbane, 'cause I'm sure I would have heard about them by now.

    But feel free to post some names and I'll check them out - Always keen for more local talent, and JJJ can be pretty lacking for heavier stuff that isn't fairly traditional sounding punk or metal.
    • CommentTimeAug 10th 2009 edited
    @Corey; Oh, I understand your pain. I lived on the Gold Coast for a number of years (mostly during high school) and consequently fled to Sydney because I wanted to pursue art, and it's a goddamn cultural vacuum.

    Brisbane, however ...
    Unfortunately you just missed Shanghai, who I saw a few weeks ago. Carnival/Mr. Bungle/jazz-influenced group, really cool live. I know sleepmakeswaves have gone to Brisbane a few times, but I don't know if they're going to be there anytime soon. Instrumental post-rock, absolutely transporting when they're on top of their game. Should either go to Brisbane again anytime soon, I highly recommend them. Also, I understand Nucleus have just been and gone (last weekend), another good post/prog band.

    However, you are in luck this weekend: Progfest is coming to Brisbane. The Progfest in Sydney was very good. I don't know many of the bands on the roster for the Brisbane Progfest I must admit, but Alchemist are an excellent prog-metal outfit who have been around for years. For $15, I don't think you can go very wrong.
    • CommentTimeAug 10th 2009
    last show i saw was music as a weapon a few months back. disturbed were good but chimaira an lacuna coil destroyed. on the outside stage spineshank owned, im glad they got back together. nxt show up for me is social distortion next month. thats a big deal for me because ive had to miss them a few times so im like a giddy school girl now
    • CommentTimeAug 10th 2009
    Last show: a Secret Policemen's Ball at a "new music" night last week. Really cool sorta-local band my boyfriend had meant to try out for, but that never worked out. There were 4 people there for them. Including boyfriend and myself. They still played well. Spent most of the night talking comics and music w/ them and the sound guy (that's what makes a good show for me, usually).

    Upcoming shows: Boyfriend is wanting to see Slick Idiot at the local all-ages godawful punk dive that we used to go to all the time. So there's that.

    Best shows:
    - Elvis Costello w/ the Nashville Symphony
    - Every time I've seen Tub Ring (even though boyfriend and I are usually the only ones that stay for them when they come to Nashville... this place sucks for live music), especially the line-up of Vilejive, Born Empty, and them.
    - Almost every time I've seen Look What I Did.

    Oh, and Jeff Zero? I see your Sky pic and raise you...
    • CommentAuthorsmallworld
    • CommentTimeAug 10th 2009
    @jeff zero

    the guy does have against me's no warren iraq patch front and center though, so well done.
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    ive seen a lot of shows this year.

    was by far the best. 60 people crammed into a garage for HATRED was like 110 degrees outside. inside it was hotter than jesus christ. sweat condensation was coming off of the ceiling. they played everything i wanted. 15 or so songs in 20-25 minutes of absolute brutality. someone jumped off my shoulders in a room with a nine foot ceiling. i cant believe no one get hurt.

    in more recent news from this week, i found out that THE COPYRIGHTS played down the street from me on friday night. too bad i found out at around 6 pm saturday. goddammit!
      CommentAuthorJeff Zero
    • CommentTimeAug 10th 2009
    That looks like a fantastic time indeed.

    I.... I just missed Harvey Danger's nearest farewell show. I am very, very upset, and require consolation.