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    • CommentAuthorFan
    • CommentTimeAug 14th 2009
    > You can see that Kait's raising her left hand

    Yes: and therefore, the girl shouldn't have raised her own knife hand over her shoulder for a downward stab (which lets Kait step "inside" between the girl's body and her knife). Maybe the girl did, though.

    I also didn't see where the knife came from, nor see the girl cross from the man's left-hand side to his right.

    > she rolled the baton over her fingers to change her hold

    I think there's a risky way to roll it, to change the grip from the handle to the shaft. I don't know how to reverse the grip just on the handle, though.

    I fear I've been complaining, which would be dumb. It's that the choreography is so well depicted that I was trying to see it as real.
    • CommentAuthorDee_Noir
    • CommentTimeAug 14th 2009
    I'm having a time out until I can learn some manners.
    My predictions: Mark turns up with his own brainwashed army, rescues Luke, and the two elope together and have lots of gay sex which is described in graphic cock-jizzingly-slurpish detail for the entirety of volume 4.
    • CommentAuthorLani
    • CommentTimeAug 14th 2009
    Fantastic pacing - last week's time for quiet contemplation, and then this week's burst of violence. And Paul, I reread past episodes and find new little details that you included every time. Absolutely gorgeous.

    Pooka, I am so sorry to hear about your cat. That must have been devastating, especially so soon after your friend's death. I hope life eases up on you now.
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    It's that the choreography is so well depicted that I was trying to see it as real.

    I was thinking the same thing. I've studied brazillian jujitsu and krav maga for a few years (a weekend thing, I'm not a badass). I think it might've been from jujitsu, but the first panel of page five looks a little like a sweep I've been taught. Admittedly we don't see what Kait's feet do, and the whole control the arm and neck thing is pretty standard, but Duffield put at least a bit of thought into it.

    I've always wondered about that. It's gotta be hard just to draw a person moving normally, and you do that all day every day. I bet it's really difficult to draw a person doing something technical like martial arts, especially if you're trying to be realistic and not totally superhero.

    Perhaps Mr. Duffield would like to chime in, if he reads this. When you do action scenes, how do you choreograph the different "moves?" Or does Ellis do that, giving more specific descriptions than "Kait throws her to the ground?" Have you yourself ever studied any martial art? Do you feel more comfortable drawing a certain "style," or does it change?

    Maybe this question has been answered before. If someone would let me know, I'd be appreciative.
    • CommentTimeAug 14th 2009
    I think Paul does Iaido. And I want the knife our dimbulb lady tried to use on Kait.
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    I also didn't see where the knife came from, nor see the girl cross from the man's left-hand side to his right

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    'Sometimes things happen in between panels' - sounds like a decent enough sig/motto/advice to the young n feckless!

    As has been said, wonderful pacing this week and further intrigue raised - this is fast becoming a 'classic'.

    The goodness of my week is entirely derivative upon the temporal fact that it leaves me with only two more before I step down as dept. head. And I actually saw the surface of my desk after 3 years of steady accretion of paperwork.
    • CommentAuthorPooka
    • CommentTimeAug 15th 2009
    mmm cannibalism....
    In dire circumstances would you or wouldn't you?
    I've always been kinda curious..

    It's kinda not fair that Hufu was a fake ;p
    • CommentTimeAug 15th 2009

    Like, for example, costume changes! The girl switches from her patched short-sleeve shirt into an unpatched tank top... but I think the quick repair work she did on her trousers was more impressive!

    OH PAUL, et al. - I am just being a silly continuity pedant - I'm still consistently pleased with the art in this series.
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    Haha, thankyou Warren. I was about to say just the same thing.

    What happens from one panel to the next was whatever needed to happen to connect the two, even if it's improbable or tricky to pull off.

