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    This is a survey I'm conducting as part of a masters thesis I'm writing about Comics and Digital Delivery. I'm interested in analysing digital reading habits and investigating whether 'illegal' downloading of scanned comic books can be damaging to the industry or in fact help to introduce a wider audience to works they would not read otherwise. I'm in no way trying to catch anyone out and I don't ask for any information which would allow anyone with access to the data to identify you. The survey is very, very brief - please take a moment to complete it. And then please feel free to discuss the subject with me here. Thanks!
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    I did your survey. You should search around here on Whitechapel, because I know that there is at least one lengthy thread discussing this very topic, ad nauseum. Not exactly the "data" you're looking for with your specific survey questions, but you might find some interesting points on there, as well as a lot of back and forth about how wrong it is and how it really doesn't matter, anyway, etc.
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    Now with clicky goodness.

    Closing tags makes life better. :)

    You need to be clearer on the essay question, though. The question asks for an opinion on digital piracy but every other question is specifically about comics. Is the digital piracy essay about media in general or comics in specific? Because my entire comic download history is a total of 5 issues of a series I needed for research on a very tight time limit, but my tv-watching habits would be defined as piracy by most legal systems.
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    Thanks, James

    and yes, you're quite right about the 'Explain your view on Digital Piracy question', as my interest is in regard to Comics rather than general media. I hadn't noticed when I wrote it up that I hadn't specified. I can't change it now though without deleting the many responses I've had and fortunately most people's responses assume a perspective on comics. It's interesting though, precisely what you say in your post, about having downloaded 5 issues of a series, but more of film/tv media (and I'd hazard a guess at music as well). Many resposnes I'm getting indicate a lack of realisation in comics enthusiasts that the 'opportunity' to get this media is even there, and those who do generally do so for material otherwise unavailable - i.e Zenith and Marvelman. What a utopian community - though part of the issue is that Marvel and other major publisher's have yet to really enter the realm of digital series. When this happens, and free, low quality is competing with expensive (potentially) high quality, it will be a different story I think.

    Thanks for fixing the link :)
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    :) I answered, and commented! Hope your research turns out well. It might be worth noting that your age categories overlap though... I'm 25 so I qualified for two different groups, and didn't know which one to tick.
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    Just going to add my comments to the survey here, as the survey would not let me complete it without answering all the questions, and that's problematic as I explain below.

    Unfortunately this is not a carefully-worded survey. The wording of 5-7 assumes a participant illegally downloads; moreover the sets 3-4 and 5-7 may assume a relationship between Having downloaded illegally once and Ever Again In the Future downloading illegally, and I'm not sure this is a sustainable relationship. Also, you do not explain the meaning of the starred/unstarred questions. Furthermore, you never define "illegal downloading," and I think it's hazardous to assume that everyone understands this to mean the same thing.

    (Please understand I'm not trying to be nasty here- writing a good survey is extremely difficult- but am just pointing out flaws that will effect your dataset.)