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    Currently recording, 1 track of 11 finished, will post a link soon
    Currently going under the working artist title of DeathJester
      CommentAuthorJoey Stone
    • CommentTimeDec 5th 2007
    I sing and play guitar in a indie-grunge (grindie?) called The Siege who aren't really my sort of thing, but are quite fun to play with. We recently got as far as the last 8 in the local battle of the bands here in merry old Colchester.

    I also have a dub-rock band called Bohemian Blood, but we've yet to do any recording. They're much more fun though.
    • CommentTimeDec 5th 2007
    Just wanted to say thank you to all the musicians here who put themselves out for our enjoyment. It can't be easy risking exposing your talents and your souls to a bunch of strangers, who may judge you harshly. But if you didn't music would stagnate and we'd be up to our ears in build-a-bands!
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    Ben asked to hear a theremin with delay/echo. Happy to oblige.
    The Sleep of Reason - 14min09sec. Moog Etherwave Pro theremin, Z-Vex Ooh Wah, Moog MF-103 Phaser, MF-104 and 104SD analog delays. Hope you like it.
    • CommentAuthoreggzoomin
    • CommentTimeDec 7th 2007
    Well, I play guitar and bass, sing and use electronics, as well as producing. I'm ashamed to admit that sound engineering and playing is actually my profession - yes, really, it pays rent and I don't sign on.

    Things I've done that are available on the web:

    Old deathgrind band from years ago:
    Progressive/psychedelic metal band I played bass for and engineered: . This has a double CD full length due out quite soon.
    Disco band I mix regularly live and do odd dep gigs on guitar for:

    I've been working on solo things for years and have probably an hour or two in various states of completion, ranging from fusion jazz weirdness to electroacoustic noise abrasion, folky acoustica and a bunch of other things in between. I like to tell myself that one day it will be collected into a genre-spanning solo record of ultimate insanity. This is probably not true.
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    Thanks to the few people who stopped by our myspace and added us. Since this post, we have added another show:


    I will also be playing in The American Brutus, which is where I showcase songs I write. Not sure if there are many Cape or Boston people here, but yeah, come have a beer if you are in the area.
    • CommentTimeDec 11th 2007
    I play mandolin and bass recorder for a medieval/renaissance group that occasionally plays for food but mostly plays for the heck of it. I've started learning fiddle and it sounds more horrible than you just imagined. I've played some harp, too, and may again.

    Outside of that, I've probably about forgot how to play trombone and trumpet, so you can tell I don't much; I play some piano and guitar for my own amusement, and I'm trying to push myself into messing around with tormenting music into shape via computery thingies, such as MAGIX Music Maker, but I'm being a sissy about it so far.

    And I sing, if people have been really bad to me.
    • CommentTimeDec 11th 2007
    lead singer for The Orbz and Colvig here. We're working on following Martin Atkin's "Tour Smart" plan and getting some real action going. St. Louis can only take you so far...
    • CommentTimeJan 2nd 2008
    I have a solo project called Freeze Etch, on the ambient/industrial/experimental side of things. My first full-length album, Vessels, is coming out on Force Of Nature Productions later this month (a few samples below, more are on my site and myspace). I also have a few other releases under my belt, and have worked with people like Kenji Siratori, Detritus, Scrap.edx, etc.

    Deadly (excerpt)
    Boundward (excerpt)
    Asunder (excerpt)
    • CommentAuthorWilf
    • CommentTimeJan 3rd 2008
    I play bass, sing a bit, some keyboards. My mate writes the lyrics, plays guitar, sings a lot.

    It's all disgustingly happy pop stuff, and purely for our own entertainment - you can have a listen here
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    I am part of an acoustic duo called We'll Write. Sort of like Flight Of The Concords, but with more ideas and less TV series. We recorded some songs, called it an EP and recently made it available to download for free.
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    mee, offtandiscord, featured on the4am no4.

    incidently, i'm renaming most of my tracks for my next cd after people, and am still looking for a person to take the name of open your arms, the one on t'podcast. suggestions?
    • CommentTimeJan 9th 2008
    sing/play upright bass and (sometimes) banjo in a traditional mostly-drunken rockabilly/honky tonk band called A-Train and the Steamers. the drinking is the traditional part.

    A-Train on MySpace
    • CommentAuthorj0shd0gge
    • CommentTimeJan 9th 2008
    Got a few things for you, ranging from prog-ish rock to just plain weird stuff that I'm involved in. Maybe you'll enjoy one of these:

    Chest Rockwell

    Technology Vs. Horse

    solo things
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    I'm a thirty year old skater punk- i've been in small-local punk and metal acts since i was thirteen years old, i am a garage educated guitar player and it seems i can't shake off the creative urge grow up and get a real job. i'm sure quite a few others would agree whole hearted with me when i call the creative drive a curse as much as a gift. but the fact remains that i will never be a whole person ( much to my family's continued shigrin) unless i follow those urges. my big crazy dream to see this world from the back of a tour van. My band is an inspiration to me, where i'm am older and getting so tired- their enthusiasim seems to know no limits. we've gone through a year of setbacks and have now got a viable unit ready to tear it up this year. we are still working on recording but we have some scratch tracks up on our myspace page..
    Rome is Burnin
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    I'm a guitar player. i've been a few bands. mp3's can be found at or at Mostly old-school punk in style. Ramones, Misfits, Black Flag, etc... Enjoy.
    • CommentAuthormonkton
    • CommentTimeJan 9th 2008
    We're MORDACHI, a mash of industrial metal with breaks n bleeps, have a sniff over here
    • CommentTimeJan 9th 2008
    My main project is an old time-y get drunk, cry in your beer, smash beer glass in guy next to you's face, stomp-clapocalypse which can be found here: Big Game.

    I've also got a bleepy electro side project where I sweep all of the dust that collects on top of my synthesizers called Ornamental Iron.
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    Check out violent danger rock from the hard south... you may enjoy it, punk rock and goth rolled into one...

    Live Video

    Official Site

    Myspace Page

    lead singer of the Unsatisfied
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    I'm a musician of sorts. I sing in one of those goth/punk bands that is never going to go anywhere but saves you the trouble of thinking of something to do on a Sunday afternoon. Sometimes we play live and then friends come and throw sharp things at our heads.

    I also play violin in a project called The City Wakes which is a musical tribute to Syd Barrett. It's basically psychedelic music made by the mentally ill. There's a website at

    Scroll down far enough and there's a nice picture of me looking confused and trying to remember what note comes after A.