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    • CommentAuthorjzellis
    • CommentTimeMay 26th 2008
    I make music under the name Red State Soundsystem. Currently finishing an album which was first called THE BIG DARKNESS, and then TRAVELOGUES, and is now called GHOSTS IN A BURNING CITY.

    It's electronic rock music, I guess. My stuff's been compared to Massive Attack, Peter Gabriel, Morphine, The Knife, Leonard Cohen, the Velvet Underground, Brian Eno...I dunno.

    I just put up a muxtape of some recent songs, instrumentals and a couple of remixes I've done (including a Gnarls Barkley / Phil Collins thing that I personally think sounds surprisingly interesting for a mash-up).

    Album will be out in time to bring down your summer mood. :-)
    • CommentAuthorSRT
    • CommentTimeMay 27th 2008 edited
    I just made a myspace account for my music the other day, in fact.

    It's sort of improvised doom metal, I guess? I was trying to go for an Earth-like sound for two of the songs. The faster one I was just messing around. All improvised (that's all I can do well).

    Hope you enjoy...
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    I'm the mastermind of a Dub Reggae/Soul/70's Pop SoundSystem based out of Brooklyn called OpenSourceCode SoundSystem
    you can check it out at I'm working on getting it to the point where there is zero MIDI in it. Just analog. It's coming along slowly.

    I'm also using the internet to make an electronic dance thing with my friend in South Carolina called NAIAD DAIAD
    it's over here at

    or you can download a 45-minute promo set at

    I'm really quite proud of it.

    sorry for all the silly free webhosting spam. Haven't gotten around to putting up a real web site yet.

    • CommentAuthorAnanzitusq
    • CommentTimeMay 27th 2008
    my mate and I form the fake-metal cover band "RIPPER."
    I suck at singing, but it's all about heart
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    Added a couple more sound sculptures that resemble music to my MySpace page.

    "Banjo Engine 1" and Banjo Engine 3"

    I won't go into my concerns about "inexplicable timbres", synchrony vs asynchrony, cognitive dissonance, construction vs composition, or why they're sculptures instead of tunes... but I could.

    Comments are welcome. Enjoy!
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    You can now download all 6 tracks of This Charming Mystery free. I would recommend Seems That Way, Monday Morning Traffic, Kilimanjaro and Portobello Road. And Spies. :)
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    A little late to this thread, but some new music to show off. My band The Meltdowns played at Matchless in Brooklyn last week, someone recorded it:

    live at matchless 05-31-08

    And this will be the lead track on our EP next month, a song called Slut:

    You can keep up with us at these fine locations:
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    Tacopunch News:
    I just released a new mix album and I think it's quite rad. You can download it in the DJs Show Me Your Mixes thread here on the W.C.
    and I'm going on tour

    Jun 7 2008 @ Abortive Hope Hostel in Chicago, Il
    3149 S Morgan Apt 2, Chicago, IL

    Jun 8 2008 @ Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center in St. Louis, MO
    3301 Lemp Ave St. Louis, MO

    Jun 9 2008 @ Cesspool Castle in Joplin, MO
    104 N.JacksonAve, Joplin, MO

    Jun 10 2008 @ Rhinoceropolis in Denver, CO
    3553 Brighton Blvd, Denver,CO

    Jun 13 2008 @ Forest Den in Seattle, WA
    608 65th Ave N, Seattle (Ballard), W

    Jun 14 2008 @ Sorority House in Portland, OR
    603 NE Halsey, Portland, OR

    Jun 15 2008 @ Hantas Haus in Seattle, WA
    4750 Airport Way, Seattle, WA

    If anyone wants to check out a show find me and we can clink bevvys together.

    As dustperiod 2 remixes of mine came out on a netlabel
    you can DL it at and here's a preview

    Bottomfeeder - Bloodletting (dustperiod coda remix)
    • CommentAuthorAmanda
    • CommentTimeJun 6th 2008 edited
    This is me:

    film score stuff.

