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    This is a thread where I am going to post music videos I find that appeal to me, probably because they're out of the ark and I remember them from when I was young and had hair.

    No-one else may post videos or links to this thread. This is for me. Comment if you like. No copycat threads, please.
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    Motorik, acid, drone, stunned embrace. 1990-ish? Lousy copy, of course. Look for a good one.
    • CommentAuthorBoga_
    • CommentTimeAug 12th 2009 edited
    what the fuck, Sonic Boom does Kraftwerk?

    That's great though.
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    I haven't heard ANY Spaceman 3 since the dance clubs in the early 90s. Hearing it again has the finest edge of nostalgia to it...
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    " Dancing " to this in a sordid disco in Swansea is one of my favourite teenage memories. It required heroic doses of drink and druggage.
    • CommentAuthorBoga_
    • CommentTimeAug 12th 2009
    I haven't heard much of their post Playing With Fire stuff, I'm guessing it was just Sonic Boom's show by this time.
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    Their last album was pretty much a side Jason Pierce working out how to be Spiritualised , the other ( my favourite ) Sonic Boom's peculiarly grubby and addled take on dance music. Their work was the regular soundtrack to a group of young men ( myself one of them )failing to roll a spliff correctly in a sandalwood stinky room and wondering why all the girls preferred to be out partying to Galliano.
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    I put "Hypnotized" on last night:

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    I'm going to get the rizlas. Anyone want any snacks from the garage ?
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    that Hypnotized video must be really has an "MTV" logo in the corner!
    • CommentTimeAug 13th 2009
    Niiiiiice! Was that 120 Minutes on MTV UK? I remember the US version being sort of OK. Loads of commercials, leaving about 20 videos per show, of which maybe 2 or 3 were memorable. Like the Damned's cover of "Alone Again Or" and Spear of Destiny's "Never Take Me Alive." Maybe a Jesus and Mary Chain video or two. It's been awhile.
    • CommentAuthorBoga_
    • CommentTimeAug 13th 2009 edited
    The only decent show I remember watching on plain old MTV (because there's like 10 now) was Alternative Nation during the early 90's... And they played Aerosmith *barf*
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    Ah Spacemen 3 were great. Their album "Dreamweapon" does exactly what it says on the tin.
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    Orphan Fairytale.

    (that bubbling keyboard figure is, I think, a break from the Eurythmics' "1984")
    • CommentTimeAug 13th 2009 edited

    AUTOBAHN, part one
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    AUTOBAHN, part two.
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    That was great!
    A MOOG Fantasia.
    Naked unicyclists and lots of things that look like scrotums. What's not to get excited about?
    • CommentTimeAug 13th 2009
    Nice timing. I just came back from seeing Kraftwerk live for the first time. Those boys had absolutely no problem keeping my attention even with the minimal stage presence. (The visuals being another matter entirely.)

    And surprisingly un-pop live, too. Lots of nasty krautrock/electro/techno/house in that mix.
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeAug 13th 2009
    Man, being able to single out the "1984" riff from the Orphan Fairytale clip is skill indeed. It sounds like another riff to me, but I can't peg it, so you've got it until I can produce something concrete. You're spot on time-wise, though, it's exactly the right kind of synth sounds coming out of that period of Euro synthesizer music.

    Have never come across those animations for Autobahn before. Very 1974. I haven't sat through the full length version for a while.