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    Alt country by me at

    acoustical singulant songwriticant


    • CommentAuthorthartsell
    • CommentTimeJan 9th 2008 edited
    I am the drummer in a band called SunDogs and we are from Dallas. We're currently playing gigs in Dallas and the surrounding area. We're a straight ahead rock band, with four talented musicians. We're basically the kind that aims to make you sing along, rock out a bit and laugh your ass off.

    We are currently working on our first CD which will at least include the following original songs:
    1) Let Go
    2) Values
    3) Little Miss Charity Case
    4) Why'd you Do it Again
    5) Poor Filthy Man
    6) Small Town Girl
    7) Light of Day (A cover of a Bruce Springsteen song)

    We have a couple more songs in the works and hope to include them as well. You can check us out on our MySpace page for now ( ) as well as our personal website, which will officially open when our CD drops ( ).

    • CommentAuthorSkerror
    • CommentTimeJan 9th 2008
    Here's mine:

    Myspace has me calling it, "Psychedelic, Goth, Hiphop"
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    I started off manipulating tape loops, and playing in a post-punk industrial improv rock noise unit called NEEF in 1978. Eventually my stuff evolved into some kind of Residents-Meet-Cluster "pop" music. Now I'm back playing with loops, samples and sound effects and making sound sculptures - but on computer instead of on a bunch of cheap tape recorders. No obvious genre, just sounds I find interesting.

    = NEEF put out a couple EPs and (recently) a CD
    = I put out an EP, a Fortean sci-fi spoken word Cassette, an LP
    = Both NEEF & I appeared on a bunch of obscure compilations.
    = Half my EP was bootlegged on an LP collection called "I Hate The Pop Group" in 2001
    = After putting out the LP in 1989, I took a very long break. But I started constructing "music" again shortly before Warren included me on The 4am #1.

    And for 26 years or so, I've played other people's "unusual, experimental, and otherwise hard-to-classify music" on the radio - currently on KEUL (Girdwood, Alaska)

    Many more details, new and old tracks, and soon a store at Read the Blog there for more information than you really need.
    • CommentAuthorJ
    • CommentTimeJan 10th 2008
    how do,

    indie rock in the vein of Sebadoh/Sugar/GBV/Pavement/Kinks/Auteurs/Ted Leo

    my proudest non-musicy moment was having a cameo appearance in Vented Spleen's excellent semi-autobiographical comic "How To Date A Girl in 10 Days (Or So)" which you can read here:


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    @brent wilcox - not to sound all obsequious and the like but that is truely awesome music. I may be over stepping the mark but does the Alaskan (sp?) landscape inform your sound cos it sure seems like it does?
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    Half of an indie rock/idm group here, the other half should be around here somewhere too... come hear us on myspace as The Japanese Space Program, we currently only have some short instrumentals from our forthcoming ep up, but listen anyhow yes?
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    the other half of the Japanese Space Program here (see above). if anyone knows of a grant that provides musicians with drug money so they can quit their day jobs, please alert me.
    i also play in the rock band Company Incorporated, also on myspace:
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    Screaming Meat -

    Actually, most of what I've got up there at the moment are "golden oldies" from Los Angeles in the early/mid 80s. I've only lived in AK for a few years. But I think a lifetime of sci-fi, and a post-punk appreciation for post-industrial landscapes at the time may share some psychic resonance with the cold and dark of mid-winter Alaska. But I'm probably just making that up. I live in a condo and work in a corporate cubicle, so I'm not exactly in touch with the Alaskan wilderness. I feel about as Alaskan as the cast of Northern Exposure... The short days do get under my skin, though. I may make crazy happy sunshine music in a few months. But probably not... my tastes are too weird for that.

    I'm glad you liked it, though.
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    fair enough. There just seems to be a certain wasteland-ish-ness to it that I like. I probably relate to it because I have a void between my ears.

    Wait... The cast of Northern Exposure AREN'T Alaskan? :P
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    I'd like to use this space to thank Warren for posting our link on Thursday. It's made for an exciting few days in Internetland!

    We are, funnily enough, playing in Whitechapel on the 31st. Details will appear on the site soon.
    • CommentTimeJan 15th 2008
    Any St. Louis music fans would do well to drop their plans for this Friday and come see The Orbz, Syna So Pro and the Ultraviolents at the Way Out Club, 2525 Jefferson, St. Louis, MO

    Poster below :

    Also - St. Louis music fans who plan ahead should note that a fabulous show with The Orbz, The Mad Titans and PFIC is scheduled for February 23rd at Cruisin' Route 66

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    i am in one half of an NYC based electro-pop duo called Macaque. We self released the five song The Chinatown EP this year and you can order it from us on or you can get it from iTunes. We play out and about a lot in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

    Dean Haspiel says that we sound like "Bjork meets OMD by way of Aphex Twin.” which is very nice of him.

    We are playing twice in the near future: January 18th at Goodbye Blue Monday in Bushwisk
    And on February 7th at the Knitting Factory for our official record release party!

    We are looking for forward thinking DJ's to re-envision our songs. Give me holler if any one out in the warren ellis universe is interested.

    Here's what we look like:
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    Half of an indie rock/idm group here, the other half should be around here somewhere too... come hear us on myspace as The Japanese Space Program, we currently only have some short instrumentals from our forthcoming ep up, but listen anyhow yes?

    Listened and greatly enjoyed it!
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    My friend John makes what someone once dubbed "Euphoric Drone" as English Bore (which has to be the worst band name ever). It's essentially a noise/drone/laptop affair which my friend John spends hours on like the old man in the shed building UFOs. I provide a bit of guitar-based FX dirges (What can I say, I like pedals...) along with another fellow chummer from LOEB. My friend John seems to be doing extremely well for himself so have a ganders and lend your support.
    • CommentAuthorVetes
    • CommentTimeJan 15th 2008
    I make techno, industrial , experimental music.

    myspace page here. no music yet, but i'm working on one now.
    • CommentTimeJan 17th 2008
    My project called "Onlooker" landed on the 4am no.9. Thanks, Warren!
    That album is now on itunes and amazon (download only! - plastic free!). emusic is being pokey - anyone else have a long wait getting stuff up there? I used, which is pretty decent price-wise for worldwide distro.

    In other news, i finally lobbed up my solo recka from 2001 up in a zip file for YOU! download "the boar" here.
    • CommentTimeJan 17th 2008
    Weeeeeeee I'm currently working on my own solo E.P under the moniker "Jethro Furvert", the title shall probably be "Shatner's Bassoon".
    Bits and bobs can be heard (and downloaded for free!) here.

    I'm also playing in a dirty funk/jazz/leper outfit named printscreen. You can be disgusted here.

    Every so often a need crashes through our collective unconsciousness, and The Furverts play a speedy, nasty stoner-y punk set.

    If anyone fancies doing a faceless collaboration, I'd love to trade raw tracks with you and see what happens..kind of like a game of consequences with much cooler instruments. Give me a shout if you're up for it.

    I'm also a grade 8 on both the Kazoo and Swanee whistle.
    • CommentTimeJan 17th 2008
    I'm Curiosity, and I make Gothic Lolita Industrial Jazz music. I write, record, and perform everything myself.
    In August and September I toured the East Coast for two months. (You should've been there.)
    This year I'm planning on touring Japan.
    • CommentTimeJan 17th 2008
    @Curiousity : what makes your music Lolita?