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    I saw Lady Gaga last night at Madison Square Gardens. She puts on an incredible show; equal parts Madonna, Andy Warhol, and Cher, with a little GWAR and Wendy O. Williams thrown into the mix. It’s as much an extremely high-end performance art piece as a concert, and I can’t help but think of how infinitely better the work of Haus of Gaga is than most of the junk in the last Whitney Biennial. The music is good, but the art is what really makes Lady Gaga so great. In a time when some fine art needs to be labeled “NO ESTA BASURA” to keep the janitors from throwing it out at night it’s wonderful to see a team of artists putting on a wild show that everyone in the house can connect with.
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    I flew out to Austin, TX two years ago for the second reunion show for The Murder City Devils.
    The night before their scheduled performance the band had a secret show at the Mohawk. My girlfriend had become friends with Leslie over their mutual love of dogs and Leslie brought us into the venue well before it was due to open for the night. My girl and I sat at a picnic table drinking beers while we watched the Devils warm up with a few songs. Afterward we drank with the band before the Mohawk opened to the general public. We watched the rest of the show from an upper patio which led into a VIP room. One of my best show experiences.
    I've seen them a few times since that night but much of the magic has dissipated.
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    my buddy dan went to that show...he LOVES MCD and also doesnt really drink. he called me hammered from the side of a freeway at about 3 am and im not sure if he knew how he got there.

    next week i got BANNER PILOT and TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET. some of the lady's friendds are coming since they like poppier stuff and have been curious about coming to a diy show with us. it should be an interesting night. week after that is the almighty PUNCH playing in a storefront in an extremely conservative Mesa, AZ downtown strip. v-i-o-l-e-n-c-e
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    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2010 edited
    well last night i returned from Neskaupastaður and the Eistnaflug festival. I am still a little hungover and my body is COVERED in bruises. My legs in particular look like discoloured mince.

    Most of the metal there was of the best and loudest quality, but man NAPALM DEATH were something else! It must have been one of the most brutal, Punishing moments of music i have ever experienced in a Loooong time.

    On Saturday the event culminated in a lovely bonding session with a couple of friends in a quiet garden area overlooking the Fjörd with some magic mushrooms. And at the same time, me trying to tell them about the scene in Planetary with Elijah Snow taking psychedelics and going down to a subatomic level, and everyone going "woah!! that Warren Ellis guy sounds like a great man!" And i just said Yes he is....
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    I imagine you're a CORBA SKULLS fan as well?
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    not a fan per se, but ive seen them twice and they are ok. not bad, but i didnt run over and buy their records either.
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    October is looking particularly good in the South-East of England: Grinderman, Einstürzende Neubauten, and the return of the mighty Swans
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    • CommentTimeJul 15th 2010
    Yes!! YEESS!! Going to see Godspeed You! Black Emperor in December.

    I'm so happy I could shit myself.
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    BSS (1)

    Watched Broken Social Scene for the second time last night. Blogged about it here.
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    I would just like to echo shngrndr's GY!BE sentiments.
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    Saw Gaslight Anthem last night. I'm a sucker for the songs, but the band was only good. Then again, Brian was crazy drunk, so that might have been it.
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    Saw Arcade Fire last night in Philadelphia. Yes, I traversed New Jersey for their show.

    They brought out some stuff from the album they released today. It was a hell of a show.

    I recommend.
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    Currently calling in favors to see BANE in a week or so with three bands I don't care for, TRAPPED UNDER ICE, CRUEL HAND AND ALPHA & OMEGA.

    That said, it's a Knights of Columbus which means no stage, no barrier, so it's gonna be nutty.
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    • CommentTimeAug 10th 2010
    Slash! (1)

    Watched Slash last week. Blogged about it here.
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    Currently calling in favors to see BANE in a week or so with three bands I don't care for, TRAPPED UNDER ICE, CRUEL HAND AND ALPHA & OMEGA.

    BANE, who i dont reallly like but GODDAMN their shows get crazy,is still a band i respect. TUI on the other hand is like the worst example of what douchebags call 'hardcore' these days, ugh. its just bro metal with basketball jerseys, and for the ladies, booty shorts. fuck that shit. at least you will probably get to see people you dont/wouldnt like start fights with each other!
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    TUI on the other hand is like the worst example of what douchebags call 'hardcore'

    Thanks Joe, will avoid on your word.
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    @joe, celan

    Basically, those three bands are all mosh-mosh stuff, which has its place, I guess. Hopefully, this means the crowd will be that much more excited for BANE.

    I haven't seen BANE since 10 for $10, and the band isn't denying rumors that they're looking at the end of their run, so I feel extra-psyched to see this show. It might be one of the last tours...
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    You were right. 4 bands played before BANE, all of them the same kind of LETS SEE SOME MOVEMENT ON THE FLOOR bands. The response for those bands was unreal, I will say. Two fights broke out, with one ending in blood on the floor and as soon as the two combatants were separated, 10 or 20 kids stood around the blood and took pictures of it with their iPhones.

    BANE was fun as always, and they seemed really invigorated by the big, positive non/fighty response from the crowd (most of the gorillas left after TRAPPED UNDER ICE, who played a mercifully brief set.)
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    10 or 20 kids stood around the blood and took pictures of it with their iPhones.

    hahahahaha, thats pretty great.

    i had the sad realization that there isnt one show booked in town that im genuinely excited about right now. :( theres some stuff coming up that might be fun, but nothing in the vein of bands i actually listen to and like. shiiiiiiiit!
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    The Envy/Touche Amore tour isn't coming near you?