    Of course if the transition is too improbable, or actually approaches impossible, it might be a problem, so I direct all wannabe editors to the thread I made for just such a purpose a while back: clicky.
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    Oops, looks like you caught a genuine continuity error there >< It'd be great if you could plonk that in the appropriate thread so I remember to deal with it later. Thanks :)
    • CommentTimeAug 15th 2009
    I totally remember Hufu! I included it in a school project about cannibalism :)
    I'd try it. In dire circumstances.
    • CommentAuthorDee_Noir
    • CommentTimeAug 15th 2009
    I'm having a time out until I can learn some manners.
    I wouldn't have noticed that, shall we say, speedy costume change, unless it had been pointed out. I think that for every one thousand people who read the comic, only one of them, someone with a fastidious and Holmes-like attention to detail, would have noticed. When you remove the impossible, whatever remains <i>MUST BE</i> Freakangels.
      CommentAuthormister hex
    • CommentTimeAug 15th 2009
    Things happen between the panels. (Or gutters, as they're also known.) She took off her sweat-shirt. All the better to get at the knife. Cop's coming, get ready. Look busy. Distract her. If I saw Kait rolling up on me, I'd do a fucking costume change, too. Like Mary Tyler Moore. Maybe I'd make it after all.
    • CommentTimeAug 16th 2009
    @Pooka Coming from a fine New Zealand heritage (One of the suburbs near where I grew up translates as 'burnt buttocks') I was crushed to find hufu was not real. As were my fellow Kiwi housemates. We had a menu planned, though maybe we'll just call it on hold...

    Sorry to hear about your cat, commiserations.

    The Kait being mental thing continues to be intriguing. I guess her black & white, Quincy inspired view of justice is mental,but then again it's an extreme world they're in. In such an enviroment imposing order would seem a necessity but Kait also seems disinclined to allow others to help in her crusade. She doesn't seem to be interested in setting up a working society so much as roleplaying.
    • CommentAuthorTishbite
    • CommentTimeAug 17th 2009
    Hello everyone,

    Wow, its amazing how much story can be packed into a few pages. We find out that Kait is more than a little paranoid (we also find out that to a point her paranoia is justified), we are shown the powerful link between Miki the healer and Kait the police. Isn't interesting that even in this setting these two professions are required to work together and come to understand the other's ethos. But the big shocker, the one slipped in almost casually, is that the Freakangels have inadvertantly taken in a couple of cannibals. Great storytelling, looking forward to next week.

    @Pooka: I'm very sorry to hear about your cat. I lost mine a year ago to cancer. I've not yet worked myself up to adopting another cat from the shelter, but I will eventually. I'm sure that Goblin had a good life and knew you and your husband did the best you could to protect and care for him.
    • CommentAuthorPooka
    • CommentTimeAug 17th 2009
    thanks guys, I miss that goofy bastard so much.....on the up side, I managed to get Goblin's fatass mentally handicapped brother Gremlin back in the house, so he's safe now, and my half skunk filth cat Steamshovel is gaurding and taking care of him... And in the short time that Goblin was outside, we're pretty sure he managed to impregnate one of the neighbor cats, so his offspring will be running around here in about three months.
    As soon as I get a new laptop I'm going to start writing a Richard Adamsesque story about Mad Jack Fluffkins, Goblin's first offspring. Gob will be in a big section of it, because he raised the hellbeast.
    my ex's dog is in a children's book she had published through school called Sparks Do Art...we were thinking about doing Sparks do Math next involving him and the cats...
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    @ Pooka

    *Adds condolences to list for your beloved feline*

    @ Warren and Paul

    Wonderful week. Seriously, I am full of wonder at the amazing amount that you guys can convey is just six pages. Between the action and the flashbacks, it comes across so much more clearly what is going on. BEside plot points, I never feel like I'm in the dark as to how or why something is happening.

    Thanks for this.
      CommentAuthorcity creed
    • CommentTimeAug 19th 2009
    another awesome ep.
    panel 3, page 6 my favourite for a while.
    love those b+w flashbacks
    "I'm not fucking around."