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    • CommentTimeJul 24th 2012 edited
    Damn, I wish I had endeavored to see Ceremony when they were in Oakland. They're from very close to me (Rohnert Park is 15 minutes north of my hometown, and happens to be where my university is located). I bailed from taking transit over only to sit in traffic for 2 hours trying to get out of SF. Shoulda gone the other direction and seen the show.

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    • CommentTimeJul 24th 2012
    Oh, hey I forgot this thread was even here.
    I saw Fiona Apple on saturday. She was amazing as expected.
    • CommentTimeJul 24th 2012
    I get to see Fiona Apple in the fall. I'm really really excited.

    Hammers of Misfortune last night who were TIGHT AS FUCK (and the new singer, not Scalzi, is still really fucking good). Saw Mike Scheidt do a solo set on Saturday. Took photos for both for Brooklyn Vegan.

    ALSO saw Future of the Left a while back who were FUCKING INCREDIBLE. Oh and I saw them two nights in a row. Fo' free. YEAH DAS RIGHT.
    • CommentTimeJul 25th 2012 edited
    i dont really post a lot on here anymore since it moves so slow but heres a video where i stomp across the stage from last time CEREMONY was here. shit was waaaay better than i expected after that new record, but they only played 3 songs off of it, and covered good stuff from their entire catalog

    i cracked a rib jumping off the stage like 5 friggin times. im too old to do that now apparently.
    and heres some other great shit

    going to see ELWAY and DOPAMINES this saturday, DEAR LANDLORD in a few weeks. theres no HC shows here worth mentioning until WITHIN THESE WALLS fest in september though. I FINALLY GET TO SEE DROPDEAD!!!

    on the off chance that any socal/NM WCers are thinking about making the trip, let me know! we can hang/eat foodz
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    Saw that TERROR/BANE tour that came through. BANE needs to play new songs. I ended up telling Bedard my Phonogram story and he laughed, which was good.

    Two days later I saw PLANES MISTAKEN FOR STARS and they, well, Gared got a little too drunk, but by the time Spring Divorce came on, I lost my shit. Seeing them again reminded me just how cathartic those songs are in a live setting.

    Oh and seeing CEREMONY is always the right decision. Even when it's a Tuesday and they're playing a gig with a tall stage and barrier.
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    I am seeing THE LAWRENCE ARMS tomorrow night, making it twice I've seen them in 2012.
    • CommentTimeNov 24th 2012
    Saw GWAR For the first time last night, at Harpos in Detroit, MI. It: was awesome.

    I went in wearing a white hooded sweater, came out wearing a pink and blue hooded sweater. The rest of the fake blood and green demon spunk took two showers to fully wash off, and my dry, cracked hands now look like prosthetics from a horror movie. Pure awesome.

    Also, Cancer Bats, and Devil Driver opened and they were okay. Surprisingly many Devil Driver fans, as The Pit was pretty serious the whole set. Also, Dez said something like, "Thanks for your energy Detroit!" Which made me chuckle, like, maybe other crowds were less enthusiastic?

    Really Good Times, especially given it was a spur of the moment old friend calling me up to go sort of thing.
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    I bought tickets for THE FAINT concert last night about a month ago and prepared accordingly: I read a dickload of Phonogram.

    I haven't danced like that since February. Thank you, Britannia or maybe thank you Gillen/McKelvie/Wilson?
    • CommentTimeDec 21st 2012
    How are THE FAINT live? I just got turned on to them and really enjoy their music. Glad they're still active, frankly.

    Here's a link to an entire Flogging Molly concert in Sydney, Australia
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    Real fuckin' good. They played Danse Macabre front to back, plus the hits. Some songs didn't work live, but most did and the crowd went off. I broke my glasses dancing to Paranoiattack.
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    @ebullientSoul awesome! Glad to hear. (minus busted specs, obv)

    January 30, im seeing tunde olerian and a
    new orleans bounce band. Thrn

    February 21st is Matt and Kim opening for Passion Pit.then, m arch ... Dunno. But on 4/20 MSI.
    • CommentTimeAug 14th 2013
    Recently, saw FUCKED UP finally, which was awesome. Free beers and fresh cheap tacos. Went to Canada to go see Courtney Love perform, which was actually very fun.