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    So i've had a few submissions already, thank you Malsain, frenchbloke, robinleblanc, Radian and OctEgon. It's half falling into place very nicely and half being twisted and turned in slightly awkward directions tha i hope will be smoothed out once more material has been gathered.

    to be fair, my mixing skills aren't wonderful, which is partly why i wanted to start this project, also i wanted to start collaborating with more people and also had had ideas like this in the past but never the right opportunity to pull it off until now, so thank you all for that one!

    keep it coming, i'll keep it updated, so far i've used everything i've been given and i really hope to keep it that way!

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    I have to say that this is one of the best things to occur from WC. :)
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    shut your face.

    it's fun, and i'm very glad i'm doing it here. but it's not the best thing ever ;)