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    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeMay 20th 2010

    I hate you with venomous envy so much right now (sob....)
    • CommentTimeMay 20th 2010
    Just saw Kaki King (with An Horse opening up) tonight. Fucking incredible.
    • CommentTimeJun 6th 2010
    It's been a great couple of weeks for gigs. Holy Fuck, Slayer and tonight's the free RATM gig in London. Any Whitechapelers going to that?
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    A couple of months ago I saw Immortal live in brooklyn. They are even more icy, grim and brutal in person than in their recordings. It was quite a show.

    The best show I've ever been to was last august when I saw the incomparable Motorhead. Nobody has ever rocked anywhere near as hard as they do, and that is sure not about to change. They tore the place apart, and being in the presence of the demigod Lemmy was a quite overpowering experience.
    • CommentAuthorJiveKitty
    • CommentTimeJun 6th 2010
    @Grey Rock: Did Immortal pose? One of the many highlights was the lack of seriousness with which they took themselves when I saw them a few years ago.
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeJun 6th 2010
    strongly contemplating Danzig on the 26th.
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    yeah, there was some fun posing and Abbath said funny stuff in between songs. Immortal is one of the best examples to cite in my dedication to the artistic principle that something can be silly or even ridiculous and still be incredibly awesome. They're one of my favorite metal bands and it was fantastic to see them ply their trade, and Abbath's sense of humor made the dark music all the better.
    • CommentAuthorshngrndr
    • CommentTimeJun 7th 2010
    Went and saw A Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orchestra and Tra-La-La Band recently - absolute blinder! Not exactly the sort of music you can get up and jive to, but believe me there was some heavy-duty, hardcore swaying and zoned-out staaaring going on.

    Plus, it was worth the price of admission alone to hear Efrim intoning 'Fuck Moby' at several points during the evening. Wittier things were said, but I'll settle for straight-to-the-point sweariness any day.
    • CommentAuthorJiveKitty
    • CommentTimeJun 7th 2010
    :O I wish they'd venture down my way.
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    Wow, it's been crazy slogging through the last ten pages of this thread. So much good music people are seeing live...

    I'm pretty sated, I got to see two of my favourite Japanese acts do their things in incredibly different environments. Tokyo Jihen (Shiina Ringo's band project, for those who know her) put on a great, impeccably stage-managed show in an all seater theatre where no-one sat down, and like 80% of the crowd had logo flags to wave, and when encouraged to clap along 95% of the crowd did so. Helluva band though, crazy tight.

    I saw Mukai Shutoku playing solo in a dingy basement venue that was so packed out that people were standing all the way up the entrance stairs, and he just sat there chain-drinking beer getting progressively drunker and bashing out awesome songs that only occasionally lent themselves to single guitar arrangements. He's kinda Japanese indie royalty - the brains behind Number Girl and Zazen Boys, which are both just insanely good bands, and that I could stand there and be all like - woah this is that one single he did with his first band - gave me something of a geek buzz.
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    i saw MIGRAINE and ECOLI from SF in a barn last week. people were throwing fireworks at each other. in the darkness and smoke, my head went through the wall. it didnt hurt, somehow. both bands were drastically better than their recordings!

    i want to see SIN ORDEN, a great latino thrash band from southside chicago, tomorrow but all the shows at the space its at have been really weak and poorly attended lately. i almost dont want to see a boring show since it will dilute my feelings about their badass los crudos-esque recordsings. hmmmm
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    OFF WITH THEIR HEADS tonight. Newly signed to Epitaph, notable for actually being a punk band.
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    hahhaha true. whos even on that label besides them and CONVERGE anymore? OWTH usually plays with real good bands too.

    so we had a FREAKISH AS HELL cool/rainy june day and there was a neat little matinee show with ANDREW JACKSON JIHAD and MARIBELLE (illinois, i think), two acoustic bands, as well as THOU (louisiana) and MOLLOCH (UK), two CRUSHING, almost doomy bands. it was a nice mix of lineup/crowd. i had fun, pizza was had.
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    Late to the party, but I caught The Brain Jonestown Massacre on May 29th. I was very impressed. If anyone if real familiar with them, it was the first tour Matt Hollywood has been on with them since 1998 when, as seen in the documentary "DIG!" he quit the band. Sadly for them, there was maybe 300 people in attendance, but that is really kind of to be expected. It is a rarity I get to see a show seeing as almost all my favorite artists are 60+ years old!
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    Must ungraciously and embarassingly admit to having seen Green Day on Wednesday. Misguided present.

    Best bit was when they did covers. And fire (for a supposed "pop-punk" band, they certainly seem to be turning into The Who Alpha version :S )
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    how was AFI 2.0?
    • CommentAuthorwaltorr
    • CommentTimeJun 18th 2010
    Next Wednesday I'm seeing Streetlight Manifesto, Supervillains, The Wonder Years, and Dan Potthast. Should be a fun show.
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    Dan is a really cool guy, always puts on a good show.
    • CommentAuthorVulpes
    • CommentTimeJun 23rd 2010
    best show i ever worked was Eartha Kitt in the masonic temple in Arlington DC for all of 40 people, sadly it was a dead crowd be she just blew me away, she kept laughing at us two on followspots grooving along.

    also up there are some of the early 90's local Ska bands in the balt/Dc area. Checkered cabs, the Skunks.... great shows
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    I'm rather angry at myself for my plans getting fucked and missing my chance to see Evelyn Evelyn. I was dead set on attending.


    I'd purchased two tickets for next Friday in Brooklyn, but the reality of how hot it will be trekking through the city in July for an early evening and outdoor show has just sunken in, and I'm thinking I might not be able to manage it.