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    for those who might be interested, i've put up my latest album for free download here
    • CommentTimeJun 12th 2008 edited

    Oooh, good job. I have a bunch of friends who are into Neurosis and similar things, they should get into this as well. Nice amount of depth with all the stuff going on in the back of the mix. And the bit starting at 3:37 in Albert Fish just KILLS me.

    I digs and spreads the word.

    Also: thanks for making it available for free.

    EDIT: having just acquainted myself with the history of Albert Fish, my choice of description seems a bit unfortunate. Oh boy.
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    awesome, cheer mate!

    my myspace is too if ya needs it!
    • CommentTimeJun 12th 2008
    @offtandiscord : Great, man!!!! Really dig it!
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    Posted a couple of my one-minute submissions for this year's 60x60 Project on MySpace:

    Dream After Anime
    The Norwegian Discontinuity

    Here's where you come in, as Robert Voisey of the 60x60 Project explains:

    "Each year of the project we have a radio program dedicated to performing the
    submissions made for that year, the 60x60 Radio Request Extravaganza. This
    way every composer has a chance to get his or her work heard regardless of
    the selection process.

    "What we do is have people call into the radio station and request the 60x60

    "The 60X60 RADIO REQUEST EXTRAVAGANZA will air on Afternoon New Music
    Wednesday June 25th, 2008 between 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

    "Afternoon New Music is on WKCR 89.9 FM New York in Manhattan (the heart of
    New York City) and is being hosted by Justin A. Goncalves

    "Live Internet broadcasts at WKCR can be heard at the following link:

    "During the show please call in or email.

    "Our goal for this show is to have interviews with some guests in regards to
    the 60x60 project as well as air phone calls, as well as broadcast some
    other 60x60 highlights.

    "The Telephone Listener Line is (212) 854-9920 for phone requests.

    "There is a web site with information about WKCR, Afternoon New Music at:

    "I also hope to be checking my gmail account for requests before the show.
    That address is Use the gmail account for the radio
    request extravaganza ONLY."

    I'll be trapped at my desk job, and will miss it all... but perhaps some of you can participate, and request some of my pieces.
    Besides the two above, I submitted one-minute versions of "Queeg 2000" and "Rude Buddha"
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    I've been busy today. Just finished setting up a MySpace "Tribute" page to NEEF(always all-caps) - the 1978-1982 experimental/industrial/improv/noise/post-punk group I was in. Small cult following over the years. Weird stuff, and it hasn't gotten any more normal over 25 years...

    So enjoy a few samples of our shambling, atonal, low-fi, crunchy noise. There are dozens of poorly-recorded and no-doubt deteroriating cassette tapes still to plunder for material...

    And remember, "NEEF Rules Apply!"
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    If anyone remembers some months ago, the Old Moon Face EP by my band We'll Write? We're doing new things now, exciting things!

    Songs for the End of the World is our debut album, and we are serialising it online. Each month, we will release an album track as a digital single, with its own artwork and b-sides. The first single will be available on Friday to download in exchange for an e-mail address.

    Do have a poke on Friday!
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    Rad to see you're coming out to the Hanta Tacopunch

    who's playing with you that night, also is this as Tacopunch or dustperiod?
    • CommentTimeJul 7th 2008 edited
    Hullo all. Here's mine: The Maple Faust

    Some folky stuff, some silly stuff, some garage stuff, some post-rock stuff, some gypsy stuff. We're settling down now, I think.

    Really dig the theremin business, by the way!
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    Warren, have you ever heard of Bohren und Der Club of Gore? Instrumental, not quite electric, more noirish jazz, European stucco sidestreet brothel music. Might be worth a look into, anyway.

    Just saw they're playing in London in October. This has me excited!
    • CommentAuthoroR.hal
    • CommentTimeJul 7th 2008 edited
    I write lyrics for MoonPrototype.