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    yeah, apparently they'd rehearsed...apparently.
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeOct 27th 2009
    the funniest bit i read about that event was that they were going to kill a sheep on stage and throw the carcass into the audience! But this didn´t happen as Extreme Noise Terror were strict Vegetarians, so they made a compromise that they simply dumped an already dead sheep carcass at the entrance to the main after show party
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    as always there are a couple of versions.
    they did dump the dead sheep outside the party but what i read was that the plan was to throw buckets of it's blood over the audience which would have been well worth watching. hermann nitsch style actionist art at the brits - either way it would have been brilliant tv.
    • CommentTimeOct 28th 2009
    Oh my god, Actionists. David Bowie was a huge fan of them. I think his album Outside was partly a homage to Actionists, and he co-hosted this awful Canadian TV horror series called The Hunger, introducing the episodes on a set that looked like a meat locker. A friend of a friend helped organize an Actionist happening in 1970 in Amsterdam, in which artist Otto Mühl would strangle a swan onstage, but hippies rushed the stage and stopped it.

    Warren, you'd like Otto Mühl. After being part of the Destruction In Art movement (inspiring the Who's Pete Townshend to destroy his guitars onstage), Fluxus and the Actionists, he started up a cult/commune (Friedrichshof) outside of Vienna. Friedrichshof did rather well, since many of the members were stockbrokers and computer programmers and could bring in serious money, and lasted for 20 years. Mühl's downfall came from getting a little too much into the role of king bee.
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    Ah, that Buddy Holly sourcing Dr and the Medics.
    their 'Sprirt in the Sky' was eclipsed and outclassed by Fuzzbox on Whistle Test.
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    Catching up on the thread...

    I never knew Clock DVA sounded like THAT at any point. Then again all I'm into by them is Sound Mirror and The Hacker, so I didn't go far beyond these two tracks.

    And the only positive thing I have to say about Dr and the Medics? I like their makeup, that's all.
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    I went to see Alice Cooper (I think) years ago and Zodiac Mindwarp and Love Reaction were supposed to be supporting. Zodiac was ill (I recall jokes about Zodiac Mindwarp and the Eye infection) and unfortunately replaced by Dr and the Medics. That was a bad night.
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    Eleven minutes of German motorik zen.

    • CommentTimeNov 3rd 2009
    I'm playing NEU! on right now, and it's spitting all kinds of awesome at me...
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    the first neu album is motorik heaven.
    the second i like too - even the sped up and slowed down tracks.

    neu75 i cannot abide - it's just too dated and if you look you can find neu 4 out there in blogland but i don't recommend you do as it's truly atrocious.
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    I managed to find this album after getting "Primary Colours" by the horrors. All the reviews were namechecking NEU! so i thought i´d check it out for the similarity. This is definitely the best track on the album. It´s the sort of music i can definitely imagine playing on the car stereo while on the autobahn at midnight...
    • CommentAuthorOda
    • CommentTimeNov 4th 2009
    Ooo, Joy Division! And Sparks! Everyone should hear the two Sparks songs they did with Faith No More, WThis town ain't big enough for the both of us" and "Something for the girl with everything" (I do believe they are both on youtube).
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    @icelandbob - if you don't know them already you might like to check out a british from a few years back called Appliance. they're very Neu but with added vocals. their early eps and first album are sublime. there's a vid on youtube called Pacifica.
    • CommentTimeNov 4th 2009
    For your motorik needs I'll also pitch Circle from Finland. Their earlier stuff is math-punk, then they got more ambient and dubby. And more currently a judaspriestian metal band, but never mind that now.
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    @Ian Holloway

    (ok... writes...down "appliance - band")

    That is my little project tonight...
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    On a similar blissed-out motorik vein to Neu I can heartily recommend Harmonia ( Deluxe and Musik von Harmonia are lovely albums )
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    Appliance were on Mute.
    they were rather good.
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    @frenchbloke - they were indeed and they were indeed.
    although it must be said they went downhill as they went along. that first album - manual (which can be dl-ed via the museum of imaginary histories blog- and the 5 or so early 10" ep's are just sublime neo-krautrock.
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    Good call on the Sparks/Faith No More songs. As a Mike Patton/Faith No More fan I am embarassed to have never heard these. Thank You!